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Diego: Hola! I’m Diego! And this is my buddy…

Baby Jaguar: Baby Jaguar! Mreow, mreow!

Diego: We’re far from home in the Arctic, near the top of the world! We’re in a wild life refuge. Lots of polar bears are born here.

Baby Jaguar: Polar bears are cool!

Diego: They sure are, Baby Jaguar!

Baby Jaguar: Mommy and baby polar bears are inside these big snow things.

Diego: They're called snow mounds.

Baby Jaguar: Right, snow mounds. I can't believe there are really polar bears inside.

Diego: Well, do you want to see them, baby jaguar?

Baby Jaguar: Yeah.

Diego: Do you want to see the polar bears? Ok. My special infrared binoculars can help us see the polar bears inside the snow.

Baby Jaguar: Cool infrared binoculars, Diego.

Diego: Thanks. Put your hands around your eyes to make binoculars. When you see polar bears, say "polar bears." Polar bears. Polar bears, polar bears. Polar bears. Whoa, those polar bear cubs look like they want to come out.

♪ We're ready, we're ready ♪

♪ Ready, ready, ready ♪

♪ We want to go out and play ♪

♪ We want to see snow ♪

♪ Please, mommy, let's go ♪

♪ We want to go out today ♪

♪ You're ready, you're ready? ♪

♪ Really, really ready? ♪

♪ Well, guess what, today is the day ♪

♪ You've been waiting so long ♪

♪ But you've gotta be strong ♪

♪ So listen to what we say ♪

♪ You've gotta push, push, push through the cold, snowy snow ♪

♪ Push, push, push, and then we can go? ♪

♪ Are you ready to push? ♪

♪ We're ready to push ♪


Diego: ooh, the little polar bears are strong

But they need our help to push.

Will you help push?


Are you strong?

Really strong?

Great, then put your arms out in front of you and...

Push, push, push.

Push with the polar bears.

Push, push, push-push-push.

Push, push, push-push-push.

♪ We made it, we made it ♪

♪ Made it, made it, made it ♪

♪ Made it through today ♪

♪ We're so proud, you know, that you pushed through the snow ♪

♪ So now that you're out, go play. ♪

[Song ends]

Yay. Whoo-hoo.

Come on, let's play.

Yippy. I want to go sliding.

You helped the polar bears come out.

So now they can play in the snowy snow.

You're really good at pushing.

Whee. [Laughter]

You can't catch me.

Those little polar bears are having so much fun.




They found the ocean.

They love to swim.


Baby jaguar, wait.

Cold, cold, cold.

Are you ok, baby jaguar?

I'm ok, but that water is freezing.

Help me warm up baby jaguar.

Put your arms around yourself and...

Hug, hug, hug.

Ah... That feels better, diego.

Thanks for warming me up.

That water is icy cold.

We love the icy water. [Laughing]

Mama, we're hungry.

Yeah, we want to eat.

Food, food.

We have to go out to the ocean to fish for our food.

What are they looking for, diego?

Ice floes.

Polar bears need to stand on ice floes

To fish for their food in the ocean.

If you see ice floes, say "ice floes."

All: ice floes.

Yeah, there are the ice floes.

Help the polar bears jump on to the ice floes

So they can fish for their food.

Say "jump, polar bears."


Jump, polar bears.

Let's jump with the polar bears.

You have to stand up to jump.

Polar bear, jump with me.

Jump, jump, jump.

♪ Jump, jump, jump ♪

♪ Polar-bear jumping ♪

♪ Jump, jump, jump ♪

♪ Jumping onto the floe ♪

♪ Jump, jump, jump ♪

♪ We're sliding and we're bumping ♪

♪ Jump, jump, jumping in the ice and the snow ♪

♪ And now we can go ♪

♪ Fish on the floe. ♪

Yay. [Song ends]

Boy, those polar bears are good jumpers.

They've got really strong legs that help them jump.

Look, now that they're on the ice floes

The polar bears can catch food.


Ooh, yummy.

Mm, mm, mm.

Good food. Yummy, yummy.

Thanks for helping us jump.

Voice: help, help!

Roar, roar!

That sounds like an animal in trouble.

Animal: help, help!

I can't swim anymore.

Roar, roar!

The animal's way out there, diego.

My spotting scope can help me see things far away.

Make a spotting scope with your hands

To see what animal's in trouble.


Diego: what kind of animal is in trouble?

All: a polar bear.

We need something to help me rescue the polar bear.

My rescue pack can transform into anything we need.

To active my rescue pack, say"activate!"


All: go, rescue pack!


♪ Ah, rescue pack ♪

♪ Coming to the rescue ♪

Chorus: ♪al rescate ♪

♪ Rescue pack ♪

♪ Coming to the rescue ♪

♪ Ah, rescue pack, I got your back ♪

♪ I can turn into a parasail or a kayak ♪

♪ A zip-board, a snowboard, whatever you need ♪

♪ We can do it, nothing to it ♪

♪ Ah, rescue pack ♪

♪ Coming to the rescue ♪

Chorus: ♪al rescate ♪

♪ Rescue pack, coming to the rescue ♪

♪ Ah, rescue pack. ♪

Yo... Rescue pack here.

Diego needs something that he can ride on

To rescue the polar bear in the water.

Can he ride on a pogo stick to rescue the polar bear in the water?


Can he ride on a skateboard to rescue the polar bear in the water?


A ladder?

Can he ride on a ladder to rescue the polar bear in the water?


Can he ride on a jet ski to rescue the polar bear in the water?

Yes, he can.

So you tell diego he needs a jet ski.

What do I need?

A jet ski.

I'll be right back, baby jaguar.

Come on, let's go rescue the polar bear.

Call to the polar bear with me to tell her we're coming.

Say "roar, roar!"


Roar, roar!

She heard us.

Do you see the polar bear?

There she is.

Polar bear.


Help me throw the life preserver to the polar bear.

Put your arm in the air...


And throw.

Great throwing.


Good rescue. All right.

What a hero.

You must be tired, polar bear.

But, diego, you've got to help me.

I've been swimming so long trying to find food for my babies.

Where are your babies?

Polar bear: they're on an island far away.

I went out swimming for food, but all the ice floes melted.

I swam too far and couldn't get back.

Don't worry, mommy polar bear.

I can get your babies and bring them back to you.

Your babies will be really happy here.

There are lots of ice floes.

And lots of food.

And lots of friends for them to play with.


Mommy polar bear, you need to rest up and eat some food.

But I need to get my babies.

Don't worry, we'll get them for you.

Will you, diego?

We're animal rescuers.

Saving animals is what we do.

Ok, but how will you find them?

Our special camera, click can help us find the babies.

Say "click."

♪ Say "click" ♪

♪ Take a pic ♪

♪ Say "click" ♪

♪ Take a pic ♪

♪Soy clickla cámara, I can take a pic ♪

♪ I can see and hear the animal in trouble ♪

♪ Zoom in through the forest and out to the sea ♪

♪ To find the animal, just call on me ♪

♪ Say "click" ♪

♪ Take a pic ♪

Hi, I'm click the camera.

We need to find the baby polar bears.

Baby polar bears sound like this...

Baby polar bears: roar, roar.

Let's zoom through the arctic ocean to find the baby polar bears that go...

Baby polar bears: roar, roar.


Click: are these baby polar bears?

No, those are walruses.


Are these baby polar bears?

No, those are arctic foxes.

Let's keep looking.

Roar, roar.

Click: arethese baby polar bears?


You've found them.

Roar, roar.

Mommy, mommy.

Click: they want their mommy.

We've got to take a picture of the baby polar bears.

To take a picture of the baby polar bears, say "click."

Got it.

Now you tell diego you found the polar bears.

What did you find?

Right, those are the baby polar bears.

My babies, my babies, I need my babies.

Don't worry, mommy polar bear.

I'll get your babies and bring them back to you.

Yay, diego.

Bring them back as soon as you can.

I really miss them.

Baby jaguar, you stay here with the nice mommy polar bear.

And use click if you need to call me.

Good luck getting the baby polar bears.

I know you can do it.

Thanks, buddy.

Vámonos, amigos.

Go, diego, go.

Go, diego, go.

Yay, diego.

Clap your hands with me.

Clap, clap, clap.

Clap, clap, clap.

Clap, clap, clap.

Clap, clap, clap.

Great, let's call to the polar bears.

Say "roar, roar!"

Roar, roar!

♪ Go, diego, go ♪

♪Vamos, diego,vamos ♪

♪Al rescate, amigos, to the rescue, my friends ♪

♪ Al rescate, amigos, to the rescue, my friends ♪

♪ Go, diego, go, diego ♪

♪ Vamos, diego, vamos, diego ♪

♪ Go, diego, go, diego ♪

♪ Vamos, diego, vamos, diego, go. ♪

[Song ends]

Uh-oh, my jet ski is losing power.

Look, it's a boat.

Do you see who's on the boat?

Right, it's my sister alicia.

She can help us save the baby polar bears.

Alicia, alicia!

She doesn't hear us.

We've got to paddle to get to the boat.

My polar bear gloves can help me paddle.

Put your arms in front of you and paddle with me.

Paddle, paddle, paddle, paddle, paddle.


Gracias, alicia.

We're on a rescue mission.

We've gotta rescue two baby polar bears

And bring them back to their mommy.

Their mommy is at the snowy animal refuge

With lots of new friends.

We've got to get to those baby polar bears quick.

Thanks, alicia.

Vámonos, amigos.

Let's go get the baby polar bears and bring them back to their mommy.

♪ We're searching for the polar bears ♪

♪ It's freezing cold but we don't care ♪

♪ 'Cause nothing's gonna stop us that gets in our way ♪

♪ Hey, hey ♪

♪ We're moving fast through ice and snow ♪

♪ Go, diego, go-go-go ♪

♪ We're gonna save the polar bears today ♪

♪ You help me, and I'll help you ♪

♪ Call on us, and we'll help, too ♪

♪ We're far from home, but we're gonna get there ♪

♪ We're gonna save the baby bears... ♪

♪ We're rescuing near the top of the world ♪

♪ We're rescuing near the top of the world. ♪

Yeah! [Song ends]

Diego: alicia, how much longer till we get to the island?

Alicia: it should be on the other side of this water path.

Do you see an island?

Sí, allí está.

We're almost to the baby polar bears.

Diego: but the boat won't fit through the water path.

We need to find an animal that can give us a ride.

My computer shows that there are three animals close enough to help us.

An arctic fish...

A blue whale...

And a beluga whale.

We need to find the one that is big enough to carry us

And small enough to fit through the water path.

Let's think like scientists.

Is this arctic fish small enough to fit through the water path?


Diego: but is it big enough to carry us?

Diego and alicia: no.

Alicia: it's way too small to carry us.

Diego: is this blue whale big enough to carry us?

Diego and alicia: yes.

Alicia: but is it small enough to fit through the water path?

Diego and alicia: no.

Alicia: it's way too big to fit through the water path.

Is this beluga whale big enough to carry us?

Diego and alicia: yes.

Alicia: can it fit through the water path?

Diego and alicia: yes.

So we need to find a beluga whale.

Let's all call to the beluga whale.

Say "ah-whoo-eeh."

Louder, ah-whoo-eeh.


I hear the whale, but I don't see him.

Where's the beluga whale?

Alicia: there he is.

Allí está.

Excuse me, mr. Whale.

Could you give us a ride through the water path?

Sure, hop on.

Come on,amigos.

We've got to rescue those baby polar bears.


That sounds like walruses.

It's a line of walruses.

And they're blocking our way.


Hey, whales are really good jumpers.

Maybe we can jump over the walruses.

Great idea, diego.

We need your help to jump over the walruses.

Can you jump in your seat?

Great, when we get really close to the walruses

Jump in your seat.

Not yet, not yet...

Not yet...


Jump in your seat.

Diego, look.

Baby seals.

When we get really close, jump in your seat.

Not yet...

Not yet...

Now... Jump.

Baby seals: whoa...

Good jump.

Diego and alicia: a blue whale.

Get ready to jumpreally high

To get over the blue whale.

Not yet, not yet...

Not yet...


Diego and alicia: jump!

We jumped over all the animals.

Good whale-jumping.

And look, there's the island with the baby polar bears on it.


We made it to the polar bears' island.

Now we've got to find those bears and bring them back to their mommy.

Help us find the baby polar bears.

What color are the polar bears?

White, right.

So let's look for white things.

Diego: this is white.

Is it the baby polar bears?

No, it's an arctic owl.

Alicia: this is white, is it the baby polar bears?

No, it's an arctic gull.

This is white, is it the baby polar bears?

Diego and alicia: yes.

But look how afraid they are.

They're shaking.

Alicia, we can sing the"calma" song.

Good idea, diego.

When we were little and afraid

Ourpapi sang a song to us called"calma."

Can you sing?

♪Calma ♪

Muy bien, sing to the baby polar bears with us.


♪Calma ♪

♪Calma ♪

♪Calma ♪

♪Calma ♪

♪Calma, mis amigos ♪

♪ Everything's all right ♪

♪ Now we're here, no longer fear ♪

♪ We'll bring you to your mommy ♪

Look, it's really working.

Now they're not so scared.

Diego: hey, they're even smiling.

Let's sing the magic word.


♪Calma ♪

♪Calma ♪

♪Calma ♪

♪Calma. ♪

[Song ends]



The polar bears loved the song.

Good singing in spanish.

Will you really bring us to our mommy?


We miss our mommy.

Don't worry, we'll get you there fast.

She's in a place where there's lots of snow and ice and food.





And there will be lots of polar bear friends for you.

That will be nice.

But most of all, we really want to see our mommy.

Yeah, we really miss her.

Aw, they're sad, diego.

I have an idea.

We can call baby jaguar so they can see their mommy.

Diego, where are you?

Did you find the baby bears?


Tell their nice mommy that I have them with me.

Diego, can I see them?

I need to see my babies.

Here they are.

Hi, mommy.

Mommy, mommy, diego and alicia rescued us.

I'm so happy.

They're really nice.

That's good, and there are lots of nice friends for you here, too.


Baby polar bear: they look fun.

And there's lots of food for you, too- hurry home.

We will.

See you soon, mommy.

We miss you.

Are you ready to go see your mommy and new friends?

We're ready.


We've got to get these baby polar bears to their mommypronto.

Diego: but the whale's gone.



[Helicopter whirring]

Diego, I think I hear something.

It sounds like...

A helicopter.

Do you see a helicopter?


Alicia: who's in that helicopter?

Diego and alicia: dora.

Let's call to dora.

Say "dora!"

Diego and alicia: louder.


Hola, amigos.

Hola, primos.

Hola, prima.

It's so windy.

Dora, we can't climb while we're holding the bears.

I'll try to pull you up.


They're too heavy for me to pull them up by myself.

I can do it if you help me.

Will you help me pull them up?


Put your hands out in front of you and pull up.

Pull up, pull up, pull up.

Yay, we got them up.

You are very strong.

Gracias, dora.

How did you find us?

Baby jaguar called me.

How are the bears?

We're good.

We rescued the bears from that island.

It's supposed to be snowy there, but the sun melted it all.

It's getting warmer here every year.

But we can fly to where it's colder.

Are we gonna see our mommy now?

And make new friends?

Don't worry, baby polar bears.

Dora will fly us to your new home.


But, but I'm thirsty. Me, too.

You think we should ask?

You ask. No, you.

Ok, we'll both ask.

Hey, diego?

Yes, polar bears?

We're thirsty.

Do you have any bear milk?

Bears love milk.

♪ Milk, milk, milk, milk ♪

♪ Milk, milk... ♪

I didn't bring any bear milk.

Me neither.

I might have some bear milk in my backpack.

Will you check my backpack to see if I have bear milk?

You have to say "backpack."

Cubs: ...milk, milk, milk, milk.



♪ Backpack, backpack ♪

♪ Backpack, backpack ♪

♪ I'm the backpack loaded up with things and knickknacks, too ♪

♪ Anything that you might need I got inside for you ♪

♪ Backpack, backpack ♪

♪ Backpack, backpack ♪

Yeah. [Song ends]


Dora, diego and alicia need some bear milk, quick.

Do you see any baby bottles filled with bear milk?


Yes, good spotting.


Milk. Milk.

Both: num-num, num-num-num.

They sure like that milk.

Thanks, dora.

You're welcome.

Gracias, backpack.

De nada.

And thank you for getting the milk for the baby polar bears.

Ah... Ah...

Well, that seems to have made them quiet.

Mommy, mommy, mommy, mommy, mommy, mommy...

We'd better get these bears to their mommy fast.

All: whee...


♪ We're rescuing the polar bears ♪

♪ We're flying high up in the air ♪

♪ 'Cause nothing's gonna stop us that gets in our way ♪

♪ Hey, hey ♪

♪ You help us and we'll help you ♪

♪ Maybe we can help out, too ♪

♪ We're far from home, but we're gonna get there ♪

♪ We really miss our mommy bear... ♪

All: ♪ we're rescuing ♪

♪ Near the top of the world ♪

All: ♪ we're rescuing ♪

♪ Near the top of the world. ♪

[Song ends]


That's my video-watch.

It must be baby jaguar.

Diego, where are you?

We're getting closer.

Dora found us, and we're in her helicopter.


Tell the nice mommy polar bear that we'll be there soon.

Ok, diego.

I can't wait to see them.

How much further, dora?

The arctic refuge with the polar bears' mommy

Is over that tall mountain up ahead.

That means we're getting really close to the polar bears' mommy.

Mommy, mommy, mommy.

Ai, no.

We've got to get out of this wind.

Baja, helicóptero.

Dora's trying to get the helicopter to land

But the wind is so noisy.

The helicopter can't hear her.

Helicóptero speaks spanish.

To tell him to go down, we say"baja."

Can you sing"baja"?

Great, sing it again.

♪ Baja ♪

Sing it with us.

♪Baja ♪

♪Baja ♪

♪Baja ♪

♪Baja ♪

♪El helicóptero is starting to go down ♪

♪ This wind is blowing all of us 'round ♪

Cubs: ♪ and round and round ♪

♪ We've gotta get the polar bears ♪

♪ To their mom and their new friends ♪

♪ But first we gotta get down, so sing it again ♪

♪ Singbaja ♪

♪Baja ♪

♪Baja ♪

♪Baja ♪

♪Así abajo ♪

Cubs: whee...

[Song ends]

All: whoa...

Ooh, that was a hard landing.

Do you see alicia?

Here I am.

How about dora?

Do you see dora?

Over here.

But where are the bears?

I don't see them anywhere.

I don't either.

Wait, I think I see something.

I bet it's the baby bears.

Are those the bears?


Whoa, the wind storm is really blowing down here.

We've got to get out of the wind storm.

But where can we go, dora?

Follow us.

Diego: they're headed for that cave, come on.

Dora: the snow is covering the cave entrance.

Cubs: dig, dig, dig-dig-dig.

The polar bears are trying to dig through the snow.

Polar bears are really good diggers.

But the wind keeps blowing more snow.

They need our help to dig faster.

Help us dig, please.

Put your arms out in front of you and...


Keep digging.

Dig, dig, dig-dig-dig.

Dig, dig, dig-dig-dig.


Whoo, it sure is cold in here.

Hace mucho frío.

I'll say.

Hug, hug.

Alicia: the polar bears want to hug us to keep us warm.

That is so nice.

That's a great idea.

Put your arms around yourself and give yourself a big polar-bear hug.

♪ Hug, hug, hug, hug-hug ♪

♪ We're hugging with a polar bear ♪

♪ Hug-hug ♪

♪ We're trying to get warm ♪

♪ Hug-hug ♪

♪ We're hugging with a polar bear ♪

♪ Hug-hug ♪

♪ And waiting out the storm ♪

♪ Hug-hug ♪

♪ We're hugging with a polar bear... ♪

♪ Hugging with a polar bear... ♪

♪ Hugging with the polar bears ♪

♪ Hug-hug. ♪ [Song ends]

We're warmer now.

Good polar-bear hugging.

Alicia, how will we know when the storm is over?

We'll hear the wind stop blowing.

[Wind blowing]

[Wind stops]

Alicia: is the storm gone?

Yes, the storm is gone.


Diego: all right. Alicia:excelente.

Dora and alicia:fantástico.

It says on my g.p.s. That the arctic refuge center

Is on the other side of the tallest snowy mountain.

Which one is the tallest snowy mountain?



So we've got to get over that mountain.

It's too windy to flyhelicóptero.

But we've gotta see our mommy.

And our new friends.

Don't worry.

Helicóptero can turn into a snow buggy

To take us up the mountain.

To gethelicóptero to transform into a snow buggy




Dora: um, I don't think that's a snow buggy.

[Laughs] is that a snow buggy?

No, let's try again.



That doesn't look like a snow buggy.

Is that a snow buggy?


But it is a baby buggy, so we're getting closer.


Let's try one more time.

Really loud this time.




Come on, everyone.

Let's get these baby polar bears to their mommy.




Let's all help the snow buggy get up the mountain.

♪ Sube, sube, sube ♪

In english, we say "climb."

In spanish, we say"sube."


♪Sube, sube, sube ♪

Come on,amigos.

♪Sube, sube, sube ♪


♪Sube, sube, sube ♪


All: ♪sube, sube, sube ♪


♪Sube, sube, sube ♪

Even faster.

♪Sube, sube, sube ♪

♪Sube, sube, sube ♪

Diego: yay... We made it to the top.

Dora: but the snow buggy can't make it down the steep hill.

Look, there's baby jaguar and all the polar bears.

Baby polar bears.

Mommy, mommy.


We've gotta get down the mountain.

Polar bears can slide down hills on their backs.

Will you help us slide down the mountain?


Let's all get on our backs.

Get on your back, get on your back.

Get in your back, get in your back.

Now lift up your legs and say "whee..."



♪ Polar bear slide, what a great ride ♪

♪ We're sliding on our backs ♪

♪ We can't wait to get back home ♪

♪ To our mommy bear ♪

♪ Don't you worry, baby bears ♪

♪ 'Cause we're almost there ♪

♪ Just slide, slide, slide ♪

♪ Slide, slide ♪

♪ Just slide, slide, slide ♪

♪ Slide, slide ♪



♪ Just slide, slide, slide ♪

♪ Slide, slide ♪

♪ Just slide, slide, slide ♪

♪ Slide, slide ♪

[Song ends]

Polar bears: they're back, they're back.

Oh, they made it. [Cheering]

All the polar bears are so happy to see us.

I was really worried about you.

I love you so much.

We missed you, mommy.

We missed you.

Thank you for rescuing my babies.

You're welcome.

And thank you for helping, too.

You were awesome.

Now it's time to give you some food.



We've got to jump onto the ice floe.

Follow me.

Come on, baby polar bears, jump.

Let's help them.

Say "jump, polar bears."


Jump, polar bears.


Now we can fish for our food with our mommy.

All right.

Thanks for helping us.

Diego, alicia, dora, you did it.

You all saved the baby polar bears.


♪ Polar bears ♪

♪ Come on, say it with us ♪

All: ♪ polar bears ♪

♪ Say it louder ♪

♪ Polar bears ♪

♪ Everybody scream ♪

♪ Polar bears ♪


♪ They're really big and really strong ♪

♪ Their sharp claws help them dig ♪

♪ Let's all dig along ♪

♪ Let's dig in the snow with the polar bears ♪

♪ Dig, dig, dig-dig-dig ♪

♪ Dig, dig, dig-dig-dig ♪


Dora: ♪ they can slide on their backs ♪

Alicia: ♪ and they love to swim ♪

♪ We love polar bears ♪

♪ Let's call to them ♪

Everyone, say...

"Roar, roar."

Roar, roar.

Roar, roar.

Roar, roar.

Roar, roar.

Roar, roar.

Roar, roar.

Roar, roar.

[Animals grunting and roaring]

[Song ends]

Misíon completa.

Rescue complete.


We've rescued the baby polar bears

And brought them to their new, icy home.

And back to their mommy.

And their new friends.

Come on, baby jaguar.


What do polar bears do?

Let's review.

Diego: does a polar bear live in the snowy arctic

Or the rainforest?

The arctic, right.

Alicia: does a polar bear catch its food

Standing on fishing boats or ice floes?

Ice floes,muy bien.

Diego: to take cover from a snow storm

Does a polar dig a snow cave or use an umbrella?

A snow cave.

Alicia: we've almost finished the puzzle.

To get down a snow hill

Do polar bears tumble or slide on their backs?

Slide on their backs, right.


Diego: we've finished the puzzle.

What is this a picture of?

Right, a polar bear.

Let's put this picture of the polar bear

In our animal science book

With all the other animals that live in the arctic.

We found out so much about polar bears today.

And there's so much more for us to discover...


Hasta luego, amigos.

See you soon.