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The Troll Bridge is a bridge that Grumpy Old Troll lives under. When Dora and Boots need to cross the bridge, Grumpy Old Troll makes them solve his riddle.


The Troll Bridge is dark blue and is located above a very narrow valley. The Troll Bridge has appeared in multiple episodes of Dora the Explorer. It is unknown whether there are multiple bridges that are above the narrow and small valley, or if there is one and is on a path that several paths merge with, which would explaining why Dora and Boots cross it multiple times while going to different places.


Dora and Boots have crossed the Troll Bridge in some episodes of Dora the Explorer. They first crossed it in the episode Surprise!. In Pablo's Flute, there is a similar bridge called the Windy Bridge, except that bridge is completely yellow, blows wind in everyone's faces, and has rocks inside its canyon.

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