Hello! I have been viewing this wiki sometime in August of 2013 (when I was like 10 years old) and I FINALLY decided to join in March 2020! I am basically here for editing, removing vandalism and nonsense, stop trolls ("TROLLERS NO TROLLING!" XD XD XD) by removing that nonsense (I STRONGLY AGREE with the administrators that there is enough people in this world being jerks without adding to that number; it’s NOT funny to vandalize pages, however, I am way funnier than this, especially in some of my posts), identifying fourth wall breaks in episodes, organizing the gallery for most articles and add descriptions to them (I’m REALLY great at descriptions! In fact, I’ve been good at since like day 1 here), adding Spanish descriptions for images with Spanish characters saying something (Señor Tucán, Tico, etc.) (I’m great at Spanish), helping other users, rewording trivia, proofreading articles, fixing grammar (Examples: It should be Boots', not Boots's or Boot's.). I also know my homophones VERY WELL. For example "its" and "it’s", "who's" and "whose", "they're", "there" and "their", "here" and "hear", "two", "too" and "to", "for" and "four", "one" and "won", "let's" and "lets", etc. I also like making articles be written in the third person as they should (no I, me, we, us, or you. Example: "one" or "the viewer" instead of "you", or even "the player" (in articles focusing on the games) instead) etc, talking about how impossible it is to do or what happens in real life compared to what happens in a cartoon like this on the Goofs/Errors (which here they don’t apply due to cartoon logic), Most importantly, making sure how well this wiki is doing and making the community grow, and grow and GROW!

I also like to honor each episodes' anniversary (from January 6-December 11) and/or give out fun facts about me (when I was younger or just some short entertaining stories) while editing (I would have most likely do either of these in the comments if they weren’t removed.)


Yes! You are allowed to give out requests! If you need help with something, please do not hesitate to ask me. Once I get a request, I will do (part or all of) it as soon as possible! (Just please be patient) Saying the magic words "Please" and/or "Por favor" is optional, but would be appreciated.

For example: If @Nolanharder, who probably the nicest user I’ve seen here (he gives out fantastic ideas for editing when I am bored), wants me to help him out (with Song lyrics, give descriptions to images, Insert images to character's page, categories, etc.) I will do it as soon as possible and help!

Favorite episodes (Mainly season 1-4; naming a few from those seasons)

Season 1

The Legend of the Big Red Chicken, We All Scream for Ice Cream, Big River, Berry Hunt, Wizzle Wishes, Surprise!, Sticky Tape (Fun fact: this was the first Dora the Explorer episode I ever watched! This was back in like 2003 or so), Bouncing Ball, Backpack!, Little Star, Dora Saves the Prince, El Coquí, The Chocolate Tree, Pablo's Flute, and Call Me Mr. Riddles

Season 2

The Big Storm, The Magic Stick, Lost SqueakyLost Map, Super Map!, The Happy Old Troll, ¡Rápido, Tico!(Fun fact: This episode is like 11 days older than me.) A Present For Santa, A Letter for Swiper, Dora, La Música, Super Spies, To the Monkey Bars, Hide and Go Seek, School Pet, Whose Birthday is It?, The Lost City, and León, the Circus Lion

Season 3

Dora Had a Little Lamb, Meet Diego!, The Big Potato, ¡Por Favor!, What Happens Next?, The Fix-it Machine, Baby Dino, Boots' Special Day, Dora Saves the Game, Dora's Pirate Adventure, The Super Silly Fiesta, Boots' Cuddly Dinosaur, Job Day, and ABC Animals

Season 4

Dora's Fairytale Adventure, Star Catcher, La Maestra de Música, Swiper the Explorer, Star Mountain, Big Sister Dora, Super Babies, Dora's Got a Puppy, We're a Team!, Super Spies 2: The Swiping Machine, Dora & Diego to the Rescue, A Crown for King Juan el Bobo, Best Friends, Dora's Dance to the Rescue, Dora's First Trip, Dora's World Adventure!, Boots to the Rescue, and Baby Crab.

Extra favorite episodes (Season 5)

Dora's Christmas Carol Adventure, Dora's Big Birthday Adventure

My favorite pages

Top 20 Favorite locations that Dora and Boots went to

  1. Cupcake Mountain
  2. Echo Bush
  3. Knock-Knock Door
  4. Lost City
  5. Coquí's Island
  6. Beach and Ocean
  7. Strawberry Mountain
  8. Coney Island
  9. Both Tallest Mountain and Tall Mountain
  10. Play Park
  11. Fairytale Land
  12. Nursery Rhyme Land
  13. Star Mountain
  14. Chocolate Lake
  15. Chocolate Tree
  16. Big Red Hill
  17. Highest Hill
  18. Gooey Geyser
  19. Dora's House
  20. Troll Bridge

Top 25 Favorite Dora the Explorer songs

  1. It's Someone's Special Day
  2. Boingy Bing
  3. Coquí
  4. The Circus is the Place for Me
  5. Lost City Travel Song
  6. I Love My Boots
  7. I Speak Spanish and English
  8. But You Must Give it Back!
  9. Baseball, Baseball, Fun in the Sun! (I wish that song was on Baseball Boots)
  10. Buzz, Buzz
  11. We Love to Sing and Dance
  12. Feliz Navidad
  13. Magic Stick Rhyme (although it’s more of a chant than a song)
  14. De Colores
  15. Rain, Rain Go Away
  16. Tenemos Amigos
  17. You’re Welcome in Fairytale Land
  18. The Friendship Song
  19. Happy Birthday, Swiper
  20. La Lechuza
  21. Super Silly Travel Song (Absolute favorite variant of the Travel Song. It was hilarious when Dora and Boots messed up twice, they said "Everybody let's snow" then "Everybody let’s row"!!)
  22. Pirates Love to Sing
  23. Squeaky, Squeaky
  24. I'm the Map (Favorite variants: Legacy from Season 1-2, I'm Super Map!, Variants with the Fiesta Trio, and We're the Maps)
  25. We're Going Home

Extra favorites


Favorite Shows from my childhood (besides the D-cousins): Blue's Clues (Favorite episodes are "Bluestock", "The Legend of the Blue Puppy", "Joe's Clues", "Soccer Practice", "Snack Time", etc. (can’t list too many)), Little Bear, Maisy, Franklin, LazyTown, Maggie and the Ferocious Beast, Bob the Builder, and some Noggin shows like Moose and Zee (the hosts), Miffy and Friends, Connie the Cow, Jack's Big Music Show, Pinky Dinky Doo, Sesame Street, Play With Me Sesame, Oobi, etc.

Note: D-cousins = Dora and Diego.

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