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Storm Cloud
Big storm cloud
Name Storm Cloud
Species Storm cloud
Gender Male
Occupation Storm cloud
Interests Getting people wet
Dislikes The Rain, Rain Go Away song, Umbrellas
First Appearance Backpack!
Last Appearance Dora's Big Birthday Adventure
Friends Isa (best friend: theoretical), Swiper, Diego, Porcupine
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Enemies Dora, Boots, Benny, Isa (sometimes), Tico, Swiper (previously), Big Red Chicken, Diego (previously), Porcupine (previously)
Voiced By Jake Weinreb (The Big Storm and Quack! Quack!)
Keeler Sandhaus (Go, Diego, Go!)
Regan Mizrahi (Dora Helps the Birthday Wizzle)
Matthew Gumley (Dora's Big Birthday Adventure)

Stormy (theoretical name) The Storm Cloud is a cloud who tries to get anyone wet. His first appearance was in the Dora the Explorer episode Backpack!.

Episode Appearances[]

Dora the Explorer[]

Go, Diego, Go![]


  • AWWWWWW!!! (When he is angry)
  • Ewww, I really don't like that song! (When he hears the "Rain, Rain, Go Away" song causing him to cover his ears)
  • WHOOOOOA!!! I'll be back! (When he is angry after the rain song is sung twice)
  • WHOOOOOOOA!!! I won't be back! (misheard as I won't be bad!) (When he is extremely furious that he refuses after the rain song is sung thrice)


  • He also appears in the Go, Diego, Go! episode Diego and Porcupine Save the Piñata.
    • He is also friends with Diego, but not his cousin Dora (due to her and Boots singing "Rain, Rain, Go Away", a song which he despises).
  • Theoretical lore: He is Isa's best friend and a helper in her garden, due to him being a cloud and clouds help flowers grow. whenever he's not working with Isa or gets bored from raining on flowers, he has fun raining on other people.
  • In all of his appearances, Swiper appears alongside him.
  • In To the Monkey Bars, there is a similar cloud who lives on Windy Hill called the Windy Hill Cloud, who also blows wind, but not rain unlike the Big Storm cloud.
    • Coincidentally, both clouds are voiced by Jake Weinreb.
  • He is also similar to the Stormy Storm Cloud in Dora's Dance to the Rescue.
  • In The Big Storm, it is possible that the storm cloud hired Swiper to swipe Benny's roof so the storm cloud can get Benny wet.