Star Catcher
Woo Hoo Hiding
Airdate Earlier Airings: Monday, October 6, 2003 (Nickelodeon)
Tuesday, October 7, 2003 (Nick Jr.)
Current Airings: Wednesday, October 6, 2004
Season Earlier Airings: 3
Current Airings: 4
Episode Earlier Airings: 2
Current Airings: 3
Previous Earlier Airings: Dora Had a Little Lamb
Current Airings: Daisy, La Quinceañera
Next Earlier Airings: Meet Diego!
Current Airings: La Maestra de Música
Star Catcher (also known as Dora's Star-Catching Adventure) is the 3rd episode of Dora the Explorer from Season 4 (or the 2nd episode of Season 3 in earlier airings).

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Dora receives a Star Pocket from her Abuela and learns how to catch stars, making her a star catcher. But Swiper swipes it, and attaches it to a balloon, where a star-catching prince eventually gets ahold of it. Now, Dora and Boots need to go to the Cloud Castle to retrieve it and save Woo-Hoo, with help from four explorer stars.


Abuela gives Dora a special present, something her grandmother gave to her when she was her age: a purple star pocket where Dora can catch stars and put them in. Abuela tells her a story about the time she use to wear it. Special stars would come. She also says that they can even find a special explorer star. But, It is up for her to catch them. Now, Dora is ready to become a star catcher. She and Boots were so excited. She then asks Backpack if she can wear the star pocket and she accepted her request. Map is impressed to see the star pocket as well. Dora and Boots are now ready to go on their very first star catching adventure. Dora caught her first star and it was an explorer star named Woo-Hoo, a baby star who likes playing peek-a-boo. All of a sudden Swiper comes along and swipes the star pocket and put sticky tape on a balloon string to it. And the star pocket attached to the balloon flies away (with Woo-Hoo still in it). Dora tries jumping up to get the balloon string, but failed. Woo-Hoo is calling for help and Dora told him not to worry and said that she and Boots will save him. Dora and Boots had to find out where the balloon is taking Woo-Hoo and the star pocket. They asked Map for assistance. He says that the balloon is taking the star pocket to the cloud castle. Before they can get there, Dora and Boots had to go across the stormy water and go over Dragon Mountain and then they'll get to the cloud castle to rescue Woo-Hoo. He also mentions that they can catch stars along the way and they can help save Woo-Hoo. Dora and Boots put their hands around their eyes like a telescope to search for the stormy water. Dora and Boots got to catch more stars (even though the star pocket was taken away). Dora and Boots caught 4 more stars and they were explorer stars. Dora caught Saltador, a super-jumping explorer star and Noisy Star who honks really loud to give a warning. Boots caught Glowy, an explorer star who gives out a bright light and Switchy who can morph into 3 different shapes: a square, triangle or circle. After reviewing the stars, Dora, Boots and the explorer stars made it to the stormy water. They use a ship to get them across. Dora and Boots put on life jackets so they can be safe. As they sailed across the stormy water, it got dark. They choose Glowy the bright light explorer star. Glowy goes to the bow which is the front of the ship and acts like a spotlight. Suddenly, the ship approaches some sharks and Glowy Star is frightened. Dora and Boots will have to jump over the sharks. They choose Saltador the super-jumping explorer star. They jump over 3 sharks. After that, the ship bumps into a whale who is asleep. Dora and Boots choose Noisy Star. Dora and Boots go "honk-honk!" as Noisy Star honks a couple of times. And then the whale woke up and swam out of the way. Dora and Boots made it across the stormy water with the explorer stars’ help. They approach the dock and put a wooden ramp down so they can get out. Now, Dora, Boots and the explorer stars had to get over the Dragon Mountain. Woo-Hoo calls out from afar. They had to rescue Woo-Hoo who's in the cloud castle. Dora and Boots saw train tracks down on Dragon Mountain. They ride Azul the blue train up to the top of Dragon Mountain. Azul noticed that there was a pattern in the tracks. It went square, triangle, circle. After getting up at the top on Dragon Mountain, they had to go down fast because a dragon was coming towards them. On their way down the mountain, there were some missing pieces in the tracks. Dora and Boots need help from an explorer star. Sure enough, they chose Switchy the shape-morphing explorer star. Switchy turns into a circle to complete the gap. Then Switchy turns into a square to fill in another gap. After Azul got Dora and Boots down Dragon Mountain, the dragon said he just was trying to warn them about the missing pieces in the tracks. They didn’t know the dragon is friendly. The dragon was glad that they got down okay and flew away. Dora and Boots get off Azul the blue train and Woo-Hoo is still calling out from afar. Luckily, Dora and Boots were getting close to the cloud castle. Dora remembers that the cloud castle is on the highest cloud. They find the cloud castle on the highest cloud. Saltador gives Dora and Boots some super-jumping power so they can super-jump into the cloud castle. Then it was time to find Woo-Hoo and the star pocket. The cloud castle prince had the star pocket and Woo-Hoo was still inside it. Dora and Boots try to get it back but the guards blocked them. The prince said that everything inside his castle belongs to him. Boots yelled at the prince to give back the star pocket and the prince said no and that he's the star catcher now. Dora told the prince that he isn't a real star catcher and that her Abuela told her that a real star catcher is a friend to the stars. The prince tries to prove that he's a real star catcher by having a star catching contest, in which whoever catches the most stars gets the star pocket. Dora and the prince were ready and lots of different colored stars came along. With help from the viewer, Dora caught the stars. Now it was time to see who won the contest. The prince didn't catch any stars, but Dora caught all the stars. The prince gives the star pocket back to Dora and then Woo-Hoo thanks Dora for rescuing him. The prince felt sad so Woo-Hoo tries to cheer him up by playing peekaboo. The prince laughs and he had to admit that he was wrong to try and keep the star pocket to himself and realized that it's best to be a friend to the stars.

Places in this episode

  1. Stormy Water
  2. Dragon Mountain
  3. Cloud Castle

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  • Throughout the rest of Season 4, the star pocket can be noticeably visible on Backpack's side, despite the fact that star catching would be no longer used.
  • It is revealed that Dora attaches the star pocket to Backpack as a gift for her too and so that she can keep track of how many stars are caught.
  • Abuela mentions that her grandmother gave her the star pocket as little girl. However, it's unknown if her mother or her child (It's unknown if it is Mami or Papi) ever used the star pocket as a young child.
  • This episode took place before all Season 3 episodes with star catching. However, the first episode that involves star catching was actually on the Season 2 episode, The Lost City.
  • Chronologically, this would be the third flashback episode on how Dora first got her own star pocket. First would be Dora's First Trip, in which she met her friends for the first time, and the second would be Backpack, in which she got her own purple Backpack.
    • Unlike Backpack! and Dora's First Trip, this episode does not begin with Dora telling the viewers that she is going to tell a story.
  • This episode holds the record of the most stars caught being 12.
  • Unlike other episodes, after Map showed the places to go, Dora did not use the picture pop-up sequence and ask where to go first. Instead, she and Boots immediately start looking for the Stormy Water.
    • In addition, Dora does not ask the viewer where the Stormy Water is with the blue cursor clicking on it, she and Boots instead use telescopes with their hands to find it.
  • This is the first episode where Swiper swipes something near the very beginning.
  • This episode reveals what the inside of the Star Pocket looks like.
  • At the end of the episode, Dora does not ask the viewer what their favorite part was (in their opinion), she instead asks about what their favorite star is. And after saying "I like that star, too", Dora and Boots do not talk about their favorite star, they immediately start counting how many stars they have caught.
  • Dora and Boots do not sing the Travel Song in this episode due to Woo-Hoo in trouble.
  • This is one of few episodes that premiered on Nick instead of Nick Jr.
  • This is the seventh episode where Dora does not look inside Backpack (second in earlier airings). However, Backpack did appear as Dora attaches the star pocket on her.
  • This episode reveals that Abuela likes to give presents to Dora.
  • This is the 79th episode of the show (55th in earlier airings).
  • Four explorer stars were caught instead of just one.
  • The copyright year reads "2003", proving that this episode is produced in Season 4.
  • Benny, Isa, and Tico do not appear in this episode.
  • This is the first episode to feature the Season 3-4 opening sequence on TV.
  • This is Saltador's second appearance and Noisy Star's fourth appearance (first appearances in earlier airings), as well as the second episode for Glowy Star and the only episode where Switchy Star makes a major role. He makes a cameo appearance in "Star Mountain".
  • This is the second episode in which Abuela tells a story about her childhood, first being The Chocolate Tree.
  • Unlike Treasure Island, El Coquí and Dora's Pirate Adventure, when Dora and Boots were riding the ship across the Stormy Water, they still had to wear lifejackets even though it was large and does not need to be rowed. In real life, even babies do not need them for a boat like that.
  • The encore airing of this episode on Nick Jr. aired the same day as Meet Diego!.
  • Map does not say "Oh, stars! Try and catch stars along the way!". He instead says "Ooh, you're star catchers now! You have to catch try to catch stars along the way!", and then mentions about the stars helping Dora and Boots rescue Woo-Hoo.
  • This episode is supposed to be a Season 2 episode and air before The Lost City, but got aired out of order. However, it is instead the second episode of Season 3 in earlier airings.
  • This should have been the first episode of Season 3.


  • Yidio lists this episode as a Season 2 episode and as "Dora's Star-Catching Adventure".


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