We’re Going Home! is a the opening song that has Dora and Boots tell the viewer that they are going home for Dora’s party from the episode "Dora's Big Birthday Adventure".


I’m remembering my home
(In the rainforest)
The place where we come from
(In the rainforest)
Qué bello es mi hogar
Where strawberry mountains lead, to chocolate trees
It’s all waiting there for me
And me!

In the rainforest, where noisy river calls
Through the quiet forest, past the rainbow waterfall
Our home in the rainforest
Vámonos! Come with me
Where flowers sing and everything and anything is possible
It stays on my mind all the time
It’s my home

We’re going to celebrate
Sing and dance, 'cause it’s my birthday
We’re going to celebrate
With friends and family
With Mami and Papi, Benny and Tico
I can see Swiper swiping flowers from Isa’s garden!
Diego comes swinging in, rescuing the animals
The Piggies go sailing under the wishing star
There’s so much to see, come with me
To my home

(We’re going home, we’re going home)
To the Super Babies!
(We’re going home, we’re going home)
And the Big Red Chicken!
(We’re going home, we’re going home)
Even the Grumpy Old Troll!
(We’re going home, we’re going home)
We’re going home!


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