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Star Catching is a 2003 Flash game for Dora the Explorer on, released to commemorate the premiere of Star Catcher. It is later released as a downloadable game on the Nick Arcade.


Dora invites the player to be a star catcher and catch stars with her.


The player uses the mouse to control the onscreen glove and click on a star to catch it. The player must match the star to one of the three star pockets that light up, either red, yellow, or green, by clicking on that pocket with the star caught, and any incorrect guess will cause the star to be released. The player can also catch the flying Explorer Stars and place them in any pocket without any penalty.

The player has 40 seconds to catch all the stars, evidenced by the moon filling in the upper right; when the moon is full, the timer is up and the game is over. Once all the stars are caught or the timer runs out, Dora will show the stars caught. If none or some of the stars are caught, the player gets a "Good star catching!" rank; if all the stars were caught, they get a "Super star catching!" rank.

In the downloadable version, after every third game, there is an Explorer Star bonus round featuring only Explorer Stars and the player has to catch them within the time allowed as normal.