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Tallest Mountain is both a minor character and minor location that has appeared in multiple episodes.

Description and Personality[]

As the name may imply, Tallest Mountain is the tallest landform in the Rainforest. She's a kind mountain of extreme height, greater than the other two mountains that always sit near her, one of which is the Tall Mountain. When it comes to visitors; Dora and Boots, for example, she'll tend to greet them with a friendly "Hiii!"

Tallest Mountain has a watermelon patch at her base (shown in Lost Map), but one has to remember that since she is a very ticklish mountain, one should be very careful when walking on her or else she will laugh and shake and her watermelons might roll down.

According to the episode Dora's First Trip, Tallest Mountain was also Dora's very first destination, as part of her first time exploring where she met all her friends and had to go to Tallest Mountain to return the Fiesta Trio's dropped instruments so they can perform for the Queen Bee.


In all of her appearances in Dora the Explorer and Dora and Friends: Into the City!, Tallest Mountain's size, rough rock texture, purple color, and face are consistent enough. Her face consists of two large eyes with black pupils and big smile. Her eyebrows are a tint of her purple rock.

Other details like vegetation are not consistent. In Lost Map (and the Best Friends flashback to the former episode), about half of the mountain is jade grass that yields watermelons. In Super Map! and Click!, she has close to no vegetation around her base, and in the latter episode, her back has terraces and steps that Dora climbs to reach the mountain goat. In Big Sister Dora, her first trip, and Return to the Rainforest, her appearance is the middle; having more vegetation like trees and shrubs than said the previous sentence, but not as much as what's seen in her debut episode.

In her appearances in Dora, Tallest Mountain's size remains the same, but her texture has become more smooth, and the color is a less vibrant purple, almost gray. In Rainbow's Lost Colors, the neighboring mountains can be seen.

Episode Appearances[]

Screenshot 20221110-124822 2

Tallest Mountain in Click! (without face)

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Tallest Mountain in Dora's First Trip (without face)

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