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Yuki (ユキ, theoretical full name: Yuki Fujimoto (Japanese: 藤本ユキ; Fujimoto Yuki)) is a Japanese girl who does origami. They became friends and Yuki taught Dora the art of origami. She taught her how to make boats, planes, swans, and other creatures. Dora tells Benny and Boots that in "Benny's Treasure," which is her first appearance.

She also appears in Pepe the Pig's School Adventure as one of Dora's classmates and in School Science Fair as Boots' teammate for the science fair.

Voiced by: Amber Altamura (Benny's Treasure), Alexandria Suarez (Pepe the Pig's School Adventure, under "Students"), Sydney Semple (School Science Fair, under "Students"), Tori Feinstein (Season 8, theoretical)