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Señor Shush (Spanish for "Mr. Silence") is a human, a friend of Dora and Boots, and a one-time character as well. He previously hated noises (hence his name), most notably music, though learned to enjoy music after imprisoning many musical instruments but being stopped by Dora, Boots, Benny, Isa, and Tico who later taught him to like music he had a purple magic handkerchief to put the instruments in the music box until his spell broke and it flew away. He only appeared in the episode Dora, La Música.


Señor Shush is a minor character in the Dora the Explorer television series appearing in one episode, Dora, La Musica. He used to hate noises such as music, giving him the name "Señor Shush".


Señor Shush has peach skin, gray hair and white eyes with black pupils. He wears a red shirt with gold buttons, brown pants and brown shoes.


  • SHUSH! Silencio!
  • I will wave my magic handkerchief and lock up all your instruments in the Music Box!
  • The only way to open the music box is to play music! But you can't play music! You don't have the instruments, haha! Now we will have, ¡silencio! (evil laugh)
  • (sadly) My magic handkerchief!


  • Señor Shush's catchphrase "¡Silencio! I WANT QUIET!" heard on "Dora, La Música", was later carried over to the Witch of Fairytale Land in "Dora's Fairytale Adventure", when her Silly Broomstick and Wand were making interruptions and/or cheering really loud at Dora.
    • However, the quote was changed from "¡Silencio! I WANT QUIET!" to "¡Silencio! BE QUIET!".
    • Coincidentally, the Witch and Señor Shush are both antagonists.
  • His name would be "Mr. Silence" in English.
  • He is one of the characters who didn't go to Dora's birthday party in Dora's Big Birthday Adventure.
  • He possibly hired Swiper to swipe Dora's flute, Boots' maracas, Benny's drum, Isa's trombone, and Tico's harmonica when they were almost at town where the Music Box was, so they'll never open the music box, and Señor Shush can finally have peace and quiet.
  • A possible reason why he hated loud noises is because he wanted to have a peaceful nap.
  • His surname means "Bear" in the Navajo language.