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Stop and Think/I’m The Map are two separate songs from Dora's Pirate Adventure. The first song is singing about the fact that it was best to stop and think about any problem or situation. The second song is where Map sings the lyrics to his song "I'm the Map" and adds additional lines before singing the final lines "I'm the Map!".

Characters Singing[]


"Stop and Think"[]

I know it's looking really bad
I know you're feeling really mad
But don't give up, don't feel sad
We'll find a way to get our costumes back

Let me stop and think
She's good when she stops and thinks
Let's stop and think
Stop and think

Dialogue in-between songs[]

Dora: (spoken) We can get our costumes back.

All: (Including Diego, Tico, Benny, Isa, and Boots speaking) We can?

Tico: (Speaking Spanish) ¿De veras? (Really?)

Dora: (spoken) Sure. We just have to know where to go.

Others: (Excited clamoring) Yeah!

Diego: (cheers) Yeah! We can do it.

Boots: (cheering) Yay!

Tico: (cheers) ¡Claro que podemos! (Of course we can!)

Benny: (cheers) Yeah!

Boots: (spoken) But Dora, we don't know where to go.

Dora: Well, who do we ask for help when we don't know where to go?

Boots: The Map!

Dora: Say it with me.

All: The Map!

Dora: Even louder!

All (louder): THE MAP!!

"I'm the Map!"[]

(The Pirate Band plays with an accordion and a tuba in warp speed like in Seasons 1 and 2)

Who's the guy you need to know when you've got a place to go?
What's my name? The Map!
Say it again! The Map!

Who can help you say, "Hey, I've figured out the way!"?
What's my name? The Map!
Say it again! The Map!

I show you where to go
And help you find your way!

I'm the Map, I'm the Map (2×)
He's the map, He's the Map (2×)
I'm the MAP!

(Spoken) Ahoy, mateys! Today, I'm a treasure map!


  • Lyrics in bold are not part of the standard version of "I'm The Map".
  • Lyrics in italics sung by the Fiesta Trio.