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The turtles are characters from First Day of School.


  • All three turtles have a tendency to fall asleep, similar to other sleepy characters (such as purple Wiggles from The Wiggles, Yellow Toad of the Toad Brigade from Super Mario, Snorlax from Pokemon, Bedtime Bear and Sweet Dreams Bear from Care Bears, Z from Alphablocks, Z from Leapfrog, Umby Pumby from Teletubbies, etc.).
  • The Small Turtle (who is female and speaks English) can be woken up if one says, "Good morning!".
  • The Big and Medium Turtles (who are both male and speak Spanish) can be woken up if one says, "Buenos dias!", similar to the Sleepy Sloth from Click! and Egg Hunt, the Healing Tree from A Booboo on the Pygmy Marmoset, and the Adventure Forest rides from Riding the Roller Coaster Rocks.