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The Super Silly Fiesta
It's Fiesta Time!
Airdate Monday, April 12, 2004 (Nickelodeon)
Tuesday, June 1, 2004 (VHS and DVD)
Monday, September 13, 2004 (Noggin)
U.S. Premiere Time (est.) 8:00pm
Season 3
Episode 17 (airing)
19 (production)
Written by Valerie Walsh
Storyboard by:
Jim Schumann
Mike Sosnowski
Directed by George Chialtas
Previous Dora Saves the Game/Dora's Pirate Adventure (airing order)
Boots' Cuddly Dinosaur (production order)
Next Boots' Cuddly Dinosaur (airing order)
The Fix-it Machine (production order)

The Super Silly Fiesta (also known as Dora's Super Silly Fiesta, or simply known as just "Super Silly Fiesta!") is the 17th episode of Dora the Explorer from Season 3.

In production order, it is the 19th episode of Season 3.



There's a whole lot of silliness on this adventure because you, Dora, and Boots are invited to the Big Red Chicken's Super Silly Fiesta! But when Big Red Chicken loses his cake, Dora and Boots need your help on a giggle-filled journey to save the fiesta.


The episode starts with Dora joking about her name being Boots and that she is a monkey by saying "Hi, I'm Boots, Boots the Monkey!", making both Dora and Boots laugh. Then, Boots tells her that is silly and then he says that she is really Dora and not Boots. Dora and Boots try again and introduce themselves correctly. Dora says her own name and Boots says out his name correctly, but then calls himself "Boots the Banana Head", and puts a banana on his head-literally. Dora and Boots were acting silly. Suddenly, the silly delivery mail bird had an extra special letter for Dora and Boots but he keeps flying the wrong direction. Dora and Boots tell him that they were down on the ground. Silly Mail Bird goes to the left. Dora and Boots call out again saying they were down below. Silly Mail Bird finally saw them. He had a special invitation for Dora and Boots somewhere in his mail bag. He accidentally takes out a frying pan, a lamp, and a pillow. But eventually, he finds the invitation for Dora and Boots. They thank Silly Mail Bird for the letter. Silly Mail Bird was in a hurry and flies to the left but then he realized he had to go to the right and was long gone. Dora opens the letter and inside was an invitation.

But that was not all they saw, there were balloons and confetti and there were also some silly hats for Dora and Boots to wear. Big Red Chicken was having a Super Silly Fiesta. They decided to go there. As Dora and Boots got going, Big Red Chicken had a problem of his own. He could not find his cake for the party. He panics and looks all around for his cake for the Super Silly Fiesta, but he could not find where he put it. Dora and Boots had to find the quickest way to the Super Silly Fiesta. They ask Map for directions. He says that Dora and Boots have to go past the singing gate and over the troll bridge to get to the Super Silly Fiesta. He also mentions to look out for stars along the way. Dora and Boots got going but had a silly mistake on their travel song: they accidentally use the words "snow" (by making the sky snow onto them) and "row" (by paddles appearing in their hands) instead of "go". After correcting their mistake to the Travel Song, they see Diego and 4 animals, which were a dog, a cow, a duck, and a frog, that are not making their usual sounds. Dora and Boots go to Diego to help him out.

First, there was a dog that went "oink-oink" like a pig and the viewer knows that the correct sound for a dog is "woof-woof". And the dog beamed and he was so happy, he barked happily at the top of his collar. Next, there was a cow that went "meow-meow" like a cat and the viewer knows that it goes "moo-moo". And the cow was delighted and she was so delightful, she mooed loud and long at the top of her udders. Then, there was a duck that went "neigh-neigh" like a horse and that was silly. The viewer tells Dora and Diego that a duck goes "quack-quack". And the duck was very happy and she was so happy, she quacked happily at the top of her bill. And finally, a frog went "tweet-tweet" like a bird and that was also incorrect. The viewer tells them that the frog goes "ribbit-ribbit". And the frog ribbited happily at the top of his tongue and he was so grateful, he kissed Diego and Dora sweetly in return. After that, Dora and Boots got going and Diego thanked them as they head for the singing gate. Boots tries to pull open the gate but then it laughs, because he was tickling him (The singing gate is now male instead of female). Dora and Boots tell singing gate that they have to go through because they are going to the super silly fiesta. Singing Gate promises to let them through but only if they help him sing his songs because he keeps getting mixed up. Dora and Boots said they can help him and they need the viewer's help. First up, Singing Gate sings "B-I-N-G-O", but instead of "Bingo", he says "underpants". Dora and Boots laugh, but then correct him by singing the song correctly. Singing Gate tries another song, "The Itsy Bitsy Spider". He sings "giant meatball" instead of "waterspout". Once again, Dora and Boots correct him by singing the song correctly. Not too long after that, the Singing Gate thanks Dora and Boots for singing his songs correctly and, as a promise, he opens and lets Dora and Boots go through.

After that, Dora and Boots see Benny the bull juggling. Benny loses control and each of the 7 balls hits his head one by one. Benny tells Dora and Boots that he should practice his juggling more and he giggles. Suddenly, Swiper was nearby. Swiper hides inside a rock and surprises Benny with a peek-a-boo. Then Benny yelps and Swiper swipes and juggles the 7 balls. He counts to 7 and then hides them in the tree. The viewer had to find all 7 of Benny's juggling balls. They all had polka dots. Suddenly, the viewer accidentally finds a ladybug and a turtle. But eventually, the viewer found everything that had polka dots. The viewer counts to make sure he/she found them all. Sure enough, all of them were found. After that, Benny catches them and started juggling again. Dora and Boots were going to see Benny later at the Super Silly Fiesta. Dora and Boots got going to let Benny concentrate on his juggling.

Soon after, Dora and Boots made it to the troll bridge and Grumpy Old Troll is not going to let them cross his bridge unless they have to make him laugh. Dora and Boots had to think of ways to make the troll laugh. Dora had an idea, she thinks that making silly faces can make Mr. Troll laugh. They make silly faces and do a silly dance. Grumpy Old Troll watches and then he starts to laugh. After that, Grumpy Old Troll lets Dora and Boots cross his bridge. After that, Dora and Boots had to figure out where to go next. The 3 pictures pop up over Dora's head, she drags them down to the bottom. Dora reminds the viewer that so far, they went past the singing gate and went over the troll bridge. All Dora and Boots have to do now is go to the Super Silly Fiesta. Dora and Boots look for the Super Silly Fiesta. A big orange turtle moves out of the way to reveal it. Dora and Boots get confetti sprinkled from above.

Dora and Boots get going on saw the Super Silly Fiesta is on top of a great big hill. They see Tico in his bubble powered copter mobile. Dora asks Tico if they like a ride to the Super Silly Fiesta. Tico was glad to and he was also going there. Dora and Boots jump in and put their seatbelts on for safety. Tico starts up his bubble powered copter mobile. The viewer, Dora and Boots tell Tico "arriba" to go up. Tico did so and went too high. But then, stars come out from behind the clouds. There was even Funny Star. Boots thinks Funny Star is so funny that he wanted to catch him. Dora, Boots, and Tico caught the stars and Boots caught the star he was after which was Funny Star. They put them in the star pocket. Dora and Boots can see the Super Silly Fiesta down below.

The viewer, Dora and Boots tell Tico "abajo" to go down. After that, Dora and Boots jump out to help Big Red Chicken find his cake. Big Red Chicken tells Dora and Boots he cannot find his cake anywhere and now his Super Silly Fiesta is ruined. Dora and Boots laughed and knew where his cake was, because the Super Silly Fiesta is maybe not ruined. Big Red Chicken asks the viewer where the cake was. The viewer tells Big Red Chicken that the cake was on his head. Big Red Chicken checks and they were right. The cake was on top of his head. He had to admit that he was so silly, because he put the cake on his head when he was setting the table and forgotten where he put it. And now that Big Red Chicken has his cake, he can have the Super Silly Fiesta with all his friends. Everybody came there. There was Diego, Benny, Isa, Tico, and even the Grumpy Old Troll. They all had a silly good time!


Places in this episode[]

  1. Singing Gate
  2. Troll Bridge
  3. Super Silly Fiesta


  • Trees where Swiper threw Benny's juggling balls


This episode can be found on the VHS and DVD of the same name. It can also be found in Dora's Ballet Adventures on DVD.


  • Each time the blue cursor clicks on something (including the theme song), a "BOING!" sound is heard.
  • During the picture pop-up sequence, whenever the 3 squares appear in front of Dora, a bicycle horn honks and the pitch increases if more than one square pops up.
  • After crossing the troll bridge, the three squares pop up over Dora's head but then she drags them down to the bottom of the screen.
  • Dora and Boots wear their super silly hats almost throughout the episode.
  • This is the 10th instance in which Grumpy Old Troll makes an appearance and the 9th instance in which Dora and Boots go over the troll bridge.
  • This is the 70th episode of the show.
  • When Tico says "¡Vámonos!", the audio is taken from The Fix-it Machine. It is also used in Dora's 3D Driving Adventure.
  • When Boots says "Stars!", the audio is taken from The Lost City.
  • This episode premiered the same day as the series premiere of Peep and the Big Wide World.
  • In this episode, when Swiper swiped Benny's juggling balls, he counts the balls instead of saying "You're too late!".
    • He also does not join the Super Silly Fiesta, because he wasn't on his good side to do his silliness.
    • Although Swiper is on his bad side in the episode, he juggled pretty well.
  • The explorer star is this episode was named Funny Star when Dora was catching stars. But in the end credit sequence, Dora called him Silly Star.
  • Dora and Boots sing a special variation of the Travel Song in this episode, the Super Silly Travel Song and the fourth "Where are we going?" is asked in Spanish.
    • They say the places to go twice instead of four times.
    • Instead of Boots saying "Come on, let's get to it" and Dora saying "I know that we can do it," they say both lines together like in Beaches.
    • This is the first episode where they say "¿Adonde vamos?" during the Travel Song.
    • The song was only heard once.
    • The melody of the song is reused from "Click!".
  • This is the second episode the singing gate is a location. This time, the gate is male and it is the first place Dora and Boots are going in this episode, whereas it was the second place they were going in Dora, La Música and the gate was female, which means there are apparently two singing gates in Dora's world.
    • Coincidentally, both episodes (this and Dora, La Música) were put together on the Dora's Ballet Adventure DVD and feature the same location.
      • This time, the Singing Gate messes up nursery rhymes and asks Dora, Boots, and the viewers to sing them correctly, a concept carried over from the previous episode, Dora's Pirate Adventure.
      • Also, unlike the aforementioned episode, Singing Gate sings two nursery rhymes instead of three. First he sings "B-I-N-G-O" incorrectly as: "There was a farmer had a dog and underpants Bingo was his name-o", and then sings "The Itsy Bitsy Spider" incorrectly as: "The itsy bitsy spider climbed up the giant meatball waterspout". (correct lyrics are in bold above).
  • This is one of the only two episodes in which the Fiesta Trio plays their fanfare after the characters say "We did it!". This happens again in ABC Animals.
  • At the end of the episode, Dora and Boots talk about what the silliest part of the episode is according to them instead of their favorite part. Also, Dora asks the viewer(s) "What was the silliest part of the trip?" (in his/her/their opinion), after waiting for the viewers' response, she says, "That was silly!" instead of the usual "I like that, too!".
  • Although Dora does not have a tail, she jokes about her name being Boots and being a monkey because the theme of the episode is about being silly and telling jokes. As she corrected the mistake, she does not say her current greeting "¡Hola, soy Dora!", she instead says her original greeting "Hi, I'm Dora!" just like in seasons 1 and 2.
    • Specifically, she said the exact same line from the Season 2 episode The Magic Stick ("Hi, I'm Dora! Dora the Explorer!"). Only in this episode, Boots doesn't introduce himself as an explorer. Instead, Boots introduces himself as a banana head.
    • Due to this, this is the last episode where Dora starts the show by saying "Hi! I'm Dora!".
  • In this episode, the Grumpy Old Troll song is shortened (when the Grumpy Old Troll says "Hey!" in his song, he stops right there).
  • The duck's whinnying noises are recycled from Pinto's whinnying in Pinto, the Pony Express and To the Monkey Bars.
  • In the French dub, the title of this episode is "Faisons les fous", which means "Let’s go crazy!".
  • John Leguizamo is a guest voice actor in this episode as the Silly Mail Bird.
  • Map was seen in a party hat in this episode.
  • Due to a lot of silliness in this episode, many silly and random effects and sounds are added, like Map's firework sound, the blue cursor making a "BOING!" sound (including the end of the theme song), bicycle horns for the 3 boxes during the picture pop-up sequence, etc.
  • This is the second time the stars don't appear until Dora and Boots head to their destination. This previously occurred in What Happens Next?. This will also occur in Dora's Fairytale Adventure.
    • This may lead to one who doesn't remember what happens in this episode (and the two other episodes mentioned above) or hasn't seen and watched it (or them) before wondering when the stars are going to show up (since Map mentioned about star catching in this episode), and then be surprised once the stars appear as Dora and Boots are heading to the final destination.
    • This is the only episode where the Explorer Star is never used.
    • This also marks the longest it took for the stars to appear before episode's end.
  • This one of few episodes to premiere on Nick instead of Nick Jr.
  • This is the 5th episode where Dora does not look inside Backpack, because she does not have her segment has has some silly stuff.
  • When the duck makes horse sounds, it sounds like Pinto, although Pinto did not appear in this episode.
  • Grumpy Old Troll did not come up with a riddle in this episode, he instead asks Dora and Boots to make silly faces to make him laugh. This is the third episode where he does not challenge them with a riddle, first being To the Monkey Bars and second being "Baseball Boots".
  • Big Red Chicken's outfit for the episode is the same one he wore in Whose Birthday is It?, except he's not wearing a top hat and is wearing a different colored coat.
  • This episode features Dora breaking the fourth wall, where she slid the three squares down to the bottom of the screen where they belong.
    • Her interacting with the audience doesn't necessarily count as breaking the fourth wall as that has always been the norm of the series.
  • This episode, tied with The Big Potato, ¡Por Favor!, Baby Dino, and Dora's Pirate Adventure, has the third most number of stars caught being 7.
    • Coincidentally, this is the second episode in a row to have 7 stars caught.
  • This episode could air on TV whenever it is April 1 (April Fools Day), but it premiered on April 12, 2004.
  • This is the only episode in which the Explorer Star was up first in the star count at the end, instead of the last counted.
  • Throughout the episode, the top of Big Red Chicken's head was obscured by the banners possibly to foreshadow his cake was on his head the whole time, and isn't shown fully until Dora and Boots reach the fiesta.
    • In some scenes, the cake can be barely visible on Big Red Chicken's head before the big reveal at the end.
  • Diego is now only voiced by Felipe Dieppa himself instead of sharing with his brother Andres after Boots' Special Day.
  • Baby Jaguar and Daisy don't appear in this episode or invited to the super silly fiesta.
  • When the Fiesta Trio says, "Estrellas!" the audio is taken from What Happens Next?.


  • During the third picture pop up sequence, the squares were on the top. After Dora fixes that mistake, she says all the places after the squares, just like in Season 1 and most of Season 2. This scene is apparently the brief return where Dora says out all the places after all 3 squares appear. However, she still asks "Where do we go next?" instead of asking "So next comes...?".
  • When Big Red Chicken is panicking about losing his cake, it was not on his head, but when Dora and Boots arrived at the Super Silly Fiesta, he still panics about his cake being lost although he already found it and then just puts it on his head, pretending that he still lost it.
    • It could be that he was performing a magic trick making the cake disappear while setting up the Super Silly Fiesta and trying to look for it, Until the cake appeared on his head.
  • In real life, a cake would fall off if one puts it on his/her head without holding on to it.
  • In the Dora the Explorer album, there was a version of the Super Silly Travel Song, where instead of saying "Where are we going?", Dora and Boots look for things that are silly, but that did not appear in this episode.
    • Also in the album, there is a song called "The Chicken Dance", where Dora and Boots do the silly chicken dance with the Big Red Chicken, but it does not appear in this episode either. It is possible that both the Silly Chicken Dance and the album version of the Super Silly Travel Song were intended for this episode, but they got cut off. However, if the Chicken Dance was featured, it would most likely occur at the Fiesta after Dora and Boots found the Big Red Chicken's cake and their friends arriving.
  • When Dora and Boots finish going through the Singing Gate, the Fiesta Trio were seen without their party costumes (for an unknown reason) when they played their fanfare.
    • It's possible that that was part of the silliness
  • Throughout the episode, Dora's hat changes size.
  • On VHS releases, some of the yellow colorings in this episode are brighter.
  • Just like ¡Por Favor!, when Dora and Boots said "Fiesta" after the fourth "Where are we going?" (this time in Spanish), the Fiesta Trio were walking with them but remained silent while they said the final destination.

Cultural Reference[]

  • Tico's bubble powered car-plane-copter mobile looks very similar to the Chitty Chitty Bang Bang car from the film of the same name.

Number of stars[]


Explorer Star[]

Funny Star (referred to in the credits as "Silly Star")

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