• The vandal lately was stalking me and vandalizing the food related wikis such as McDonalds and the Pizza wikis posting anime videos and pics onto the wikis which we've been having to deal with them. I might suggest a restriction to moving pages for non auto-confirmed users and changing the wiki settings to prevent her from editing the wiki.

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    • It's always a balancing act: curtailing disruptive behavior versus locking everyone else out. In some cases, it can be better if they keep being disruptive because it provide more evidence that can be used to shut them down more effectively. That way, the person can't point to the wiki and say, "See? I made it so no one can edit." I usually leave my profile page unprotected because it's common for vandals to go after it to get back at me and that provides more evidence against them.

      To give you an example of gathering evidence, there was a vandal that boasted they couldn't be stopped so they didn't care what people thought about what they were doing. As they continued vandalizing, I was able to detect patterns in the accounts and IP addresses they used and their comments indicated they were getting frustrated that they couldn't get very far with their vandalism. This person was at it for four years before their activity slowed down. They tried a little more the following year, but that slowed down and stopped as well. They either gave up or else went somewhere else.

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