My Top favorite episodes of Dora the Explorer from each season in seasons 1-4

Season 1

Backpack, The Chocolate Tree, Dora Saves the Prince, Bouncing Ball, Choo-Choo!

Season 2

Super Map!, The Happy Old Troll, Doctor Dora, Dora, La Música, León, the Circus Lion

Season 3

Dora's Pirate Adventure, What Happens Next?, Boots' Special Day, Meet Diego!, ABC Animals

Season 4

Dora's World Adventure!, Dora Saves the Mermaids, Dora and Diego to the Rescue!, Dora's Fairytale Adventure, Swiper the Explorer

Things, in general, I remember about Dora the Explorer

In the theme song, I remember the computer from the first two seasons and the vine from seasons 3 and 4. I remember Dora the Explorer began with Dora saying, "Hi, I'm Dora," (seasons 1 and 2), or "Hola, soy Dora" (season 3 onwards). Boots would usually greet the viewers right after. Later, Dora and Boots realize they have some kind of problem and they need to go somewhere to solve the problem. They check on Map and he tells them the way. I remember Map had two versions of his song. He sung is full song in all of season 1 and about half of season 2. Then, they changed it, most likely to be nice to the Fiesta Trio. I remember Map usually only sung the last stanza of the song in the second version; the full song wasn't sung very often. I remember, before repeating the places, Map would say, "So you tell Dora" in the first two seasons, and "So remember" in season 3 onwards. I remember after repeating the places the first time, Map would always say, "Say it with me." And at the end of his segment, Map's mouth would fill the screen. I remember there would be three squares that pop up at the bottom of the screen with Dora in the center. And of course, I remember that song they sung on the way to the first and second places. I wasn't sure what it was called because Dora and Boots never mentioned the name of that song, until I looked on the internet that it was called the Travel Song. I remember Dora and Boots would sing the three places four times, followed by four questions of "Where are we going?", followed by the destination. I remember there was no clapping in season 1, and there was clapping in season 2 onwards. I also remember at some point, Dora and Boots would need to get something out of Backpack to help them. I remember Backpack sung her full song in all of season 1 with the exception of "Call Me Mr. Riddles", sometimes in season 2, but rarely in season 3 onwards. After getting through the first place, those three animals, which I later have known them as the Fiesta Trio, play that fanfare to congratulate Dora and Boots. Then the squares pop up again and Dora would ask where to go next. Then the Travel Song is sung again and the process of the Fiesta Trio and the squares repeat. Eventually, Dora and Boots get to their destination, and everyone cheers. Someone would yell "We Did It!", which would begin the song of the same name. I remember Map and Backpack would sing "We Did It" after Dora sings "Lo hicimos". During favorite parts, I got used to that valley background from mid-season 1 to season 2. After Dora and Boots talk about their favorite parts, the episode ends, followed by the classic part, the Character Find.

Character Find

Character find gave me lots of memories. This credits is very very unique because the viewers actually have something to do, find a character, during the credits, unlike most credits that just have all kinds of different backgrounds as the words flip from page to page (or as I used to call it, arrange), or scroll upwards (or as I used to call it, go up).

Favorite Character to find

I honestly really liked finding the Grumpy Old Troll because I liked how crazy he went, especially at the second part when he started running while that blue cursor chased him.

Other things I remember about it

I remember Dora never did a character find. I always thought Backpack did at least one character find because I've seen her picture which makes it seem very functional. I also remember the left side was the character's background and the right side was the credits. I got used to Dora saying at the beginning, "This is my friend, (character's name). Find (said character)!"

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