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Carlos Tucán, more commonly known as Señor Tucán (often shortened to Sr. Tucán or simply El Señor) is one of Dora and Boots' good friends. He is a toucan who only speaks in Spanish which is the Opposite of Benny’s traits. Dora usually needs to translate what he says for Boots and the viewers.

He is voiced by Leslie Valdes, the husband of the show's co-creator Valerie Walsh Valdes.


Señor Tucán is a very helpful bird who is always willing to assist Dora and Boots on their adventures. He has a long beak that can pick things up with ease, and his ability to quickly fly around always comes in handy.

Señor Tucán may look like a normal toucan, but he has many jobs, such as boat captain and super spy leader. In the Super Spies episodes, he calls on Dora and Boots to carry out secret missions for him. They usually involve stopping Swiper from stealing something important. When he's a spy leader, Señor Tucán uses his wings like coat pockets to hold all kinds of high-tech spy gadgets.

In some dubs, such as Dora la Exploradora (Spanish dub), Señor Tucán's name is changed to "Mr. Toucan" and he only speaks in English.


Señor Tucán is a colorful tropical bird. His feathers are mostly blue, with a patch of yellow on his back. The top of his head is purple, his neck is yellow, and he has red rings around his eyes, back, and torso. He has yellow talons and a long, orange and yellow beak. He has red eyebrows that float above his face. When he's seen from the side, only one eyebrow is visible. On most promo art, his outlines are purple or dark blue.


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Season 3[]

  • He appears in every Episode of Dora The Explorer but only in The Theme Song version of Season Three and he doesn't appear after the Title Cards because he is apparent for the whole entire Season Except for every Episode in the Theme Song version of Season Three itself.

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Recolored Toucan in Go, Diego, Go!

  • His exact character model appears in various episodes of Go, Diego, Go!, recolored to look more like toucans in the wild.
  • Sr. Tucan never appears in Season 3 of Dora the Explorer (aside from every intro in that season).
  • None of Señor Tucán's relatives appeared in the show. However, in some descriptions of the episode Hide and Go Seek, instead of the big trophy being the prize, he would introduce Dora and Boots to his baby toucans. It is possible that he actually does have baby toucans.
  • In the credits of various episodes, his name is misspelled as "Senior Tucán."
  • Leslie Valdes also voices Señor Burro, a minor character who similarly only speaks in Spanish.
  • In the end credits for "Lost Squeaky" (for an unknown reason), Leslie Valdes is credited for voicing Señor Tucán, but he does not appear in that episode.
  • He is one of two secondary characters along with Azul who did not appear at the Friendship Day party in Dora's World Adventure!.
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