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Star Mountain is a location in Dora the Explorer that's only appeared in the Season 4 episode of the same name wherein Dora and Boots climbed the mountain to get her necklace back after Swiper swiped, and threw it, all the way to the summit.

Outside of the television series, the location has made appearances in various games as a location.


Like a similar mountain, Star Mountain is a big, purple mountain with green grass and other vegetation that grows on and around it. Said vegetation is based around stars, notably the trees and flowers that grow there. Even though it appeared once, it holds a certain significance as it is known to be the home of the Explorer Stars; where they go when they're not inside the Star Pocket's pocket dimension.

The path to the top of the mountain is linear, but can prove challenging.

Places of Interest[]

  • The 15 Steps - Sets of staircases that must be climbed quickly to the 15th step. Watch for the green goo!
  • Diamond - A giant diamond with star handles colored red and green. They must be climbed in a pattern.
  • Giant Star - The top of the mountain, a gigantic gold star covered in snow and surrounded by a blizzard.

Episode appearance[]

Game appearances[]


  • A mountain resembling Star Mountain appears inside the star pocket, as seen in Star Catcher. The sole difference between the real Star Mountain is the Giant Star on top is blue instead of yellow, and is not covered in snow.