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This article is about all the trains in the franchise, including the non-anthropomorphic ones.


Big Gray Train


Circus Train


Train in ABC Animals.


Unnamed Black Train


The Dance Train


The Birthday Express




Color Train


Shape Train


Baby Bubble Train

The Trains are various (two in Go, Diego, Go!) different-colored connected series of vehicles for rail transport that move along tracks. Each one has its own whistle, all but Azul, who did not have one until he won a train race and received one as a prize. The blue (Azul), gray, yellow, and green (Huey) trains are males and the red train (Roja) is a female. The Giant Panda Express is non-anthropomorphic and has no gender, just like a train in real life.

Dora the Explorer[]

Classified as minor characters in the Dora the Explorer television series, the trains are fast trains who appear in Choo-Choo!. Dora and Boots are good friends of the Little Blue Train, Azul. There is also a gray train, he isn't in the race but Dora, Boots, and Azul meet him in the tunnel.


One train is blue, one is red, one is green, one is yellow, and one is gray. Each have white eyes with black pupils and a whistle as well as many wheels. The Green and Yellow trains are the largest and Azul is the smallest. The Red and Gray trains are the same size.

The circus train is light gray with many wheels. One car is shaped like a circus tent with red and blue stripes and yellow flag on the top, one car is purple with blue inside and a yellow and orange roof on top, one is yellow with blue inside and a yellow flag, one has red with blue inside with two windows, in between that and the last car, the circus band plays, and the caboose car at the end is yellow with some blue and orange, and a yellow flag on top.

The ABC Animals train is mostly red. It has yellow wheels with red on the center, a navy blue funnel, and a yellow whistle.

The Unknown Black Train is mostly black with red and gray wheels, black doors, black and blue train cars with red curtains, a black funnel, a red whistle a gray face, and white eyes with black pupils.

The Dance Train is red, yellow, and blue with shadow pictures of dancers with front windows as eyes and black pupils. She also has dark gray wheels.

The Doggy Train is a brown and white train with the head of a dog.

The Birthday Express is red with numbered train cars (orange car with a yellow 1, yellow car with a red 2, purple car with a pink 3, and blue car with a yellow 4) with gray wheels.

The Unnamed Blue Train is mostly blue with gray wheels, open cab doors, blue train cars with red roofs and yellow curtains, a blue funnel, a blue whistle a blue face, a mustache, and white eyes with black pupils.

Choo-y is mostly red and yellow with gray and red wheels, a big golden yellow whistle, and a yellow face with white eyes and black pupils.

The Color Train is mostly purple, with a blue whistle, yellow wheels, a red lever, a blue face, a black mustache, and white eyes with black pupils.

The Baby Bubble Train is mostly golden yellow with a red funnel, with purple and golden yellow train cars, and turquoise wheels. He has a red nose and white eyes with black pupils.

The Shape Train is a red train with a purple and blue train car. It has dark red wheels on the bottom. It has a gold triangular funnel, a yellow bell, and a yellow steering wheel.


Roja, and Huey only appear in Choo-Choo!. Azul appears in a few other episodes.

The circus train appeared in León, the Circus Lion.

The train in ABC Animals appeared only in said episode.

The Unknown Black Train appeared in Dora's World Adventure!.

The Unnamed Blue Train only appeared in A Ribbon For Pinto.

The Dance Train appears in Dora's Dance Show.

Gray Train was introduced in Choo-Choo! and appear one last time in Dora's Big Birthday Adventure along with Azul.

Amarillo only appears in La Maestra de Música.

The Doggy Train appeared in Puppies Galore

The Birthday Express appeared in Dora Helps the Birthday Wizzle.

Choo-y appeared in Baby Bongo's Big Music Show.

Color Train appeared in ¡Vamos a Pintar!.

Baby Bubble Train appeared in Verde's Birthday Party.

Go, Diego, Go![]

There are also trains in Go, Diego, Go!, such as gray train named Chucho, as well as a non-anthropomorphic train called the Giant Panda Express.


Chucho is gray with 16 wheels, a golden yellow whistle, and front windows as eyes with black pupils.

The Panda Express is mostly blue with many wheels and three train cars and a blue whistle. It has a patch with a panda on it.


Chucho appears in the episode The Tapir's Trip Home and To Babysit a Bobo. The Panda Express appeared in All Aboard the Giant Panda Express!.




Giant Panda Express


  • Azul, The blue train Choo-y, and Chucho are the only ones that has a name. The Red, Green, Yellow, Gray, Birthday Express, Color Train, and the dancing train have no official name.
    • However, Red, Green, Yellow, and Gray are named as Roja, Huey, Amarillo, and Grandpa (while some refer to the Gray Train as Señor Chugga.), assumed by some fans.
  • Gray’s whistle is technically CN 3254’s whistle which was out of tune during the 1980s and was recorded as a stock sound effect for various pieces of other media, like Thomas and Friends for example for N&W #475, Rocky & Lexi for example.
  • Red’s whistle shares the same whistle sound effect as Emma from Luke the engineer driver which is also used for other media such as the Wuzzelburg express from Wow Wow Wubbzy.
  • Green’s whistle is a stock sound effect from the Sound Ideas website.
  • Yellow shares the same whistle as Green but at a higher pitch.
  • Azul’s whistle is a stock sound effect from the Sound Ideas website.
  • The Unknown Black Train’s Whistle came from South Simcoe Railway #136 it was recorded as a stock sound effect for various pieces of other media. In fact, the Unknown Black Train’s whistle had also been used as Connor & Porter’s whistles from Thomas and Friends.
    • Coincidentally, Thomas and Friends aired on Nick Jr.
  • Choo-y and the Color Train share the same whistle sound effect as Azul, but unlike all the other steam trains, they have no side rods.
  • Unknown Blue Train 2

    Unnamed Blue Train

    Red, Green, and Gray’s voice actors are unknown. since the end credits at there debut did not feature their voices. while Azul, Chucho, The Birthday Express, Choo-y, and The Dance Train have confirmed voice actors. The Panda Express, The Circus train, The Yellow Train, The Doggy Train, The ABC Animals Train, the Unknown Black Train, the Unknown Blue Train, and The Shape Train have no voice actors at all because they do not speak and/or do not have a face (however, the Shape Train does have talking shapes in it).
  • Azul, Green, Yellow, Gray, Chucho, The Birthday Express, Choo-y, Color Train, Doggy Train, and Baby Bubble Train are males. Red and The Dance Train are females. The Circus Train, ABC Animals Train, Shape train, and Giant Panda Express have no genders at all because they don’t talk or have a face however The Shape Train has male and female talking shapes on it. The Unknown Black Train and The Unknown Blue Train’s genders are unknown however it is possible that The Unknown Black Train and The Unknown Blue Train are males because of the eyebrows over there eyes and The Unknown Blue Train’s mustache even though the engines don’t speak coherently.
  • All of the engine’s designs are a freelance design so they are not based on a specific prototype. However, the dancing train bares a slight resemblance to the F7 Diesel engines and Chucho and the Giant Panda Express bares a striking resemblance to the F40PHs and the SD70Ms only shortened a bit and a whistle was added despite that they are diesels. The Unknown Black Train on the other hand somewhat bears some resemblance to a Class BR 91 tank engine from Germany. The same is said with the Unnamed Blue Train.