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Snack Time is an activity book in the Dora the Explorer series.



  • The first half of the book is based on the episode "Berry Hunt", while the second half is based on the episode "We All Scream for Ice Cream".
  • The "Berry Hunt" half is later issued as its own book, Blueberry Adventure.
  • There are multiple differences between the chapters and the episodes they're based on:
    • In the "Berry Hunt" chapter:
      • It does not start with Dora eating blueberries and Boots crying over not getting any.
      • In the episode, Dora uses a little blue pail; according to the stickers in the book, the pail is red.
      • The Troll Bridge is added to the book.
      • In the episode, Dora and Boots eat the blueberries after stopping Swiper but before the bear arrives; in the book, they eat them at the very end.
    • In the "We All Scream for Ice Cream" chapter:
      • In the book, Tico rides Dora and Boots up Strawberry Mountain and they take a slide to get down; in the episode, he rides them all the way over.
      • Dora and Boots do not say "Para" to tell Tico to stop.
      • In the book, Dora and Boots successfully stop Swiper from swiping the chocolate boat; in the episode, he swipes it.
      • Isa telling Dora and Boots they need coins has been withdrawn from the book.
      • Backpack is checked before Dora and Boots get their ice cream in the book; in the episode, Backpack is checked after talking to Isa.
      • Ice cream costs eight coins in the episode; in the book, it costs only four coins.
      • Dora and Boots doing the ice cream cheer to get the ice cream truck to stop has been withdrawn from the book.
      • When getting their ice cream, Boots gets banana while Dora gets strawberry in the book; in the episode, Boots gets strawberry while Dora gets chocolate.