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We All Scream for Ice Cream! (or simply just "Ice Cream") is the 5th episode of Dora the Explorer from Season 1.

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Dora and Boots really want some ice cream for a summer treat. However, they missed the ice cream truck! According to Benny, the ice cream truck's next stop is at Coney Island, so Dora and Boots must go there to find the truck so they can get ice cream.


Dora and Boots want some ice cream for a summer treat. Boots wants strawberry and Dora wants chocolate. She then asks the viewer for his/her favorite flavor of ice cream. Dora thought is sounds delicious. They track down the ice cream truck, but cannot find it. They play a listening game and find the ice cream truck behind the trees. There is also a cow playing with a tuba in the bush, a pig playing with a piano behind the rock and a chicken playing with a flute in the flowers. After that, it leaves. Benny just got some ice cream. Dora and Boots asked Benny if he's seen the ice cream truck. Benny forgets, but then he remembered that the ice cream truck was going to Coney Island. However, Dora and Boots didn't know how to get there. Luckily, Map knows the way. He tells them that they have to go over Strawberry Mountain, across Chocolate Lake, and then they can find the ice cream truck at Coney Island. Dora and Boots started heading down the path and arrive at Strawberry Mountain. Tico drives past them in his yellow car. Dora and Boots had to figure out a way to get Tico to wait. They say the Spanish word espera. Sure enough, Tico stops his car. Dora asks him for a ride with Boots in his car. Tico was glad to give Dora and Boots a ride, so they climbed into Tico's car and put on their seat belts. Tico drives Dora and Boots over Strawberry Mountain. They thanked him for the ride. Now Dora and Boots had to get across Chocolate Lake. Dora and Boots pass through some trees covered with chocolate. Dora takes a taste of some chocolate and Boots did the same. After that, they arrive at Chocolate Lake. Dora and Boots had to figure out how to get across Chocolate Lake. They saw a chocolate covered boat. They were about to go across when Swiper was nearby. Swiper swipes the chocolate boat and hides it. Boots thought they weren't going to get their ice cream cones. Dora told him that they will find the chocolate boat.

The chocolate boat was found and was put into the lake. Dora and Boots put on life jackets so they can be safe. Dora and Boots had to get across Chocolate Lake. Dora struggles to row the chocolate boat across the lake but it was thick and goopy. Dora needed help from the viewer to row the boat. Dora, Boots and the viewer rowed the chocolate boat together and in no time they make it across Chocolate Lake. Dora and Boots get off the boat and take their life jackets off. Dora and Boots were getting close to finding the ice cream truck at Coney Island. They cross a very long bridge and they arrive at Coney Island. Dora and Boots saw Isa and that she got an ice cream cone. Isa told them that the ice cream truck was nearby. Dora and Boots were about to get some ice cream when Isa reminds them that ice cream cones cost 8 coins. Dora checks Backpack for some coins. She was going to need 8 coins for Boots and 8 coins for her. Backpack had 16 coins. Backpack counts out 8 coins for Boots and 8 coins for Dora. After getting the coins from Backpack, they come out and the coins spill into Dora's shorts pockets. Dora and Boots saw the ice cream truck in the distance. Boots tried doing the ice cream cheer. Dora and the viewer join in. They said "I scream for ice cream" in a multiple number of times. And sure enough, the ice cream truck comes back. Val the Octopus opens a big window from the side. She was ready to sell some ice cream cones. Boots went first. He counts his coins and stops twice and then he gets up to 8. Boots paid his 8 coins and picks out a strawberry ice cream cone. Dora counted her 8 coins without stopping. Dora paid for her 8 coins and chooses a chocolate ice cream cone. Dora and Boots thanked Val the Octopus for their ice cream cones. After that, they eat their ice cream and they were delicious.

Places in this episode

  1. Strawberry Mountain
  2. Chocolate Lake
  3. Coney Island


This episode along with Beaches premieres as a bonus on the DVD release Summer Explorer.

See also

Listen to the sounds

  1. Tuba sounds in the bush
  2. Piano sounds in the rock
  3. The Ice Cream Truck sound in the trees
  4. Flute sounds in the flowers

Items in Backpack

  • Blue Crayon
  • Pink Bracelet
  • 16 coins (correct item)
  • Shovel
  • Mug
  • Bucket


  • The Blue Cursor goes fast as it clicks on things.
  • It is unknown how the Fiesta Trio got across Chocolate Lake.
    • Also, their fanfare music sounds much louder than any other episodes after Dora and Boots went across the lake.
  • Isa makes her 1st appearance.
  • This is similar to the Pinky Dinky Doo episode: Pinky and the Ice Cream Babies.
  • This is the first episode to find Boots.
  • Dora kept the coins in her pockets.
  • Val the Octopus was driving the ice cream truck.
  • This is the 5th episode of the show.
  • This is the first episode where Dora and Boots buckle up their seatbelts and say "Seatbelts, so we can be safe."
  • Coney Island shares the name of a real-life entertainment plaza in Brooklyn, New York.
  • In the beginning of the credits, Dora said, "This is my friend, Boots. Find Boots!". But in later episodes to find him, she says, "Hey look, it's Boots! Find Boots!"
  • When Dora and Boots sing the Travel Song and after they say "where are we going", they say "to get some ice cream" as the answer instead of the last place ("Coney Island").
  • This is the first episode where both Dora and Boots did not stop Swiper at all, he only came out once and they were too late. The second instance where this happens is "Surprise!".
  • Ice Cream Truck does not have a face in this episode. Its face will debut in the season 3 episode Stuck Truck.
  • This is the first episode where Boots introduce himself to the viewer after Dora.


  • iTunes lists this episode as "Ice Cream". The "We All Scream for" part is left out. However, Amazon Prime still lists this episode as its full name.


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Boots the Monkey

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