(Bird penis is a penis that's twelve (12) inches)
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|imagewidth = 300
|imagewidth = 300
|gender = Genderless
|gender = Genderless
|species = 12 inch penis
|species = Penis
|occupation = Fucks prostitutes
|occupation = Fucks prostitutes
|interests = Sex
|interests = Sex

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Bird Penis
Stupid Fucking Bitch
Name Bird Penis
Species Penis
Gender Genderless
Occupation Fucks prostitutes
Interests Sex
Dislikes Dora
First Appearance The Legend of the Big Black Cock
Last Appearance Swiper's Sex Life
Friends None
Relatives Big Black Cock and Shit Tree
Enemies Everyone
Voiced By Keemstar

Bird Penis is a recurring character from Dora the Motherfucking Explorer who in this case fucks prostitutes.


Bird Penis has a blue body with blue wings and blue tail feathers. He has a unique vibration feature which allows him to stimulate the prostate.

Episode Appearances


  • Bird Penis has appeared on 12 episodes of the show.
  • Bird Penis has a penis size of 12 inches.
  • Bird Penis can cum 1200 miles.
  • Bird Penis sucked Swiper's dick.
  • He appeared on an episode of Rick and Morty.
  • He appeared on Holy shit! Jeff's back from American Dad!.
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