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Dora asks the viewers to get something from Backpack

Oh no! I don't know when to talk!

Boots: "But Dora, this episode's transcript is incomplete!"
Dora: "We need your help!"
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This is the transcript for Verde's Birthday Party.

(The episode starts with Dora and Boots at the truck station)

Dora: ¡Hola! ¡Soy Dora!

Boots: And I'm Boots!

Dora: Today, we're visiting the new friend of one of Boots' favorite places.

Boots: The Truck Station! Ohh, look at all the trucks Dora! Dump trucks, Mail trucks, Ice Cream trucks, Firetrucks! I love, love, love trucks!

Dora: Me too, Boots! Do you like trucks?

Boots: Awesome!

Verde: Dora, Monkey Buddy, your here!

Dora: Look, theirs our friend. Verde, the cleaning truck!

Boots: Verde's awesome! He's got so many cool gadgets for cleaning up! And we're here to pick up Verde because it's time to go to Party Park for his!

Verde: Birthday Party, Birthday Party!

(Dora & Boots laugh)

Dora: Verde's pretty excited!

Verde: Can't wait for my birthday party. Vamos amigos! It's time to go to Party Park!