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The Chocolate Tree
Airdate Thursday, May 3, 2001
Season 1
Episode 22
Previous El Coquí
Next To the Treehouse

The Chocolate Tree (or simply known as just Chocolate Tree) is the 22nd episode of Dora the Explorer from Season 1.



Abuela tells Dora and Boots a story about a magical Chocolate Tree that lived near her house a child. Dora and Boots decide to find the chocolate tree to get chocolate (and a special gift) for her.


Dora and Boots visit Abuela and asked to the tell a story about the time where she was a little girl. So, she told the story about the time where she used to have a chocolate tree in her backyard. The chocolate tree was Abuela dear friend and if she got sad, it would give her a big hug to feel better. One day, the chocolate tree taught Abuela when she was a young girl a song to make the chocolate. Then Dora & Boots wondered what happened to the chocolate tree. When Abuela grew up, her family moved far away from the chocolate tree. She taught Dora & Boots the song to make the chocolate. They pretended to use their hands as a bowl and spoon. After that, Dora told her that she really enjoyed hearing the story of the chocolate tree, she did too and she really misses the chocolate tree. Abuela goes inside her room all sad. Then Dora had an idea, she and Boots can find her Abuela chocolate tree and bring her some chocolate. But before they can even get to the chocolate tree, Map says that they have to go through a jungle, go past the bear's cave and then they'll get to the chocolate tree to bring chocolate for Abuela. As Dora & Boots enter the jungle, Señor Tucán tells them to watch out. Señor Tucán told them that in the jungle there were snapping turtles, long snakes and one big crocodile. Señor Tucán tells Dora & Boots that they'll need cookies to feed the animals that are in the jungle. Dora thanks him and as he flies away, he loses a few feathers. Dora checks Backpack for the cookies. They were in a round container colored yellow and has a blue star on top. Dora gets out that container and opens the lid. Boots follows her. Dora & Boots find snapping turtles. They counted up to 8, so they needed 8 cookies to feed each turtle. Once each of the snapping turtles got a cookie, they let Dora & Boots go by. Now, Dora & Boots saw long snakes. They counted up to 3, so they needed 3 cookies to feed each snake. Then, they rattled away allowing Dora & Boots to go by. Finally, Dora and Boots feed the one big crocodile with a cookie and he let them go by. After feeding the animals the cookies, Dora & Boots made it through the jungle. Dora & Boots continue walking down the path watching out for a bear. They both got scared when something popped out of a bush until they realized it was really Isa the Iguana hiding behind the bush and not the bear. Dora & Boots explained to Isa that they were going to the Chocolate Tree to get chocolate for her Abuela, but first they had to go past the bear's cave. Isa tells Dora & Boots to sing a song because the bear like songs and it puts him to sleep. She hopes that Dora and Boots know a song to sing to the bear. Sure enough, Dora & Boots had a song in their head so that they can sing to the bear (the Bate, Bate, Chocolate song). They all checked inside the cave, but the bear wasn't there. The bear was seen by the hill. They had to sing to put the bear to sleep. Dora, Boots, & Isa got ready and sang the chocolate song to the bear. The bear got tired, took a big yawn, and went to sleep. Dora & Boots thanked Isa and now they had to get passed the bear's cave. As the Fiesta Trio played their fanfare, Dora & Boots stopped and thought the bear was gonna wake up, but it went back to sleep. Now, Dora & Boots actually made it past the bear's cave. Now they can go to the chocolate tree. Chocolate Tree greeted Dora & Boots and he said to Dora that she reminds him of someone. It was another little girl he used to know a long time ago. That was Dora's Abuela and she was all grown up. So was the chocolate tree. Then Dora & Boots sang the chocolate song for the chocolate tree. The chocolate tree thought it was wonderful and brings him back memories. Boots said to the chocolate tree that Abuela missed him and the chocolate tree missed her too and then he had an idea. He gets out a big chocolate bean with little chocolate beans inside and he told them that they can plant the big chocolate bean for Abuela. But as Dora & Boots turned around to leave, they heard Swiper the fox. Dora, Boots and the chocolate tree stopped Swiper by saying "Swiper, No Swiping!" three times and he ran away. Now, Dora & Boots had to get back to her Abuela’s house and plant the chocolate bean underground. As they leave, Chocolate Tree sings the chocolate song. When they got back to Abuela's house, they plant the chocolate bean underground, and watered it and in no time, a little young chocolate tree sprouted out of the ground. They showed it to Abuela. She saw the chocolate tree in her own backyard. Then it was time to actually make some chocolate. They dipped their spoons into their bowls, they stirred the chocolate round and round and round. They even got to sing the chocolate song. They sang the song again a little faster and then the chocolate was ready and they put some chocolate into their mouths and Dora thought that, as expected, it was the best chocolate she has ever had.


Bate, Bate, Chocolate

Places in this episode

  1. Jungle
  2. Bear's Cave
  3. Chocolate Tree

Items in Backpack (clockwise starting from the top right)

  • Yellow rectangular container with a blue star.
  • Light purple rectangular container that with a red striped ball
  • Yellow round container with a blue star (Correct item)
  • Orange rectangular container with a yellow triangle
  • Blue round container with a yellow star
  • Red round container with a pencil

See also

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This episode, along with To the Treehouse, can be found as a bonus episode in Dora's First Trip on DVD.


  • This is the second episode where Abuela makes her appearance.
  • This is the first time where Abuela is now healthy for this episode.
  • This is the fourth episode in which Dora and Boots return to where they started from after reaching the final place on the map, something that occurred in Three Little Piggies, Big River, and Berry Hunt.
  • This episode introduces Chocolate Tree who was young and what he is like today.
  • This is the 22nd episode of the show.
  • Map does not say "So you tell Dora", he instead says "So here's what you tell Dora". This is the final episode in which he says that. From the next episode until León, the Circus Lion, he will always say "So you tell Dora". However, he will say "So remember" in Whose Birthday is It? and The Lost City, which will be permanent as of Season 3.
  • Benny and Tico don't appear in this episode.
  • After Dora and Boots sing the Bate, Bate, Chocolate song to the bear putting him to sleep and passing the bear's cave, the Fiesta Trio almost woke him up playing their fanfare music as they were coming out of the cave which got Dora and Boots worried after passing the second place, since the Fiesta Trio's fanfare is loud.
  • During Wizzle's Character Find, the Blue Cursor turns and faces up and then it turns again and faces left, after that it turns back and faces right again.
  • It was actually very easy for Dora and Boots to catch Swiper from almost swiping their chocolate because he just jumps out from behind the bush and right out in front of them and they actually easily had their chance to stop him, he technically just jumped out in front of them purposely just so they can easily stop him.
  • As Dora and Boots list the places during the Travel Song when it was sung the second time, the walking animations were recycled from The Legend of the Big Red Chicken.
  • This episode reveals what Abuela looks like when she was younger. Abuela will also tell a story about her childhood again in the Season 4 (Season 3 in earlier airings) episode, Star Catcher.
  • Dora and Boots sing Bate, Bate, Chocolate with Abuela and Dora technically however calls the song by its name, but not by its real name, she calls it the chocolate song in Spanish by another name.


  • Dora and Boots plant a chocolate tree for Abuela whenever she wants to make chocolate but in later episodes when they visit Abuela, her chocolate tree in her yard is not around (for an unknown reason).
  • In the credits it said "Chocolate Tree". The word "The" is left out.


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