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[Episode starts with Dora, Boots, and Diego on a boat]

Dora: Hola, soy Dora!

Boots: And I'm Boots!

Diego: Y soy Diego! We're searching for a lost island where dragons and unicorns live.

Dora: Atlantis!

All: Atlantis! (Atlantis!) Atlantis! (Atlantis!)

Dora: There once was a land that all animals loved. A place they were happy to be.

All: Atlantis!

Dora: A bright, golden phoenix looked down from above, on the scene that he so loved to see.

All: Atlantis!

Dora: But the dragons and unicorns wouldn't make friends, as hard as the phoenix would try.

All: Atlantis!

Dora: They stomped and they hissed, so the phoenix was sad, a single tear formed in his eye. It fell very far, then it covered the ground. It grew and it grew, and it spread all around. The water rose high and soon, it covered Atlantis! Will you help us look for Atlantis?

All: All right!

Diego: Atlantis is underwater. But the top of its tallest mountain sticks up out of the ocean.

Dora: If you see the top of Atlantis, say, "Atlantis!".

[The Atlantis mountain comes into view]

All: Atlantis!

Boots: I think there's something up there.

Dora: Yeah, something's up on top of the rock. What is it?

All: A dragon!

Diego: That's an Atlantis dragon!

Dora: She's a baby, and she's looking for her home.

Baby Dragon: Mama! (wails)

Boots: She's looking for her mommy.

[The dragon falls]

Dora: Whoa! She fell!

Diego: Help me catch the baby dragon. Put your hands out in front of you and... Catch her, catch her, catch her! We got her!

Boots: Is she okay, Diego?

Diego: I think so. I only know a little bit of dragon.

(Diego speaking in dragon language)

(Baby dragon growling)

Diego: (giggles) She's okay.

Baby Dragon: Mama! (wails)

Dora: She really misses her mommy, Diego.

(Baby dragon cooing)

Boots: But Dora, Diego, what happened to her mommy?

Dora: When the water covered Atlantis, the unicorns flew to the top of the rainbow and lived in the clouds. And the dragons flew far away and hid inside mountains.

Diego: When this dragon was born, she tried to fly back to her home on Atlantis.

Boots: But when she got here, Atlantis was underwater!

Diego: The only way that Baby Dragon will ever see her mommy is if we can bring back Atlantis.

Dora: And the only way to bring back Atlantis is to show the golden phoenix that the unicorns and dragons can be friends.

Boots: Hey, Dora, do you think King Unicornio could make friends with a dragon?

Dora: I don't know, Boots. But if any unicorn can do it, Unicornio can!

Diego: Dora, if we can get a unicorn king and a dragon king to make friends, then the golden phoenix would definitely bring back Atlantis!

Dora: Es se puede, Diego!

Diego: Maravilloso!

Dora: Come on! Let's go find Unicornio...

Boots: And see if he'll make friends with the dragon and bring back Atlantis!

Diego: So the baby dragon could see her mommy again!

Baby Dragon: Mama! (growls)

[They rush to surface as the golden phoenix watches; they reach the gate to the Enchanted Forest]

Dora: King Unicornio's in the Enchanted Forest.

Boots: Hey, the path ends here. How are we going to get into the Enchanted Forest?

Dora: Remember, Boots? We have to say the magic words to open the door to the Enchanted Forest. In English, we say "magic door". In Spanish, we say "puerta magica". Can you say, "puerta magica"? Great! Say it with us!

All: Puerta magica!

[The magic happens]

Dora: Again!

All: Puerta magica!

[The door opens]

Dora: It worked! Good Spanish-speaking!

Boots: I love the Enchanted Forest!

[They enter]

Dora: Look! Fairies!

Boots: And elves! (giggles)

(Squirrel playing harmonica)

Dora: Hey, look, Boots! It's Squirrel! Hi, Squirrel. Have you seen King Unicornio?

Boots: We need to see him right away! It's really important!

Squirrel: Haven't seen him. But I bet he's helping someone. You know the king, always helping someone out. (plays harmonica)

Unicornio: Use your words, Rabbit!

Boots: Ooh! I think that's Unicornio, now!

[They follow the voice]

Boots: Unicornio!

[They come to a stump where Unicornio is helping Owl and Rabbit with a disagreement]

Unicornio: Dora, Boots! And you must be Diego!

Diego: Yes, your majesty. And I want you to meet --

Owl: I'm afraid you just don't understand, Rabbit!

[Owl and Rabbit are arguing over a stack of oranges]

Rabbit: Yes, I do, owl!

Unicornio: Dora, Boots, Diego, por favor! I need to see if I can help Owl and Rabbit stop arguing with each other. Maybe you can help!

Dora: Sure!

Rabbit: King Unicornio! Owl wants more oranges than me! No es husto!

Owl: But I'm bigger! I SHOULD get more oranges!

Rabbit: No, I'm standing up for myself! And I don't think it's fair! Well, I think I'm hungrier, so I should get more oranges!

Unicornio: I understand why you both feel the way you do, but I think that together, we can work this out fairly so you each get the same amount of oranges. Okay?

Owl and Rabbit: Okay.

Unicornio: Dora, will you help?

Dora: Sure!

Unicornio: Now, Dora, try splitting them up evenly.

Dora: One for Owl, one for Rabbit. Two for Owl, two for Rabbit. Three for Owl, three for Rabbit... and there's one left.

Owl: Which should go to me!

Rabbit: No!

Dora: Unicornio, what if you split the orange in half, and they each get half?

Unicornio: Buena idea, Dora! Help me make the magic happen. Stomp your feet really fast!

Dora: Stomp with us!

(All stomping)

[The orange splits in half]

All: Ooh!

Unicornio: Now it's fair.

Rabbit: It is?

Unicornio: Si! Show her, Dora!

Dora: Let's count Owl's oranges. One, two, three, and a half for Owl. Now let's count Rabbit's oranges. One, two, three, and a half for Rabbit. Now, do Rabbit and Owl have the same amount of oranges? Yes!

Rabbit: Ooh, fantastico! Owl, isn't it great? Isn't it great?

Owl: Yeah...great.

Unicornio: Now give each other a hug to show that you're friends.

(both hugging)

All: Aww!

Unicornio: Dora, Boots, Diego! Que pasa, amigos?

Dora: King Unicornio, we have someone that we want you to meet.

[Baby Dragon appears]

Unicornio: A dragon?!

Diego: She's just a baby.

Dora: Diego rescued her when we were searching for Atlantis.

Diego: She wants to go home, Unicornio.

Boots: So she can see her mommy again.

Dora: But there's only one way for her to do that, and that's...

Unicornio: If the unicorns and dragons can become friends.

Dora: Right!

Diego: And we thought that since you're a king, you can make friends with the king of the dragons.

Unicornio: But unicorns and dragons don't get along. We've never gotten along!

Dora: But that can change, can't it, Unicornio? You've got a chance to bring back Atlantis, and make a new world that will live forever. But if you want that to happen, you'll have to work things out and come together!

Diego: I know a long time ago, you were told it couldn't be so that unicorns cannot be friends with dragons. (Ooh...)

Dora: But if you want for helping him, those dragons might understand that, you can all be friends together if you give yourself a chance!

Dora, Boots, and Diego: You can, you can, you can be friends! You can, you can, you can be friends!

Unicornio: But what if the dragon king doesn't wanna be friends?

Dora: Well, you've got to try, Unicornio.

Baby Dragon: (talking nonsense) Friends?

Unicornio: Maybe his fire is not so bad, I'm sure we'd all be glad to have and light a fireplace in winter. (Ooh...) And my magic horn will glow, and light the way wherever we go, and show the world how we can work together, and be better in the end! We can, we can, we can be friends!

Dora, Boots, and Diego: You can, you can,

Owl and Rabbit: You can be friends!

All: We can, we can, we can be friends!

Unicornio: That's a really nice song, Dora!

Dora: Gracias!

Unicornio: I wanna change the world and bring back Atlantis! Esta bien, I'll do it! I'll try!

Dora, Boots, and Diego: Yay!

Dora: Come on, let's go to the volcano!

Unicornio: So I can make friends with the dragon king!

Diego: And we can bring back Atlantis!

Owl: Hoo! But, your majesty? Your majesty! Hoo, hoo! Who is going to be in charge while you're away?

Unicornio: Good question, Owl. Would you like to be in charge?

Owl: Oh! Me?! Ah! I never would expect! Really, you're m-m-me?! Ah-ho!

Unicornio: (looks at Rabbit) Well, perhaps we should...

Owl: NO! I mean... it would be my honor to keep things running smoothly while you're gone.

Unicornio: Good. Now let's get on our --

Owl: Ooh! Uh, sir? One more little thing.

Unicornio: Yes?

Owl: Well, how will the other animals know that they should listen to me? If there was only something I could wear, that would let them know I was in charge.

Unicornio: (giggles) Come, I'll lend you my crown. Owl. No one will doubt that you're in charge while you wear this.

[Owl wears Unicornio's crown]

Unicornio: You look very nice, Owl.

Owl: Thank you! Thank you! You don't think it's too big?

Unicornio: It looks fine.

[Unicornio leads Dora, Boots, and Diego away]

Unicornio: Now come on! Let's go make friends with the dragon!

Diego: So the phoenix can bring back Atlantis!

Boots: And Baby Dragon could see her mommy again!

Baby Dragon: Mama! Mama! (growls)

[They reach Dragon Mountain]

Unicornio: This is where the dragon king lives.

(Baby Dragon making happy sounds)

Diego: Well, I hope the dragon king likes Unicornio as much as Baby Dragon does.

(Baby Dragon roaring, giggling)

Dragon King: ROAR!

Diego: Look!

Dora: It's...

All: The dragon king!

[The dragon king flies out of the mountain top and notices Unicornio; he flies down to them]

Dragon King: Unicornio! Porteros de a se pas?

Dora: Oh! The dragon speaks Spanish, just like us!

Unicornio: I can let him know that we wanna be friends.

Dora: We need to help Unicornio! Can you say, "Se amos amigos"? Excelente!

Dragon King: ROAR!

Dora: Say it with us!

All: Se amos amigos!

Dragon King: Que?

Dora: Louder!

All: Se amos amigos!

Dora: It's working!

Unicornio: I'll tell him that we need to bring back Atlantis.

Boots: It's the only way Baby Dragon could see her mommy again!

[Unicornio walks up to the dragon king]

Boots: Do you think Unicornio can get him to be friends?

Diego: Watch closely, Boots. If the dragon king bows to Unicornio, we'll know that he wants to be friends.

Dora: King Unicornio is bowing to the dragon king! But I can't see if the dragon king is bowing back! Is he bowing? He is!

Boots: He'll be friends!

Diego: Unicornio did it!

Boots: Look how happy Baby Dragon is! Now she can go to her mommy!

[They walk up to them]

Boots: Great job, Unicornio!

Unicornio: I liked the dragon.

Dora: I'm very proud of you! (kisses him)

(Baby Dragon giggling; growling)

Dora: Come on, let's bring back Atlantis!

[They return to where Atlantis is; the sun is setting]

Dora: There's the tip of Atlantis!

Boots: How are we gonna get there, Dora?

Dragon: Al Monte!

Dora: Dragon King's gonna give us a ride!

Boots: But what about Unicornio?

Unicornio: No Te perocupes, Boots. My horn can make magic that will help me fly with you!

Dora: We have to stomp our feet with Unicornio to make the magic happen! Stomp your feet!

Dora, Boots, and Diego: Stomp, stomp, stomp!

(all stomping)

Dora: It's working! Stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp!

[Everyone flies up]

All: Whoa!

Dora: Whoo-hoo! Cool!

Diego: All right!

Dora: Let's go show the phoenix that King Unicornio and Dragon King are friends!

Diego: So he can bring back Atlantis...

Boots: And Baby Dragon can see her mommy!

Baby Dragon: Mama! (roars)

[They fly to Atlantis]

Diego: Aqui esta! Atlantis is here, under the water!

Dora: But the sun is setting! We don't have much time! We need to show the magical bird, Golden Phoenix, that Unicornio and Dragon King can be friends before the sun sets!

Boots: How can they show him, Dora?

Dora: They can hug! Unicornio! Dragon! Tiene Que abrazonze!

Unicornio: Uh... hug?

Dragon King: Uh...abrazonos?

Boots: Why aren't they hugging, Dora?

Dora: I think Unicornio and Dragon have been fighting for so long, it's hard for them to hug.

Boots: But it's the only way for them to bring back their home!

Dora: What if we showed them?

Diego: That's a great idea, Dora!

Dora: We all need to hug!

Diego: Put your arms around your body and...

Dora, Boots, and Diego: Hug, hug, hug!

Dora: Keep hugging!

Dora, Boots, and Diego: Hug, hug, hug!

(All giggling)

Dora: The sun is about to set!

Dora, Boots, and Diego: Hug!

[Unicornio and the dragon king hug]

Boots: Dora, they did it!

Dora: I hope the phoenix saw them!

[The phoenix appears]

Diego: Look!

Dora: Is it the phoenix? Yes!

[The phoenix shines it light magic]

(All clamoring excitedly)

[The flood ends and Atlantis is revealed]

Dora: He's bringing Atlantis back!

Dragon King: Atlantia!

Unicornio: Atlantis!

Dora: It's so beautiful!

[The unicorns come down on a rainbow]

Diego: The unicorns are returning!

[The dragons arrive]

Boots: And so are the dragons!

[Baby Dragon spots one in particular]

Baby Dragon: Mama?

Dora: I think that's Mama Dragon!

Mama Dragon: Mi Bebe? Qual shinu, qual?

Baby Dragon: Mama! Mama!

Dora: We've got to help Baby Dragon call to her! Call with us! Say, "Mama Dragon!".

All: Mama Dragon!

Dora: Again!

All: Mama Dragon!

Mama Dragon: Mi Bebe! Oh!

Baby Dragon: Mama! (hugs her)

All: Aww!

Dora: Unicornio and the dragon king brought Atlantis back!

Boots: And we helped Baby Dragon find her mommy!

Diego: Come on, guys!

Dora, Boots, and Diego: Wheeeee!!!

[They slide down the water slide into the pond as the phoenix flies over them]

(All giggling)

All: We did it!

["We Did It!" plays]

Dora and Boots: We did it!

Boots: We did it!

Dora, Boots, and Diego: We did it! Yeah!

All: Lo hicimos!

Map: We did it!

Dora: We saved the baby dragon when we fell through the sky.

Dora and Boots: We did it!

Diego: We did it!

Dora, Boots, and Diego: We did it, hooray!

Unicornio: They asked me to help, and I said I would try.

Dora, Boots, and Diego: We did it!

Dora: We did it!

Diego: We did it!

Boots: We made friends with Dragon King.

Unicornio: And Baby Dragon, too!

Diego: Now Atlantis is back!

Unicornio and Dragon King: Gracias! Thank you!

(Baby Dragon roaring)

All: Yeah!

Dora: We did it!

Boots: We did it!

All: We did it!

Dora: Yeah, lo hicimos!

Boots: We did it!

All: We did it!

Dora: Yeah!

(Cursor clicks)

Unicorns: We're home! We're home! Bienvinidos a casa!

Boots: Look! All the unicorns and dragons are making friends with each other!

Dora: We had such an exciting adventure! What was your favorite part of the trip? I liked that, too.

Boots: My favorite part was seeing Baby Dragon back with her mommy.

Diego: My favorite part was rescuing the baby dragon.

Dora: And my favorite part was when we all helped Unicornio and Dragon King hug.

Unicornio: We couldn't have brought back Atlantis without you!

Dragon King: Gracias por ayudanos!

(Dragon King and Baby Dragon roaring)

Dora, Boots, and Diego: Thanks!