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Diego: Hola, I'm Diego!

Baby Jaguar: And I'm Baby Jaguar! Mreow, mreow!

Diego: Mreow, mreow!

(Both laughing)

Diego: We're playing follow the leader and Baby Jaguar is the leader! We have to do what Baby Jaguar does! Do you want to play follow the leader with us?

Both: Great!

Baby Jaguar: First, you have to stretch like a jaguar! Put your hands down on the ground to stretch! Ready...?

All: Stretch, stretch, stretch!

Baby Jaguar: Now we have to scratch like a jaguar! Put your hands up... and...

Both: Scratch, scratch, scratch!

Baby Jaguar: Now we have to growl really loud like a jaguar! Say, "Mreow, mreow!"

Both: Mreow, mreow!

Willie: I love playing jaguar follow the leader! Me gusta mucho!

Diego: Hey, looks like we've got a new friend! I'm Diego and this is Baby Jaguar! Como te llamas?

Willie: Wille! I'm Willie the jaguar!

(Both laughing)

Diego: Is Willie really a jaguar? What kind of animal is he? Right, he's a duck!

Willie: Si, si! I'm Willie the whistling duck! Whistle, whistle! But I also love pretending to be a jaguar! Baby Jaguar, will you be my friend?

Baby Jaguar: Sure, we can be buddies!

Willie: Buddies? Whistling ducks always have a buddy! And now Baby Jaguar is my buddy, right?

Baby Jaguar: Right, Willie!

Willie: A duck!

Baby Jaguar: And a jaguar!

Both: Make silly friends!

Willie: Well, I've got feathers!

Baby Jaguar: Don't you see, there's fur all over me!

Willie: Yep!

Baby Jaguar: A duck!

Willie: And a jaguar!

Both: So different!

Baby Jaguar: Right! 'Cause I can jump up very high!

Willie: I fly up to the sky! You climb up in the trees!

Baby Jaguar: You splash around all day!

Both: But together we love to laugh and play!

Willie: A duck!

Baby Jaguar: And a jaguar!

Both: Make silly friends! But we'll always be together in the end!

(Ducks whistling)

Diego: Hey, that sounds like more whistling ducks! Let's find out where they are! My special camera Click can help us find whistling ducks!

Both: Say, "Click!"

Click: Say, "Click". Take a pic. Say, "Click". Take a pic. Soy Click, la camara I can take a pic I can can see and hear the animal in trouble Zoom in, through the forest and out to the sea To find the animal just call on me Say, "Click". Take a pic. Hi, I'm Click the camera. We need to find the whistling ducks. Whistling ducks sound like this.

Willie's Family: Whistle, whistle!

Click: Let's zoom through the forest and listen for the...

Willie's Family: Whistle, whistle!

Hummingbirds: Hum. hum, hum!

Click: Does that sounds like whistles? No, those are hummingbirds! Let's keep looking!

Bees: Buzz, buzz!

Click: Does that sounds like whistles? No, those are bees! Let's keep looking!

Willie's Family: Whistle, whistle!

Click: Does that sounds like whistles? Yes, that's it! Those are whistling ducks! So you tell Diego, you found the whistling ducks!

Diego: What did you find? Whistling ducks!

Willie: Es mi familia!

Baby Jaguar: Diego, we've got to find out where Willie's family is!

Diego: We can do that if Click zooms out! Say, "Zoom!" Look, Willie's family is in that lake on top of the mountain!

Willie: Time to come home, willie! Come home, Willie! Regresa a casa!

Diego: Willie, it's time for you to go home to your lake! The sun is going down and you need to get home before dark!

Willie: But I don't want to go alone and leave my buddy Baby Jaguar!

Baby Jaguar: Hey, Willie, we can take you home together!

Willie: De veras? And then we can play and talk and have fun along the way! Yahoo! Whistle, whistle!

(Both laughing)

Diego: We can all take Willie home to his lake together! Will you help us take Willie home? Fantastico!

Willie: Yay!

Diego: Come on! We've got to take Willie home before the sun goes down! Vamonos, amigos!

[Una adventura plays]

Diego: Clap your hands with me. Clap, clap, clap. (4x) Great! Let's all whistle like a whistling duck! Say, "Whistle, whistle!" (2x)

Willie: Whistle, whistle!

Diego: Whistle, whistle!

Willie: Whistle, whistle!

All Animals: Go, Diego, go. Vamos, Diego, vamos. Una adventura, amigos! An adventure, my friends. (2x) Go, Diego, go. Vamos, Diego, vamos. (2x)

Diego: Look, the rainforest! With rolling logs, swinging vines, and a little river! Come on, let's go! Vamos, Willie! We've got to get through the rainforest to get you home!

Willie: Diego, I've never been in a rainforest before! I don't know I can get through it!

Baby Jaguar: Hey, Willie, we can play follow the leader to get through the rainforest! And you can be the leader!

Willie: Ooh, I'd love to be the leader! I'd love to be the leader! Will you play with me? Great!

Diego: Come on! Let's play follow the leader to get through the rainforest! This time you have to stand up to play follow the leader! Stand up, please! Stand up!

Willie: Whoo-hoo!

Diego: Look, rolling logs! We have to hop like a duck to get over the logs!

All: Hop, hop, hop!

Diego: And here comes the swinging vines! We have to duck to get under them! Put your head down to duck and...

All: Duck, duck, duck!

Diego: Look, a little river! Whistling ducks paddle to get across the river! Help Willie paddle across the river! Put your hands out in front of you and paddle, paddle...

Both: Paddle, paddle, paddle! We made it!

Diego: Willie, you did great!

Willie: I did! Woo-hoo! Whistle, whistle!

Baby Jaguar: And, Willie, I loved playing duckie follow-the-leader!

(Both giggling)

Diego: You're really good at follow-the leader, too! Come on, let's go!

(Animal noises)

Willie: Diego, what's that?

Diego: That sounds like some noisy animals!

(Animal noises)

Diego: The animals are blocking our path! We need to get them to move!

Baby Jaguar: Excuse me!

Diego: Baby Jag, the animals are so noisy, they can't hear us!

Willie: I know, I know! I can make a jaguar growl to get them to be quiet!

Baby Jaguar: Willie, wait, you don't need to growl! You have a super-loud whistle!

Diego: Great idea, Baby Jag! Let's all whistle like Willie! Say, "Whistle, whistle!" Louder!

All: Whistle, whistle!

Diego: Que pasa, animales?

Mommy Toucan: Es hora de ir a casa!

Diego: Uh-oh, it's time for the babies to go home to their mommies, but they're all mixed up!

Baby Jaguar: That's not good!

Willie: Can we help them, Diego? Can we, can we?

Diego: Claro que si! We've got to get the mommies and babies back together to unblock the path! Here's the Mommy Toucan! Do you see her babies? You found them! Here's the Mommy Sloth! Do you see her baby? There she is! Here's the Mommy Capybara! Do you see her babies? Si, alli estan! Here is the Mommy Tree Frog! She's looking for her tadpole babies! Do you see her babies?

Mommy Tree Frog: Mis bebes!

Diego: Great, all the mommies are back with their babies!

Animals: Muchas gracias!

Diego: De nada! And look, the path is clear! Now we've gotta get you home! Come on! Hey, Willie, we made it through the rainforest!

Willie's Family: Willie, time to come home! Come home! Come home, Willie! Regresa a casa!

Willie: Hey, that sounds like mi familia!

Diego: Yeah! We need to get Willie home before the sun goes down!

Baby Jaguar: Diego, it's almost down!

Diego: Then we better get Willie home to his lake quick! Come on!

Willie: Look at all the hills, Diego!

Diego: So of those hills have pyramids under them!

Baby Jaguar: Wow, that so cool!

Diego: Hey, that dirt pile is moving!

Bobo Brothers: Bobos, Bobos, wahahaha! Bobos, Bobos, yippee, yahoo!

Diego: Uh-oh, that sounds like the Bobo Brothers! Those silly monkeys are always getting into trouble! Do you see the monkeys? Hey, the Bobos are moving the dirt, and I don't think they see us!

(Laughing, whooping)

Willie: Uh-oh!

Diego: We've got to stop the Bobos! Say, "Freeze, Bobos!" Again!

Both: Freeze, Bobos!

Bobo Brothers: Whoops, sorry! We didn't see you! We were just digging out a pyramid!

Baby Jaguar: I think Willie got scared and ran away! He's my buddy and we've got to find him!

Diego: Don't worry, Baby Jag, we'll find him! See you later, Bobos! We can use my magnifying glass to look for clues to see where Willie went! Hey, this looks like one of Willie's duck feathers! We've got to follow the feathers to find Willie! If you see a feather, yell, "Feather!" Feather! Let's keep looking! Feather! Feather! Let's keep looking! Feather! Looks like Willie's in the tree hole! Say, "Come out, Willie!"

Willie: Hi!

Baby Jaguar: Willie, you stopped the silly Bobo Brothers! They didn't mean to scare you!

Willie: I wasn't scared, just a little nervous!

Baby Jaguar: Hey, Willie, how about a snack?

Willie: Ooh, ooh, let's have a jaguar snack!

Diego: Willie, jaguars eat meat! I don't think whistling ducks eat meat!

Willie: No meat!

Diego: My Animal Snack Pack has something to feed Willie! Do you see the picture of the whistling duck? That's it! And look, it has some grass seeds for a snack!

Willie: I love grass seeds! Delicioso! Now I'm ready to go!

Diego: Come on, we better hurry! Vamonos! Let's go!

(Ducks whistling)

Diego: Listen, Willie, that your whistling duck family! We must be getting closer!

Baby Jaguar: But I can't see their lake through all those bushes!

Willie: Maybe we can jaguar jump to see over the bushes!

Baby Jaguar: Willie, you don't have to jaguar jump! Whistling ducks have really long necks!

Diego: That can stretch high in the air!

Baby Jaguar: And that's really cool!

Willie: Lift me up, Diego!

Diego: Let's all stretch our necks high, like a whistling duck, to look for Willie's family! Stretch your neck high! Stretch it even higher! Even higher! Now do you see the lake? Yeah, there's the lake!

Willie: And look, there's my family! Mi familia, mi familia! Woo-hoo!

Diego: Okay, Willie, you better get up that mountain quick before the sun goes down!

Willie: But I don't want to leave Baby Jaguar yet!

Diego: Ducks can fly, so Willie can fly up the mountain! But do jaguars fly? No!

Baby Jaguar: And neither do you, Diego!

Diego: Right! So we need something to fly us up the mountain! My Rescue Pack can transform into anything we need! To activate my Rescue Pack, say, "¡Activate!" Louder!

Both: ¡Activate!

Rescue Pack: I'm... Rescue Pack!

Rescue Pack: Yo! Rescue Pack here! Diego and Baby Jag need something they can use to fly them up the mountain! Can a wagon fly up the mountain? No, I don't think so! Can a hot air balloon fly them up the mountain? Sure, it can! So you tell Diego he needs a hot air balloon!

Diego: What do we need? A hot air balloon! Cool! Listo, Willie!

Willie: Listo, Diego! Oops, I've never flown so high!

Diego: We've got to help Willie fly! In English we say, "Fly!" In Spanish we say, "Vuela!" Can you say, "vuela?" Say, "Vuela!" Again!

Both: Vuela!

Diego: One more time!

Both: Vuela!

Baby Jaguar: Look, Willie's reached the top of the mountain!

Diego: Great Spanish speaking!

Willie: Ooh, ooh, I can see mi familia! I can't wait for them to meet Baby Jaguar!

Both: Willie, watch out!

Willie: Oops, I'm stuck!

Baby Jaguar: Diego, the branch is breaking!

Diego: And Willie can't get his wing free!

Willie's Family: Cuidado, cuidado! Be careful, Willie! Be careful!

Baby Jaguar: Hold on, Willie! Diego will save you!

Diego: I need your help to reach Willie! Put your arms out in front of you and reach, reach, reach! Got ya!

Willie: Thanks for saving me!

Diego: Good work, Baby Jag!

Baby Jaguar: Mreow, mreow!

All: Yay!

Willie: Mi familia, mi familia!

Willie's Family: Willie! Whistle, whistle! Willie, you're home! Llegaste! Whistle, whistle!

Willie: Mami, Papi, you have to meet my new friends! Mami, Papi, this is Diego! He's an animal rescuer and he's very brave!

Willie's Family: Hi, there! Whistle, whistle! Thank you for bringing Willie home before the sun went down!

Willie: And this is Baby Jaguar! He's my best jaguar buddy!

Willie's Family: Bienvenidos! Whistle, whistle!

Willie: Baby Jag, can you come and play with me again?

Baby Jaguar: You bet! I'll be back real soon because...

Willie: A duck!

Baby Jaguar: And a jaguar!

Both: Make silly friends! But we'll always be together in the end!

(Willie kiss)

(All laughing)

Diego: We helped Willie get home to his whistling duck family!

All: Yay!

[Animal end song plays]

Diego: Whistling ducks!

Baby Jaguar: Come on, say it with us!

Both: Whistling ducks!

Diego: Say it louder!

Both: Whistling ducks!

Diego: Everybody scream!

All: Whistling ducks! Yay!

Diego: They can hop and duck!

Willie: And we love to swim!

Baby Jaguar: Let's swim with Willie, come on, paddle with him!

Diego: Put your hand in front of you and...

All: Paddle, paddle, paddle, paddle, Paddle, paddle, paddle, paddle, paddle!

Baby Jaguar: They can stretch their necks!

Diego: They eat grass seed!

Baby Jaguar: And they love to whistle!

Willie: Come on, whistle with me!

Diego: Whistle with the ducks with us! Say, "Whistle, whistle!"

Willie: Whistle, whistle!

Baby Jaguar: Whistle, whistle!

Willie's Family: Whistle, whistle!

Diego: Whistle, whistle!

Willie's Family: Whistle, whistle!

All: Whistle, whistle! Whistle, whistle!

Diego: Mision cumplida!

Baby Jaguar: Rescue complete!

Willie: Thanks for taking me home to mi famila!

Diego: You are great at helping animals! What do whistling ducks do?

Both: Let's review!

Diego: Does a whistling duck have feathers or long hair?

(Cursor clicks the feathers)

Diego: Feathers, right! Does a whistling duck live in a desert or a lake?

(Cursor clicks the lake)

Diego: Right, a lake! Does a whistling duck eat grass seeds or tomatoes?

(Cursor clicks the seeds)

Diego: Seeds, right!

Baby Jaguar: We've almost finished the puzzle!

Diego: Does a whistling duck ballet dance or fly?

(Cursor clicks the fly)

Diego: Right, fly! We finished the puzzle! What's that a picture of? Yes, a whistling duck! Let's put this picture of the whistling duck in the bird section of our Animal Science Book! We found out so much about whistling ducks today.

Baby Jaguar: And there's so much more for us to discover.

Both: Together!

Diego: Hasta luego, amigos!

Baby Jaguar: See you soon! Mreow, mreow!