This article is about the personalized VHS and DVD by Kideo. If you were looking for the episode of the same name, go here.

Whose Birthday is It? is a personalized VHS and DVD made by Kideo. It is a personalized version of the namesake episode.

Episode Featured

Whose Birthday is It? (personalized version)


  • There are some noticeable differences in the personalized version compared to the original:
    • Swiper is absent in this personalized version.
      • Instead, a kid from a copy celebrates a birthday at Play Park.
    • During the We Did It! song, the original version has Boots saying a line that goes "There are lots of presents here, some come in a box!". In the personalized version, he says "We're so happy we were with you on your birthday today!" instead. After that, Dora has a line which goes "Whose birthday is it?!". In the personalized version, she doesn’t say "Swiper the Fox!" as the answer, she instead says the person's name in the copy, and says "That’s you!" after that.
    • In the original version, when Dora and Boots are almost finished singing We Did It!, Boots doesn’t say "Hooray!". Instead, Swiper says that line. In the personalized version, Isa says it due to Swiper being absent.
    • At the end of the personalized version, Dora says "Thanks for having us at your party! Happy birthday!" instead of the usual line, "We couldn't have done it without you! Thanks for helping!".
    • In the credits, the kid rides Azul. 
    • In the original version at the beginning of the character find, the icons shown are Baby Red Fish, Azul, Isa, Backpack, and Swiper. In the personalized version, the icon with Baby Red Fish is replaced with the Fiesta Trio. Underneath the icon, it just says "Trio". Also, Backpack was replaced by Tico.
    • Benny says, "That cake sure looks yummy!", instead of "A birthday cake with Swiper's picture on it!", because Swiper does not appear in the personalized version.
    • Dora, Boots, Benny, Isa, Tico, and the Big Red Chicken do not call out to Swiper (because he is not in it), they instead yell out "It's time for a party!".
    • Dora and Boots do not ask the kid if it is his/her birthday. Instead, Dora says "You're here! Hooray for [kid’s name]!". After that, unlike the original version, Benny says "Here comes the birthday balloon!".
    • In the original version, when Dora, Boots, Tico, Isa, Benny and Big Red Chicken tell Swiper to pull the string, they say "Pull the string, Swiper!", but they don’t do that in the personalized version (because a kid replaces Swiper). They actually instead chant "Pull the string!" 4 times to the kid.
    • After Dora asks almost every question, she says the kid's name. (Example: "Do you see Cupcake Mountain, Joseph?").
    • In the personalized version, Dora and Boots blow party blowers after Map and Backpack say the line "We did it!". In the original version, this doesn’t happen. Instead, everyone is dancing.
    • At the end of the "We Did It!" song in the personalized version, the blue cursor does not click on Dora and Boots.
    • In the personalized version, Dora, Boots, Tico, Isa, Benny and the Big Red Chicken still sing the regular Happy Birthday song to the kid instead of Feliz Cumpleaños.
  • The episode opens with the Season 1-2 opening sequence and the kid is featured in it.


  • Although this video opens with the Nick Jr. Kids Opening (2000-2003 version), it does not feature the Nick Jr. Kids Closing at the end.
  • In the end of the video, an EXTREMELY RARE Nickelodeon splat logo appears instead of the haypile.
  • In the front cover, it says "Whose Birthday Is It?". The second "I" is capitalized.
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