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Zee D. Bird (most often just "Zee") is the host of Noggin/Nick Jr. Channel from April 7, 2003 until March 1, 2012 Along With Moose A. Moose.


Zee has blue feathers, she has a yellow beak, she has pink feet and a pink flower with a green stem and a leaf as well as blue eyebrows. She does not talk, but can blink her eyebrows.


Zee went with Moose in the Dora star catching adventures promo to tell Dora and Boots how happy they are that Noggin had a whole week of new Dora star-catching adventures, Zee moved away from the blue cursor so she would not get clicked like Moose did.


She only appeared in person in a 2004 Noggin promo to promote the premiere of Season 3 episodes on the channel from the week of September 13-19, 2004.

Zee later appeared with Moose in the Dora the Explorer books that had learning with Her and Moose on the front cover and the first page had a picture of her and Moose with a letter for the Reader saying that she and Moose are glad that the reader got this book, and right after the story ends, the last page of the book would have an activity that kids can do, this would last from 2009-2012.

Phrases (in the 2004 promo)[]



  • Moose and Zee's Birthday is on April 7th according to the day they started hosting Noggin (April 7, 2003), which they are currently 21 years old.