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Señora Gigante is a giant who had birds in her hair on the way to getting a haircut. She appeared in Dora's Hair-Raising Adventure. She only appeared in that episode.

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  • It is possible that she is related to both the Giant-Giant and his baby brother, due to their skin tone and personality being identical to each other.
    • If she's the Giant-Giant's wife, it would make her the Baby Giant's sister-in-law.
    • If she's the Giant-Giant's sister, it would make her the Baby Giant's biological sister.
      • Señora Gigante being their sister is arguably the most likely option. Specifically, she is most likely their middle sister (younger than the Giant-Giant, but older than the Baby Giant) as whenever she's seen right next to Dora, she appears to be as tall as about two and a quarter Doras. By comparison, though the Giant-Giant was also shown be as tall as two and a quarter Doras upon his debut in "What Happens Next?", many of his later appearances depict him to be as tall as about five Doras (though a few scenes in "Dora's Fairytale Adventure" erroneously depict him to be as tall as three Doras).
    • If she's the Giant-Giant's mother, it would make her the Baby Giant's mother.