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Singing Gate is a yellow gate that sings. It appeared in Dora, La Música and The Super Silly Fiesta. For both of the two episodes it appeared, the gate is a different gender. This means that there are two singing gates in Dora's world.


The singing gates are mostly yellow with purple music notes. Both gates have white eyes with black pupils, a small music note for the nose, and a yellow mouth. The female singing gate has purple eyebrows, while the male singing gate doesn't.



There are two singing gates: The gate in Dora, La Música is a female, while the one in The Super Silly Fiesta is a male. To get through the female singing gate, Dora and the cast must guess what song she is singing. For each of the two songs, she sings the tune and then sings the last lines to give them a hint. For the male singing gate, he sings two random nursery rhymes and messes up the lyrics and Dora and Boots have to correct him in order to get through, just like the Singing Bridge from "Dora's Pirate Adventure".

Voice Actors/Actresses[]

  • Elaine Del Valle (Female singing gate)
  • Irwin Reese (Male singing gate)

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