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Singing Sensation! is a DVD compilation featuring a selection of songs from the first four seasons of Dora the Explorer.

Episodes used


"DVD Menu"[]

"Friendship Mountain"[]

"The Music School"[]

"El Parque"[]

"Pirate Piggies' Ship"[]

Special Features[]

  • "Down By The Bay" Music Video
  • Previews


  • Nickelodeon also produced The Backyardigans DVD[1]with the same title and concept.
  • This is the first Dora the Explorer DVD compilation.
  • Down_by_the_Bay_Music_Video

    Down by the Bay Music Video

    A music video of the song "Down by the Bay", featuring clips of episodes, was a special feature in this DVD.
  • The version of We Did It! on this DVD is from Dora's Pirate Adventure.
  • The version of La Lechuza on this DVD is from The Big Potato.
  • The version of The Backpack Song on this DVD is from Lost Squeaky.
  • When Map sings I'm the Map on the DVD menu, he does his dance from Season 2 and sings the Season 1-2 legacy version.
  • "El Parque" means "The Park" in Spanish.
  • It was released in November 4, 2008.