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The Shortcut, or the Secret Shortcut, was a gimmick first introduced in The Lost City. After its second appearance in Rescue, Rescue, Rescue!, the Shortcut has not been revisited since.


Exactly what it sounds like: the Shortcut was something that allowed characters, mainly Dora and Boots, to reach a location from another in a time unachievable through the normal means of walking or even running on the path. It works similarly to the hypothetical wormhole[1], as fast-traveling via this method is done by simply walking through the Shortcut's tunnel and ending up at the other side in a flash.

Shortcuts seem to be stationed in places only when the path between two adjacent locations is too long and winding. While these are convenient and can come in handy for emergencies, the Shortcuts are initially hidden and unusable; however, since Map possess knowledge of where a Shortcut is, nearby or not, and how to open it, this can be circumvented.

Once the Shortcut is found, it must be opened by performing a repeated action (explained by Map), such as jumping or clapping, after which the Shortcut's bushes will spread apart to reveal a blue door which will flip upwards, thus making the Shortcut usable for an assumed short amount of time before closing to hide itself once more becoming inactive.


The Secret Shortcut

This Shortcut assisted Dora and Boots in getting to Baby Jaguar EXTRA fast!

The Shortcut is a tunnel structure with an unspecified length spanning from its entrance to the location it connects to; the location being a very long distance away. It possess visual elements of the Rainforest, which aids the Shortcut in being able to hide itself.

The exterior is very green in color. The tunnel part is comprised of grass while two bushes cover the entrance. Inside the dim tunnel, there's a dirt path surrounded by rock walls transitioning to an arch that continues along the rest of the tunnel.