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Alicia: ¡Hola! I'm Alicia.

Diego: And I'm Diego. We're animal scientists.

Alicia: Have you ever played with a puppet? Cool! Here at the animal rescue center, we use puppets to help feed baby condor birds.

Diego: There aren't many condor birds left in the world, so we've been protecting these three at the rescue center. Hey, do you want to meet the baby condors? All right! The first condor is named Uno. Say "Hola, Uno." Louder!

Uno: ¡Hola!

Alicia: The second condor is named Dos. Say "Hi, Dos."

Dos: Hi!

Diego: Uno, Dos… Guess what the third condor is named.

Diego and Alicia: Tres!

Alicia: Right! Say "Hello, Tres."

Tres: (nervous) Hi.

Condors: Uno, Dos, Tres. One, Two, Three.

Diego: Uno loves adventure and really wants to fly.

Uno: Uno, Uno, yo soy Uno.

Alica: Dos loves being friendly, she's always saying "hi."

Dos: Hi, hi, I'm Dos, I'm Dos.

Diego and Alica: Tres is kind of nervous and really, really shy.

Tres: Um... I'm Tres.

CONDORS: We're three condors, oh, me, oh, me, oh, my! We're three condors, oh, me, oh, me, oh, my!

Diego: These little condors are so great! They speak English and Spanish, just like us. And today, we have a really great surprise for the little condors.

Listen up, little condors.

We found a mami and papifor you.

Today, we're going to bring you to your new home.

We're going home!

[ little condors exclaiming]

Can you show us our mami and papi?

CONDORS [ chanting]: i¡Mami, papi! iMami, papi! i¡Mami, papi!

[ Diego and Alicia laugh]

Diego: We can use our special camera, Click, to find their mamiand papi.

Diego and Alicia: Say, "Click!"

["Say Click" plays]

Click: Say, "Click". Take a pic. Say, "Click". Take a pic. Soy Click, la camara, I can take a pic! I can can see and hear the animal in trouble! Zoom in, through the forest and out to the sea! To find the animal just call on me! Say, "Click". Take a pic.

[song ends]

Click: Hi, I'm Click the Camera. The mami and papi condors sound like this.

Condors: Squawk, squawk!

Click: Let's zoom through the forest and find the animals that go...

Condors: Squawk, squawk!

[chickens clucking]

Click: Are these the condors? No! What animals are these? Chickens, right!

Condors: Squawk, squawk!

Click: Are these condors? Yes! That's the mami condor and the papi condor. To take a picture of the condors, say "Click"! [takes the picture] Got it! Tell Diego: You found the condors.

Diego: What did you find? Condors! You found the mami and papi condors!

[ cheering]

Uno: ¿Dónde están?

Dos: Yeah, where are they?

Diego: We can find out where the mami and papi condors are if Click zooms out.


DIEGO: Condors live in the mountains. The mami and papi condors are on Condor Mountain.

CONDORS: Condor Mountain?!


Alicia: Diego, look! The sun is going down!

Diego: Condors don't fly when the sun goes down. We have to get the little condors home to Condor Mountain before the sun goes down. Or they won't be able to fly to their mami and papi!

We'd better go now, Diego.

We want to go! We want to go!

i¡Vamos! iVamos!

Okay, little condors.

We're going home!

CONDORS [ cheering]: Yay! Yippee! Whee!

BOTH: Seat belts... so we can be safe.

[Una aventura plays]

Diego: Clap your hands with me. Clap, clap, clap. (4x) Great! Let's call to the condors. Say "squawk, squawk!" Squawk, squawk!

All animals: Go, Diego, go. Vamos, Diego, vamos. Una aventura, amigos! An adventure, my friends! Una aventura, amigos! An adventure, my friends! Go, Diego, go. (Go, Diego!) Vamos, Diego, vamos. (Vamos, Diego!) Go, Diego, go. (Go, Diego!) Vamos, Diego, vamos. (Vamos, Diego!) VAMOS!

BOTH: Whoa!


ALICIA: This road is really bumpy!


DIEGO: Alicia, the condors!

ALICIA: Where did the little condors go?

Up in the tree!

But there are so many birds up there.

Will you help us look for the baby condors?


ALICIA: We need to find the three condors.

Do you see a condor?

There it is!

Which condor did you find?

Uno-- right!

Do you see another condor?

Which condor is this?

Dos-- right.

Do you see another condor?


Which one is this?

Tres-- right.

You found the condors! The condors need to fly down to us.

We can help them fly by singing "vuela."

Can you sing ♪ Vuela...♪?


Sing ♪ Vuela...♪

BOTH: ♪ i¡Vuela!♪

♪ Let's help Condor Uno fly, fly down through the sky!

Sing ♪ Vuela...♪

♪ i¡Vuela!♪

Alicia: Let's help Condor Dos to fly, fly down through the sky!

Sing ♪ Vuela...♪

♪ i¡Vuela!♪

♪ i¡Vuela!♪

♪ i¡Vuela!♪

♪ i¡Vuela!♪

[ song ends]

Are you ready to fly down, Tres?

Tengo miedo, Diego!

Tres is kind of scared. I guess he isn't ready to fly yet.

That's okay, Tres, you don't have to fly yet! I'll come and get you! We need something we can use to climb up to Tres. My Rescue Pack can transform into anything we need. To activate my Rescue Pack, say "Actívate!". Louder! Actívate!

[Rescue Pack plays]

Rescue Pack: Yo, Rescue Pack! A... Rescue Pack! Coming to the rescue! (¡Al Rescate!) Rescue Pack! Coming to the rescue! I'm Rescue Pack, I got your back. I can turn into a parasail, or a kayak. a zip cord, a snowboard, whatever you need, we can do it! Nothing to it! A Rescue Pack! Coming to the rescue! (¡Al Rescate!) Rescue Pack, Coming to the rescue! A... (Yo,) Rescue Pack!

[Song ends]

Rescue Pack: YO!!! Rescue Pack, here! Diego needs something to climb up to the little condor. Can he use a telephone to climb up to the condor? No! Can he use a bike to climb up to the condor? No way! Can he use a ladder to climb up to the condor? Right! Tell Diego he needs a ladder.

Diego: What do we need? A ladder!

(transformation noise)

Tres: Diego, i¡date prisa!

Diego: Tres really needs our help! Help me reach out to Tres. Put out your hand and reach... reach... reach! We've got him!

Tres: Gracias!

[ condors cheering]

The truck won't move. Do you see what's wrong with the truck?

It's stuck in the mud.

But we've got to get home!

Before the sun goes down!

Condors don't fly in the dark!

Alicia: Don't worry, little condors. You go ahead with Diego. I'll get this truck out of the mud and meet you on Condor Mountain.

DIEGO: Come on, little condors.

ALICIA: Go, Diego, go!

[ animal roaring]

Diego: That's a puma roaring!

[ roaring]

Diego: Condors! We've got to help the condors. Help the little condors get away from the puma. There are two paths: Rojo, azul. Rojo, azul. Which path is safe?


Say "azul."

Which path is safe for the condors?

¿Amarillo, azul?

¿Amarillo, azul?


Say "amarillo."

There are two pumas now.

Which path is safe?

¿Rojo, amarillo, azul?

¿Rojo, amarillo, azul?


Say "rojo."

They made it.

You saved the condors.

[ condors cheering]

Come on, let's go.

Look-- one road leads to the mountains, and one road leads to a lake.

¿Dónde viven los cóndores?

Do condors live in the mountains or lakes?

Mountains-- right.

Let's go.

The path up the mountain is blocked.

Señor Cortez: Diego!

Diego: That's Señor Cortez. He knows all about the mountains. I bet he can help us. Señor Cortez!

Señor Cortez: Hola, Diego. ¿Qué haces aquí?

Diego: We're going up to the top of the mountain to bring these condors to see their mami and papi. We need to get there before the sun goes down.

Señor Cortez: Ah, bueno. Like the old mountain fairy tale says, "When the sun is down, condors don't fly, but condors can lift the sun to the sky."

ALL: Wow!

Señor Cortez: I have something that can help you get to the top of the mountain quick.

(he produces a magical butterfly glowing gold light)


CONDOR: i¡Qué bonita!


DIEGO: A golden butterfly.

Señor Cortez: Sí, Diego, una mariposa dorada.


Señor Cortez: To get to the top of the mountain quick, look for the golden butterfly and follow her.


Señor Cortez: i¡Buena suerte!

(Diego starts climbing)

Diego: We have to look for the golden butterfly. Condors have really good eyesight. They'll help us see the butterfly.

(Cuts to Uno's POV)

Diego: Do you see the golden butterfly? Yeah, there she is!

CONDOR: And look, the path is clearing!

Let's go!

(The path is blocked again)

Diego: Uh-oh. Use your good condor eyes.

(Cuts to Dos's POV)

Diego: Do you see the butterfly? There she is! Allí está!

(More blocked paths)

Diego: We really need the butterfly now. Use your good condor eyesight to look for the golden butterfly.

(Cuts to Tres's POV)

Diego: Do you see the golden butterfly? Allí está! She's way back there! Come on, amigos! We're almost there! Let's find the little condors' mami and papi.

[He reaches the top]

Diego: We made it to the top of Condor Mountain.

Alicia: Diego, little condors!

Diego: Alicia! You made it!

Alicia: Sí, i¡lo lograste! Good job getting the condors up here, Diego.

[The sun is almost down; evening comes]

Diego: Uh-oh! The sun is going down!

And condors don't fly in the dark!

No podemos volar de noche!

We want to see our mami and papi.

Ooh, sí, sí.

Diego: If we could only get the sun back up into the sky. Señor Cortez told me there was an old mountain fairy tale.

[He remembers what Señor Cortez said before]

Diego and Señor Cortez: "When the sun is down, condors don't fly, but condors can lift the sun to the sky."

Diego: Maybe a giant condor can lift up the sun!

Alicia: Could it work?

Diego: We've got to try. There's still some light. We've got to find one giant condor. Do you see a giant condor?

DIEGO: There it is! We need to call to the giant condor before the sun goes down. Help us call to the condor. Say "squawk, squawk." Louder! Squawk, squawk!

[ condor squawking]

You did it!

CONDORS: i¡Excelente! iMaravilloso!

Here he comes!

CONDOR: Hop on, Diego.

Go, Diego, go!

[The condor flies Diego below the sun]

Diego: In the fairy tale, the condor can lift the sun into the sky. Help the condor lift the sun back into the sky. Put your arms in the air and lift, lift, lift!

[The condor magically lifts the sun back up]

Diego: You did it!

[ cheering]


There's Mami and Papi Condor!

Condors Uno and Dos are flying home!

But Condor Tres is still afraid. Let's help Condor Tres to fly.

Sing ♪ Vuela...♪

♪ i¡Vuela!♪

♪ Let's help Condor Tres to fly ♪

♪ Fly up through the sky

Sing ♪ Vuela...♪

♪ i¡Vuela!♪

Come on, Condor Tres...

You can do it.

Diego, look!

Way to go, Tres.

Nice job.

There he goes.

Wow, he can soar.

Let's help him fly once more.

Sing ♪ Vuela...♪

♪ i¡Vuela!♪

♪ i¡Vuela!♪

♪ i¡Vuela!♪

♪ i¡Vuela!♪


All right!

ALICIA: Condor Tres flew all the way home!

DIEGO: Look, the three little condors are so happy.

You helped them find their mamiand papi!

[Animal end song plays]

Diego: Condor! Come on, say it with me! Condor! Say it louder!

ALL: Condor!

Everybody scream!

ALL: Condor!

[ cheering]

♪ Condors fly with their wings. ♪

Watch them fly!

They soar through the air.

The wind gives them a ride.

Let's all fly with the condors.

Put your arms out wide.

Now... fly, fly, fly.

Fly, fly, fly.

They're big and they're bold.

ALICIA: They fly in the day.

And when we want to call them, we know what to say!


Squawk, Squawk!

Squawk, squawk.

Squawk, squawk.

Squawk, squawk.

Squawk, squawk.

Squawk, squawk.

Squawk, squawk.

Squawk, squawk.

Misión completa.

Adventure complete.

You are great at helping animals.

What do condors do?

BOTH: Let's review!

Does a condor need glasses or have good eyesight?

(cursor clicks good eyesight)

It has good eyesight-- right.

Is a condor afraid of chickens or pumas?

(cursor clicks pumas)

Pumas, correcto.

Does a condor live on a mountain or in a lake?

(cursor clicks the mountain)

On a mountain-- right.

Hey, we've almost finished the puzzle.

Does a condor like to fly at night or during the day?

(cursor clicks day)

During the day-- right.

We solved the puzzle. That's a condor.

Alicia: Let's put this picture of the condor in our animal science book.

Diego: We found out so much about condors today.

Alicia: And there's so much more for us to discover...

BOTH: Together.

Diego: ¡Hasta luego, amigos!

Alicia: See you soon.