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The Big Storm
Airdate Tuesday, March 5, 2002 (Nickelodeon)

Tuesday, August 31, 2004 (VHS and DVD)
Friday, February 5, 2010 (NIck Jr)

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Season 2
Episode 3 (airing)
1 (production)
Written by Eric Weiner
Storyboard by:
Kelly Kennedy
Kuni Tomita
Directed by George Chialtas
Previous The Missing Piece (Season 2, airing order)
Backpack! (Season 1, airing order)
Call Me Mr. Riddles (production order)
Next The Magic Stick (airing order)
¡Rápido, Tico! (production order)

The Big Storm is the 3rd episode of Dora the Explorer from Season 2 in airing order.

In production order, it's the 1st episode of Season 2.



Dora and Boots have to warn everybody in the rainforest about a big storm cloud coming their way. Not only that, but they also have to race home fast to outrun the storm cloud. Will they make it home okay?


The episode starts with Dora and Boots cloud gazing. They find a cloud shaped like a teddy bear. Later, Boots saw another cloud that was dark gray. Dora explains to him it was a big storm cloud. After Dora told Boots what it was, they were both in shock and not only had to hurry home fast, but they also have to warn everybody in the rainforest about the big storm cloud before it gets to them and gets them wet. Dora searches in her Backpack for something that can make a very loud noise to warn everyone about the big storm cloud coming. They find a signal horn in there. They get it out and Boots blows on the horn and it made a loud "ahroooooooooooooo...!". Suddenly, the animals come out of their homes. Boots shouts out "Watch out for the big storm cloud!" while Dora shouts out that same sentence in Spanish. Dora and Boots had to outrun the big storm cloud fast. They ask Map for the quickest way to Dora's House. He says they have to go past a red colored bush and through The nutty forest to get to Dora's House. Dora and Boots also have to be on the lookout for the big storm cloud along the way. On route to the Red Bush, they hear the Big Storm Cloud and Dora thought it will try and rain on them. The viewer tells them that the big storm cloud is behind a tree. He told them that he’s going to rain on them and they will get wet, wet, wet. It was catching up to them, but luckily, Dora thought of a way to make the big storm cloud go away. She turned around, looked up at the storm cloud, and sings "Rain, rain, go away, come again some other day". The storm cloud hated that song so much. He covers his ears as Dora encourages the viewer to sing along. Once they sang, the storm cloud went away and he yelled "I'll be back!". Boots was shocked about what the Big Storm Cloud said. Dora and Boots raced to the red bush and saw that the big storm cloud was blowing wind and heading for the little animals that lived there. They help a bee get home to his beehive, an ant get home to his ant hill, and Baby Blue Bird get back to her nest in the Little Blue Tree. Dora and Boots got the little animals home safe and sound, and just in time too, because the big storm cloud was heading for the red bush. Dora and Boots sang "rain, rain go away, come again some other day" twice. And the big storm cloud went away and said "I'll be back" again. Dora and Boots made it past the red bush. Boots blows the horn and calls out about the big storm cloud in English while Dora translates what he yelled in Spanish. Dora and Boots saw Benny the Bull, who explained to them that he was building a new house so he can be safe from the storm. The problem was that it was too small for him. So, Dora and Boots had to help Benny build a new house. In order for Benny to have a new house that was big enough, they had to find pieces of wood that are taller and wider than Benny so he will fit inside. The viewer finds 4 pieces of wood taller than Benny and finds 4 pieces of wood wider him. After that, a door is put into place so Benny can get in and out of the house. Now, they had to put on a roof to keep Benny dry. Once it was finished, Benny steps inside into his brand new house. Dora and Boots heard Swiper and saw him under the pieces of wood. They did not stop him in time and he swipes the roof and threw it far, far away. Dora and Boots had to find Benny's roof before the big storm cloud come. They pictured Benny's roof in their heads and remembered that it was a red triangle. They find a red triangle on a butterfly wing and on an ant hill. After that, they found another red triangle. Sure enough, Benny's roof was found. The big storm cloud was nearby and the roof gets put back on top of Benny's house. Dora, Boots, and Benny sang "Rain, Rain, Go Away" twice and the Big Storm Cloud flew away and yelled "I'll be back!". Dora and Boots wave goodbye to Benny as they run to the Nutty Forest. After Boots blew the horn, a voice said "Ayudenme" twice, which meant "Help me" in Spanish. Dora and Boots saw their friend Tico the squirrel. He was being chased by the big storm cloud. Dora and Boots had to help Tico get home safe to his tree. There were different paths to take. Some were red and some were blue. Tico speaks Spanish and the viewer had to tell him either "rojo" for red or "Azul" for blue. Tico first gets led down a red path, next he gets led down a blue path, and then he gets led down a red path and makes it to his tree. Tico thanked the viewer, Dora, and Boots for helping him get home safe to his tree. Tico closes the door behind him and the big storm cloud came. Dora and Boots sang to the storm cloud again and the storm cloud went away. Dora and Boots say goodbye to Tico and then they leave the nutty forest. But as Dora and Boots were near Dora's house, a big gust of wind started blowing. Boots was lifted off the path and flaps his arms like he is flying. All of a sudden, the gate shuts itself. Dora and Boots could not get the gate back open. They needed help from the viewer at the home and together they pulled and pulled with all their might until the gate swung open. Boots held it open and then the wind slowed down. Dora and Boots saw Dora's mom and quickly got inside. Dora told her mom about the big storm cloud trying to rain on everyone in the rainforest. Boots also mentioned that they warned everybody and nobody got wet. Dora's mom gave Dora and Boots each a cup of hot chocolate. Dora's mom thought they liked to have some to warm them up after their big adventure with the big storm cloud. They drank it and thought it was delicious. "Rain, rain, rain!", shouted the Big Storm Cloud. Boots saw the big storm cloud out the window. Dora's mom told him not to worry and that he could not get them wet in Dora's house. "Silly storm!" said Dora's Mamá. Dora and Boots thought that if everyone (including the viewer) joined in and sang Rain, rain, go away to the big storm cloud, he would go away for good. They all joined in and sang "Rain, rain, go away, come again some other day!" a few times. Soon, the big storm cloud got so annoyed that he yelled "Whoa! I won't be back!" refusing and flew away for good. Everybody cheered. Then, Mamá explained to Dora and Boots that sometimes after the rain, the sun would come out and a rainbow appears. As they went outside, the sun came out and a rainbow (with only an orange, yellow, green, and blue stripe) appeared. That's just what the storm cloud became and everyone came out of their homes to play.


Rain, Rain, Go Away

Places in this episode[]

  1. Red Bush
  2. Nutty Forest
  3. Dora's House


  • Hill where Dora and Boots are cloud-watching
  • Little Blue Tree (cameo at the Red Bush)
  • Benny's Built House
  • Tico's Tree
  • Gate to Dora's House

Items in Backpack (clockwise starting from the top right)[]

  • Dora's art box
  • Pair of socks
  • Catcher's mitt
  • Signal horn (correct item)
  • Lollipops
  • Book


This episode can be found on the Dora's Halloween DVD.


Dora George Lopez Ad 2008

David Purdham, lost in Dora the Explorer with the scene from this episode.

  • In production order, this is the first episode where Jose Zelaya voices Tico.
  • This is the last episode (until Louder!) (and the only Season 2 episode) in which Dora and Boots don't clap when they ask "Where are we going?" during the Travel Song and to just say the place immediately after asking themselves that question.
  • From this episode and onward, when Dora says "Come on, say it with us!" to start the Travel Song, she claps her hands on the word "with".
  • The scene where Dora and Boots head to the forest from this episode was used on the 2008 Nick at Nite promo for George Lopez, where David finds himself lost in it, eventually being helped by the two back to his home.
  • This is the first episode where Boots does not yell "Say Map! Say Map!" to the viewer when Dora asks him/her to check the Map.
  • Papi and Abuela do not appear in this episode.
  • Isa was seen when she slides down the rainbow.
  • When Swiper says "You're too late!", the audio is taken from Sticky Tape. It will be used again in The Fix-it Machine.
  • This is the first Season 2 episode still using Dora's early voice. Beginning with Doctor Dora, her voice gets more higher-pitched.
  • Map's voice becomes higher pitched as of this episode. However, his song keeps the same recording from Season 1.
  • Beginning with this episode, Dora and Boots' appearances change slightly to match their promotional image. Dora's face in particular, is no longer off model.
  • This is the the 1st episode of Season 2 in production order.
  • This is the 29th (27th in production order) episode of the show.
  • When Dora and Boots look at clouds, this is the first time one gets a closer look at Dora's legs.
  • When Dora says "Me too!", she sounds older.
  • The Travel Song is only sung once because the other two times, Dora and Boots no longer sing it again, they just run to the places and Boots blows the horn. However, they never really had the time to sing it again because the storm cloud is always approaching so they had to make a run for it to every place they pass which is why Boots had to keep giving the signal with his horn on the way, otherwise if they did sing it, the storm cloud would most likely cut them off with his rain because they don't want to get wet, so they actually made a fair decision for them to leave the Travel Song off to the side to give them more time to hurry to Dora's House before the storm cloud arrives.
    • This is the first episode where the Travel Song was sung once (excluding Hic-Boom-Ohhh!, where Dora and Boots repeat "Hic-Boom-Ohhh!" and the song got cut off when they bumped into Big Red Chicken). In the aforementioned episode, they sang the full Travel Song just once.
  • Dora and Boots do not have the chance to stop Swiper until "Rojo, the Fire Truck".
    • However, if he ever gets stopped in this episode, he would probably get wet by the Big Storm Cloud like in "Call Me Mr. Riddles".
  • This episode aired as part of Watch and Munch on Nick Jr.
  • This is the second episode where Dora's House is the destination, first being Surprise! except it was called "Party House" (because of it being where Boots' birthday party was held), but in this episode, it's called by its real name.
  • Dora and Boots sing the Rain, Rain, Go Away song making the storm cloud go away throughout the episode, but every time they do, the storm cloud is always saying he'll be back and he's always coming back right away even after they sing it, he just leaves and comes straight back no matter what. This is technically similar to Dora and Boots stopping Swiper saying "Swiper no swiping!" but only in a different way. Also, unlike Swiper, the Big Storm Cloud does not say "Oh man!", he instead yells "Whoa!" followed by "I'll be back!".
  • In this episode, Dora referred to Mamí as Mamá.
  • Although it premiered in 2002, it was actually made in 2001 according to the credits.
  • Map's zoom wipe is recycled from Pablo's Flute.
  • When "I'm the Map" plays, a drum set solo is heard. Then the last three notes play and then Map sings. This will happen again in ¡Rápido, Tico!.
    • Although, in one Nick Jr. airing, the drum solo is not heard.
  • This is the first episode where Dora and Boots run and Boots does a cartwheel then a backflip over a log while Dora jumps over it. In Season 1, Boots cartwheels all the way down a hill while Dora runs down it, and there were some episodes where Dora and Boots run down a hill and both jump over a log.
  • At the end of the We Did It! song, Boots does a flip then sits down. This happens again in The Magic Stick.
  • The Little Blue Tree made a cameo appearance at the Red Bush. It is possible that the Red Bush is behind the Little Blue Tree, but was not shown in Lost and Found.
  • This is the second episode to feature two or more antagonists (Swiper and the Big Storm Cloud in this episode), first being Dora Saves the Prince (Swiper and the Witch).
    • However, when Swiper had a short role with a successful chance to swipe the roof, his role of the main antagonist for the episode was taken up by the Big Storm Cloud.
    • In all of Big Storm Cloud's appearances (except for the one in Go, Diego, Go!), Swiper appears alongside him.
  • This episode aired the day after Backpack!.
  • The episode appears in Nostalgia Critic reviews Junior starting Arnold Schwarzengger, Danny DeVito and Emma Thompson.
  • It is theoretically possible that the Big Storm Cloud hired Swiper to swipe Benny's roof so the Big Storm Cloud can rain on him and make him wet.
  • Dora, Boots, and Mamí cheer when the sun appears, and they say, "Oooh!" when the rainbow appears.


  • Boots had Dora's voice when he said "It's coming, Benny!" after finding Benny's roof.
    • However, this is fixed in some versions, such as iTunes, the Noggin app, Amazon Prime and Paramount+.
      • Also on the aforementioned streaming providers AND the Noggin app, Baby Blue Bird's voice is different and after Tico got home to his treehouse, the Big Storm Cloud did not say "WHOA!!!", he instead says "Awww!" and the audio is taken from Call Me Mr. Riddles.
  • When Dora is planning to make the storm cloud go away for good, she blinks and part of her sclera turns the same color as her skin for one frame.
  • Dora and Boots should not have made the storm cloud go away forever gathering everyone in the rainforest singing the Rain, Rain, Go Away song because in real life, storm clouds are supposed to rain every once in a while for the trees, grass, flowers, gardens, and plants to grow (although here it does not apply due to cartoon logic), and they can't grow without water, sun is also important but that's not the point, they could easily dry out from the sun and die. Also, singing "Rain, Rain Go Away" to a storm cloud doesn't work in real life, as it only does due to cartoon logic.
    • Instead, they could have just put on raincoats and rainboots and/or used umbrellas.
    • However, Dora and Boots probably don't really mean the storm cloud going away forever, they could've just meant it as an expression of a very long time.
  • The rainbow could not have appeared next to the sun. A rainbow always forms opposite the sun.
  • The rainbow did not have a red, indigo, nor a purple stripe, three colors that rainbows also have in real life.
  • Dora and Boots sing the Travel Song the first and only time, but before singing it, Boots is holding the horn as Dora asks the viewer to find the Red Bush and the Blue Cursor clicks on it and then after they sing it, Boots is holding the horn until they reach the Red Bush. However, Dora and Boots weren't holding it while singing the Travel Song.
  • After Dora says "where are we going?" the fourth time, Boots was the only one saying "Dora's house!" with the Fiesta Trio and it is unknown why.
  • In real life, one can't grab a roof off of a house because it would be too heavy.
  • During the We Did It! song, it is unknown how Dora and Boots got to the top of the rainbow and slid down. Same with Benny, Isa, Tico.
    • However, in real life, one cannot climb up and slide down a rainbow.
  • Although it actually premiered in March 2002, a couple websites (such as Amazon Prime) says the airdate is April 23, 2004, when Season 3 episodes were airing, which does not make any sense at all.

Character Find[]

Benny the Bull

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