Just so you know, I heard on the CLG Wiki Discord server days ago that Cameron (known as CCG88) forced his individual "Kesley Lowe" to strip for him on camera in-order to get rated and sent her photos of his private parts and he even tried to rip off the real CLG Wiki with his own site. As part of the sexual misconduct of child pornography on Discord, I've added the evidence to the two wikis including YouTube and The Springcast Broadcasting wiki which TCC and the other members decided to ignore it and revert anyways because it's not my page if nobody owns the wiki whatsoever and then blocked me from the SCB wiki for putting the evidence that was revealed they took as nonsense.

Here's his off-site evidence of his CP misconduct:

I've blocked him from this wiki for his behavior as well as Discord and YouTube. His channel on YouTube also recieved a lot of subscribers even after he tried to keep his sexual comments private and even signed up for Fandom in the first place.

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