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To Babysit a Bobo
Bobo Brothers and their sisters
Airdate Tuesday, February 8, 2011 (DVD and Nickelodeon)
Sunday, April 15, 2012 (Nick Jr.)
U.S. Premiere Time (est.) 10:00am
Season 5 (airing order)
4 (production order)
Episode 3 (aired; Season 5)
15 (produced; Season 4)
Written by Brian Bromberg
Storyboard by:
Bismarck "Butch" Datuin
Carol Delmindo Datuin
Gary Hartle
Enrico Vilbar Santana
Jose Silverio
Ysty Veluz
Directed by George Chialtas
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To Babysit a Bobo is the 3rd episode of Go, Diego, Go! from Season 5.

In production order, it's the 15th episode of Season 4.



Back home in the rainforest in South America, while gathering fruit for the spider monkey fiesta, the Bobo Brothers' three baby sisters run off in different directions, and Diego and the Bobo Brothers have to search for them.


The episode begins with Diego introducing his cousins and the Bobo Brothers introducing their sisters. As the Bobos search for fruit for the party, the restless Bobo Sisters speed off into the forest to look for fruit without them. Diego and the Bobos find the first Bobo Sister falling out of a mango tree. Diego catches her and together, he and the Bobos jump like spider monkeys to gather mangoes for the fiesta. Then, Diego uses his animal tracker to find the second Bobo Sister at the Papaya Patch where a puma is heading for her. Diego and the Bobos shake the tree branches like spider monkeys to scare the puma away and find lots of papayas for the fiesta. Diego then uses his Spotting Scope to find the third Bobo Sister headed toward a train full of bananas bound for the big city fruit market. Diego and the Bobos use Rescue Pack to hang-glide across the forest and rescue her just in time to go to the Spider Monkey Fiesta.

Spider Monkey Sound[]

Eek, eek!


Spider Monkey Facts[]

  • Spider monkeys eat fruit, not jellyfish because they can sting you, causing death.
  • Spider monkeys keep scary animals, such as pumas, away by shaking branches, not doing silly dances, such as the one the Bobo Brothers did when they stole Chucho's whistle in The Tapir's Trip Home.
  • Spider monkeys live in big families so they can keep each other safe, not all alone.
  • Spider monkeys are afraid of pumas.

Episode Events[]

  • Diego took the Baby Bobo Sisters back to the rainforest, not the city.

Animals found by Click[]

All of the Bobo sisters (Note: The Sporty Bobo Sister is found alongside a pygmy marmoset, the Shy Bobo Sister is found alongside a cotton-top tamarin, and the Silly Bobo Sister is found by itself.)

Rescue Pack transformations[]

  • Wagon
  • Bicycle
  • Hang glider


  • Diego introduces himself like in the Dora the Explorer episode Save Diego!.
  • This is the second episode with a spider monkey as the featured animal after The Bobo's Mother's Day.
  • The Bobos are on their good side without causing any trouble in this episode.
  • This could be Diego's version of Catch the Babies (both have to do with saving baby siblings from danger).
  • This is the 3rd episode not to appear on any DVD of the series. It’s only available on the Nickelodeon compilation DVD “Sisters and Brothers” the same day it premiered.
  • Chucho speaks English for the first time in this episode as well as his first time of being a bilingual character (both speaking English and Spanish).
  • All transformations from A Booboo on the Pygmy Marmoset are reused, which were in turn the same transformations from Chinta the Baby Chinchilla, sans the telephone transformation.
  • When the Bobos introduce their Silly Baby Bobo Sister, she mimics Boots' "Ooh-ooh-Aah-aah!".
    • Also, when the Baby Bobo Sisters say "Yippee!", that is Swiper's last line after he says "Yip, Yip" when he gets excited.
  • It is shown in this episode that spider monkeys (especially the Bobo Brothers and Sisters) are afraid of pumas.
    Screenshot 2022-06-10 5.53

    This is the picture.

  • During the Let's Review segment, the picture where the Bobos do a silly dance to scare away other animals is taken from The Tapir's Trip Home when they temporarily took Chucho's whistle.
  • Dora doesn’t appear in this episode "in person", but she does in a picture with her twin siblings Guillermo and Isabella and in the reused flashback from Bengal Tiger Makes a Wish!.
  • During the Al Rescate song, the clapping part is skipped due to swinging the vines (unlike the version used in Diego's Orangutan Rescue).
  • During this episode, Daisy would have babysat Guillermo and Isabella offscreen.

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