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To The Treehouse
Airdate Friday, May 4, 2001 (Nickelodeon)
Monday, April 21, 2003 (Noggin)
Tuesday, April 11, 2006 (DVD)
U.S. Premiere Time (est.) 11:00 am
Season 1
Episode 20 (airing)
23 (production)
Written by Eric Weiner
Storyboard by:
Tina Kugler
Zac Moncrief
Directed by Ken Kessel
Previous The Chocolate Tree
Next Little Star (airing order)
Te Amo (production order)

To The Treehouse (or simply known as just "Treehouse" or "Tree House") is the 20th episode of Dora the Explorer from Season 1.

In production order, it is the 23rd episode of Season 1.



Dora and Boots are invited to the treehouse for a big thank-you party, and all of their friends are begging them to come.


Dora was looking for Boots. She saw Boots in the trees. Suddenly, they heard a female voice that went "Help, help, ayudeme!" and more voices went "bugga-bugga-bugga-bugga-bugga-bugga-bugga!". Dora & Boots saw Mami Bugga Bugga with only 9 bugga-bugga babies. She had 10 bugga-bugga babies but one of the them was lost. Dora & Boots searched for the missing baby bugga-bugga. They found the baby bug stuck inside a rock. The rock crumbles open and the baby bugga-bugga was free and flew to her mom. Dora & Boots found a talking bottle in the bush, a talking burger owl in the tree, and a talking bubble man in the flowers. The bugga-bugga babies each took a turn saying thank you in English and in Spanish. 6 bugga-bugga babies including the littlest bugga-bugga baby said "gracias" while the other 4 said "thank you". Then it was time for Mami Bugga Bugga and her bugga-bugga babies to fly away. She says that there is a big party at a treehouse. The bugga-bugga babies beg Dora and Boots to come. So, they decided to go to the treehouse. But they didn't know how to get there, so they ask Map for the route. Map says that they had to go across crocodile lake and over a stone wall to get to the big party at the treehouse. Dora & Boots walk on a path and find Tico pumping up 5 balloons and he said "Tengo globos para la fiesta" which means "I have balloons for the party" in Spanish. All of a sudden, they heard Swiper. They thought he is going to try to swipe the balloons. And this time, Swiper gets out a pair of scissors and cuts the strings and the balloons floated up to the top of the tree. Dora and Boots helped Tico get back his balloons. Tico had 5 balloons and they were each a different color. They found a balloon that is yellow, red, orange, green, and purple. Once Dora & Boots found the balloons, they counted in Spanish to make sure they had 5 and sure enough, they got back the 5 balloons. Dora & Boots handed the balloons to Tico as they counted to 5 in Spanish one more time. Tico thanked them and he was lifted of the ground and floated across crocodile lake. After that, Dora & Boots saw Pirate Parrot and he had a problem with his boat. It was broke into pieces. But Dora and Boots managed to help him fix the boat. Once the pieces were put back together into their corresponding gaps, Pirate Parrot's boat was fixed and as good as new. He thanked Dora and Boots for fixing his boat and gave them a ride across Crocodile Lake. They went super fast across the lake. Pirate Parrot said that he’ll see Dora & Boots later at the party. After getting across the lake, they continue walking on the path and saw Isa the Iguana needing help. Dora and Boots saw that Isa's scooter was broken and had to get to the party. Isa's scooter was missing a wheel. The front wheel is there, but back wheel is missing. Dora checks Backpack for a wheel that's the right size for Isa's scooter. It had to be small and round. Sure enough, Backpack had a wheel that was just the right size for Isa's scooter. Isa puts on the wheel on the back of her scooter, thanked Dora & Boots and rode away. As Dora and Boots approached the stone wall, they realized somebody was stuck in the wall. They realized that it was Benny the Bull who was stuck in the wall. Dora & Boots climbed over the wall to get to the other side. Dora & Boots tried pulling Benny out of the wall, but he was stuck tight. So, they pulled harder and harder and harder. And at last, Benny got out of the wall. Benny had to hurry, because he has to get to the party. Dora & Boots were almost to the Treehouse. So far, they went across Crocodile Lake and over the stone wall. Dora & Boots were excited for the party. As they approach the treehouse, their friends were outside all sad, because the treehouse door got stuck and couldn't get in. But Dora & Boots decided to try opening the treehouse door themselves. It was stuck tight but they were determined to push open the door. With help from the viewer, Dora & Boots each put out one hand and reached. Then they pushed and pushed harder and harder, and before long the door was pushed open and they climbed inside. Confetti spilled all over the treehouse. It spilled on Dora & Boots. More friends are inside. Señor Tucán, Baby Blue Bird, the Fiesta Trio, and even Big Red Chicken was at the treehouse. Boots realized it was a party for him and for Dora. And the reason was that Dora & Boots were always helping out and that is because they are having this party so they can say "thank you". They helped Mami Bugga-Bugga find her lost bugga-bugga baby, helped Tico get his balloons back after Swiper cut their strings, helped Pirate Parrot fix his boat, helped Isa fix her scooter, helped Benny out of the stone wall, and to top it all off, they helped everyone get inside the treehouse by pushing open the door. Their friends really appreciated for what Dora and Boots have done because of the way they helped their friends.

Items in Backpack (clockwise from the top right)[]

Note: All of the items are different kinds of wheels.

  • Toy Ferris Wheel
  • Car tire
  • Scooter wheel (correct wheel, but flat)
  • Scooter wheel (not flat; correct item for Isa)
  • Bike wheel
  • Wagon wheel

Places in this episode[]

  1. Crocodile Lake
  2. Stone Wall
  3. Treehouse

Listen to the sounds[]

  1. Talking Bottle in the bush
  2. Baby Bugga Bugga in the rock (correct answer)
  3. Burger Owl in the tree
  4. Bubble Man in the flowers (Boots' guess)


This episode, along with The Chocolate Tree, can be found in the DVD title Dora's First Trip as a bonus episode.


  • This is the second appearance for Mami Bugga Bugga, the Bugga Bugga Babies, and Pirate Parrot respectively. First being Bugga Bugga for Mami Bugga Bugga and her babies and Treasure Island for Pirate Parrot.
  • This the first episode where Benny speaks Spanish. He said "¡Gracias!" to both Dora and Boots after pulling him out of the stone wall.
  • While Dora talks about her friends that came to the party, it is revealed that the frog, grasshopper and snail are called the Fiesta Trio, and the name was revealed for the first time in the series.
  • Out of Dora Saves the Prince, El Coquí, The Chocolate Tree and Pablo's Flute, Dora and Boots have always stopped Swiper and he was always too late, but in this episode, he finally got to.
  • This episode basically teaches viewers how important it is to say "thank you" to show appreciation. However, ¡Por Favor! teaches viewers how important it is to say "please" to ask someone nicely.
  • This is the 23rd episode of the show.
  • This is the first episode the Treehouse is the last place of Dora and Boots' destination.
  • This is the first episode where Swiper uses a tool as a new plan to help him swipe something rather than by hand. He uses a pair of scissors to cut the strings on Tico's balloons. He does this again in other episodes such as Dora's Got a Puppy and Dora's Animalito Adventure.
    • Speaking of which, Tico is shown crying when Swiper cut the strings of his balloons.
  • This is the second episode where Isa spoke Spanish. She says "¡Gracias!".
  • This is not only Pirate Parrot's second appearance of the show, but also his first appearance without Pirate Pig and the Pirate Piggies. He will appear without them once again in "The Big Piñata".
  • This episode is premiered on Star Wars Day as well as 6 years before the premiere of the Little Einsteins episode "Annie and the Little Toy Plane" and 11 years before the movie premiere of The Avengers (2012).
  • Dora said "¡Gracias!" after "Thanks for helping" to end this episode's Favorite Parts segment after Beaches.
    • This will be picked up from Season 3 onwards.


  • After Swiper says his traditional line when he successfully swipes something, his head goes through the tree he was perched on as he runs away.
  • The blue cursor does not light up when it clicks on the treehouse.
  • In the credits, it said "Tree House". The words "To" and "the" are left out and there is a space between "Tree" and "house".

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