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Dora: ¡Hola, soy Dora!

Boots: And I'm Boots.

Dora: We're putting up a sign about my teddy bear. He's lost. My Mami and Papi gave it to me on my 4th birthday, but now he's lost. And I really need to find him. I miss him so much!

(Swiper rustling)

Dora: Uh-Oh! That sounds like Swiper the fox.

Swiper: What's this? You lost your teddy bear?!

Dora: Yeah, and I can't find him anywhere.

Swiper (in honesty): I didn't swipe him.

Dora: I know. He's lost.

Swiper: Well, uh, I hope you'll find him!

Dora: Me too.

Map: (pops up) I know where your teddy bear is. You can find him at the lost city!

Dora & Boots: The lost city?!

Map: [Thought bubble appears, he imagines about the lost city] The lost city is filled with all the toys and treasures that everyone had ever lost.

Dora: My teddy bear's at the lost city! We've got to go there to get it back!

Boots: Yeah, lets all go to the lost city. [As Boots is about to walk away, he doesn't know where it is] But, where is the lost city?

Dora: Who do we ask for help, when we don't know which way to go?

Boots: The map!

Dora: Will you check the map and find out how to get to the lost city? You have to say, "Map."

(Map pops up)

Boots: Louder!

(Map zooms to the air)

Map: I'm the Map. I'm the Map.

Fiesta Trio: He's the Map. He's the map.

Map: I'm the Map! 

(song ends)

Map: Dora and Boots need to get to the lost city to find Dora's teddy bear. To get to the lost city, first, you have to go through the number pyramid. Then you have to find a shortcut to the mixed-up jungle, and that's how you'll get to the lost city.

[Suddenly, the stars appeared.]

Fiesta Trio: ¡Estrellas!

Map: Oh, stars! Try and catch stars along the way! So remember, pyramid, jungle, lost city. Say it with me. Pyramid, jungle, lost city. Pyramid, jungle, lost city. Pyramid, jungle, (Zooms to the screen) lost city!

Dora: Pyramid, jungle, lost city. Where do we go first?

(Cursor clicks the pyramid)

Dora: Pyramid, right. The Number Pyramid. So first, we have to find the Number Pyramid. Donde esta? Where's the Number Pyramid?

(cursor clicks it)

Dora: Right, there it is!

[Suddenly they hear the stars and they started laughing]

Dora: I hear stars. Do you see stars?

(Stars laughing)

Boots: Look, stars!

[Stars laughing] Come catch us! (Laughing) Catch us! Catch us!

Woo Hoo: Woo hoo!

Dora & Boots: It's Woo Hoo!

Dora: The hide-and-seek explorer star.

Woo Hoo: Woo hoo!

Dora: He can help us along the way.

Boots: And we can catch you, Woo Hoo.

[Woo Hoo hides behind a rock, and Boots stops running.]

Boots: Do you know where Woo Hoo is?

(Woo Hoo pops up on a rock.)

Woo Hoo: Woo hoo.

Boots: Thanks!

Stars: Try to catch us.

Dora: We need to catch the stars. Reach up and catch the stars. Reach up! Catch them, catch them, catch them! We caught them.

Boots: And we got Woo Hoo!

Woo Hoo: Woo hoo!

Dora: Lets put them in the star pocket.

Stars: The star pocket! (all cheering)

Dora: Good star catching. Come on! ¡Vamonos! Lets go to the lost city.

Boots: And find Dora's teddy bear! Hey look, It's Azul the blue train.

Dora: He looks sad. Hola, Azul. ¿Como estas?

Azul: I'm feeling sad. (a shape of a whistle appears) I lost my whistle and I can't find it.

Boots: Oh, Azul. We,ll find your whistle, right, Dora?

Dora: Right, we're going to the lost city to find my teddy bear. I bet your whistle is at the lost city too.

Azul: You think?

Dora: I'm sure of it.

Azul: ¡Que bien! Hey, you guys wanna ride to the Number Pyramid?

Dora & Boots: Yes!

[So the climbed aboard Azul and are on their way to the Number Pyramid.]

Dora: Come on! ¡Vamonos! Lets go to the lost city.

Boots: And find Dora's teddy bear!

(Azul starts moving)

Dora: We're going to the lost city where all those toys will be. Lets find out what each friend has lost and yell it out with me. Our friend Benny has lost something. Can you imagine that? Benny's got a ball and glove, so Benny lost his...?

All: Bat!

Dora: What's Benny lost?

All: His bat!

Dora & Boots: Don't you worry, Benny, we'll find your bat for you. We're going to the lost city and find my teddy bear too. Our friend Isa's lost something. Look how bad she feels. Isa's got her scooter, but Isa lost her...?

All: Wheels!

Dora: What's Isa lost?

All: Her wheels!

Dora & Boots: Don't you worry, Isa, we'll find your wheels for you. We're going to the lost city and find my teddy bear too. Our amigo Tico's lost something. Will you help him please? Tico wants to start his car, but Tico lost his...?

All: Keys!

Dora: What's Tico lost?

All: His keys!

Dora & Boots: No te Perocupes, Tico, we'll find your keys for you. We're going to the lost city and find my teddy bear too. That fox Swiper's lost something.

Swiper: It's something that I love.

Dora: It's something he puts on his hand. Swiper lost his...?

All: Glove!

Dora: What's Swiper lost?

All: His glove!

Dora & Boots: Don't you worry Swiper, we'll find your glove for you. We're going to the lost city and find my teddy bear too. (song ends)

Dora: We made it to the Number Pyramid.

[Dora and Boots get off the train]

Azul: Good luck finding your teddy bear.

Dora & Boots: ¡Gracias, Azul!

Azul: ¡De nada! (speeds away)

Dora: Come on, we have to make it through this pyramid!

[As Dora and Boots entered, they saw vines swinging around and lifts going up and down]

Dora & Boots: Whoa!

Boots: We've got to take one of those lifts, but which one, Dora?

Dora: Hmmm, Maybe this screen can tell us something. (presses it)

Screen: To find which lift you have to take, count all the way to number 8.

Dora: So we have to find the eighth lift. Count with us.

Both: One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight!

Dora: This is the eighth lift. Good counting!

[Lift rises higher to the second floor. Then as they continued, they saw vines flying around.]

Boots: Whoa, look at all the vines! Which vine do we take, Dora?

Dora: Maybe there's another screen. Do you see another screen?

(Cursor clicks it)

Dora: Thanks. (presses it)

Screen: To know which vine is right for you, first count five, and then add two.

Boots: First count 5, and then add 2.

Dora: Right! So first we have to count 5 vines, and then add 2 more. Count 5 vines with us.

Both: One, two, three, four, five!

Dora: Right. Now we need to add 2 more. Count with us.

Both: One, two!

Dora: We had 5 vines, and now we added two. Lets count to see which vine we have to take.

Both: One, two, three, four, five, six, seven!

Dora: 5 + 2 = 7!

Dora & Boots: (swinging on vine #7) Wheeeee! (Both laughing) Whoa! (Both cheering) Wheeeee!

[As they got off the vine, they saw door traps.]

Boots: Whoa, trapdoors!

Dora: I wonder which trapdoor should we take.

Boots: We have to look for a screen.

Dora: Good idea. Do you see a screen?

(Cursor clicks it)

Dora: Thanks! Lets listen to the screen for directions. (Boots presses it)

Screen: You'll find the way out if you choose the right door. It's the number that comes between 2 and 4.

Dora: We can figure out what numbers what number comes between 2 and 4.

Boots: Here's the two.

Dora: Here's the four. So what number comes between 2 and 4?

(Cursor clicks door #3)

Dora: Three, right!

[They all got on the trap door, then it opens as Dora and Boots land into the slide]

Dora & Boots: Wheeee!

[Then the slide leads them outside at the end of the pyramid and landed on the bouncy flower]

(Fanfare plays)

Dora: We made it all the way through the number pyramid!

Boots: Where do we go next?

Dora: Pyramid, Jungle, Lost City. We went through the pyramid. Where do we go next?

(Cursor clicks the jungle)

Dora: Jungle, right. The Mixed-up Jungle. So we have to find the Mixed-up Jungle. ¿Donde esta? Where is the Mixed-up Jungle?

(Cursor clicks)

Dora: Yeah, there it is. ¡Alli esta!

Boots: Wow, the Mixed-up Jungle is really far away. How are we ever going to get to the Mixed-up Jungle?!

Map: Shortcut! Shortcut! Shortcut!

Dora: That's right. We need to find the shortcut. But how?

Boots: Who do we ask for help when we don't know which way to go?

Dora: Map, right. You have to say "Map."

(Map pops up)

Boots: Say "Map!" Say "Map!"

(Map zooms to the air)

Map: I'm the Map. I'm the Map. I'm the Map! Dora and Boots need to get to the Mixed-up Jungle, which is very far away. But I know a shortcut! To find the shortcut, (hops to the blue triangle and jumps up and down) all Dora and Boots need to do is, jump up and down on the blue triangle. Tell Dora and Boots to jump up and down! (zooms into the screen)

Dora: What do we have to do? Jump up and down! Will you help us jump up and down? Great! Stand up please! Stand up.

Boots: Up, up, up! Stand up!

Dora: Now bend your knees and jump up and down!

Boots: Jump up and down, jump up and down!

Dora: Do you see the door to the shortcut?

(Cursor clicks it)

Boots: Yeah, there it is!

Dora: ¡Alli esta!

[Dora and Boots enter the shortcut and they finally made it to the jungle]

Dora: Look! We're at the Mixed-up Jungle!

Boots: Wow! That really WAS a shortcut! This Jungle doesn't look mixed up. We'll get through the jungle in no time!

[Suddenly as Boots continued their journey, something happened. A tree was bouncing and turned upside down. Clouds land on the ground. Dora runs and carries Boots trying to protect him. A fish lands into the bird's nest. And trees in the distance we're blown by a gust of wind as fewer of them flip all around.]

Boots: Whoa! The Mixed-up Jungle IS all mixed up!

Dora: We have to fix it. Will you help us fix the jungle? (puts Boots down) Great! Do you see the clouds?

(Cursor clicks them)

Dora: Yeah, they're on the ground. Do the clouds belong on the ground? Where should the clouds go?

(Cursor clicks the sky)

Dora: In the sky, right! (Clouds fly back to the sky) (Tree shakes)

Dora: What's wrong with this tree? It's upside down, right.

(Tree tilts back up.)

Dora: Lets look for more mixed up things. Do you see a fish?

(Cursor clicks it)

Dora: Yeah, there it is in the nest. Does the fish belong in the nest? Where does the fish belong?

(Cursor clicks the water)

[A fish lands back to the water as the bird flies to the nest.]

Dora: In the water, right!

Boots: Dora, the Mixed-up Jungle isn't mixed up anymore!

(Both cheering)

Dora: Thanks for helping!

[Dora and Boots laugh as they make through the jungle]

(Fanfare plays)

Boots: Where do we go next?

Dora: Pyramid, jungle, lost city. We went through the pyramid, we fixed the Mixed-up Jungle. Where do we go next?

(Cursor clicks the lost city)

Dora: The lost city, right. That's where we'll find my lost teddy bear! We need to find the lost city. Donde esta lost city?

(Cursor clicks it)

Dora: Yeah, alli esta! Come on!

Boots: ¡Vamonos!

Dora: Lets go to the lost city!

Boots: And find Dora's teddy bear!

[As they approach the lost city, something was blocking the way.]

Boots: (bumps into it) Whoa!

Dora: (gasps) Do you see what's behind this curtain?!

[Curtain disappears to reveal the Lost City behind it]

Dora: You found it, you found it! (touches the curtain) The lost city is behind this curtain! We need the curtain to go up!

Boots: Up, up!

[nothing happens]

Dora: ¡Arriba, arriba!

[Curtain rises but goes back down.]

Dora: The curtain understands Spanish! To get the curtain up, we say "Arriba!” Can you say, "Arriba?" Say "Arriba!”

[Curtain rises]

Dora: Louder!

Both: ¡Arriba!

[Curtain completely raises]

Dora: The curtain heard you!

[Finally, Dora and Boots climb up the stairs and saw something interesting.]

Both: The lost city!

Dora: No one has ever seen the lost city before.

Boots: Wow! Look at all the lost toys. But we've gotta find your teddy bear!

Woo Hoo: Woo hoo.

Dora: Do you see an explorer star that can help us find Osito?

Woo Hoo: Woo hoo. Woo hoo.

Dora: Woo Hoo is going to help us find Osito. If you see Woo Hoo, yell, "Woo hoo!". Do you see Woo Hoo?

Woo Hoo: Woo hoo.

Dora: Where is Woo Hoo now?

Woo Hoo: Woo hoo!

Dora: Do you see Woo Hoo?

Woo Hoo: Woo hoo! [knocks a party hat]

Dora: Do you see my teddy bear? (Woo hoo spins) Yes, you found it! ¡Alli, osito! (Dora hugs him) I missed you so much, Osito! ¡Gracias, Woo Hoo!

Woo Hoo: ¡De nada! (flies into the star pocket) Woo hoo!

[Suddenly the toys started to fly into the air and spin in a circle.]

Boots: Whoa! What's happening, Dora?

Dora: I'm not sure, Boots, but I think... everything's going back to its owner.

Boots: Cool!

[Benny is seen still depressed when a bat comes back to him]

Dora: Benny's got is baseball bat. (Benny hits the ball)

[Isa is seen still depressed when the wheels are put back into the scooter]

Dora: Isa's got her two wheels! (Isa rides her scooter)

[Azul is seen still sad when a whistle is put back on him]

Dora: Azul's getting his whistle.

Azul: Choo choo!

[Tico is seen very sad when the keys fly to him.]

Dora: Tico is getting back his keys. (Tico starts his car and happily drives away.)

[Swiper is sitting on a tree trunk feeling very upset when he feels something touch his back.]

Dora: And look, Swiper's getting his glove back. (Glove flies onto Swiper's hand and is happy he got it back)

Swiper: Yip yap yipee, yip yap yipee!

Dora: Our friends are so happy to have their things back!

All: ¡Gracias! Thanks!

[The scene then goes back to the lost city]

Boots: Hey, I wonder if my blankie is at the lost city.

Dora: Do you see Boots' blankie?

(Cursor clicks it)

Dora: ¡Si, alli esta!

[Boots then runs up to his blankie that flies to him and catches it]

Boots: Oh, my blankie! I haven't seen this blankie since I was a little monkey!

(Fanfare plays)

Boots: Oh, Dora, we did it.

[We did it plays]

Both: We did it.

Boots: We did it.

Dora: We did it.

Both: Yay!

Dora: ¡Lo hicimos!

Backpack & Map: We did it!

Dora: We swung on a vine and slid down a trapdoor.

Both: We did it.

Boots: We did it.

Both: We did it! Hooray!

Boots: We discovered the number between two and four.

Dora: The number was three.

Both: One, two, three, four!

Boots: We took the shortcut and we jumped in the air.

Dora: We've found the lost city and got back my teddy bear! Yay!

Boots: Whoo! Hooray!

Both: We did it!

(Boots whooping)

(Cursor clicks)

Dora: We had such an exciting trip today. What was your favorite part of the trip? I liked that too.

Boots: My favorite part was unjumbling the jungle.

Dora: My favorite part was getting my teddy bear back. Hey, lets see how many stars we caught. To call the Stars, say, "Estrellas"! (Stars fly out of the star pocket, even Woo Hoo)

Woo Hoo: Woo hoo!

Both: It's Woo Hoo!

Dora: Count with me.

Both: One, two, three, four!

Dora: Four stars! ¡Cuatro estrellas! We couldn't have done it without you. Thanks for helping.

Both: ¡Gracias!

Woo Hoo: (as he flies away) Woo hoo!

Stars: Yipee! (laughing)

(Cursor clicks)