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Señor Burro (Mr

Señor Burro (translated to English “Mr. Donkey”) is a purple donkey who only appeared in 3 episodes. He is related to a horse (un caballo).

Voiced by: Leslie Valdes (the husband of co-creator Valerie Walsh Valdes)


Señor Burro is mostly purple with a light purple mane, light purple tail, dark blue hooves, and two white eyes with black pupils.

When he was transformed by El Mago in Te Amo, he has the ears of a dog, his front feet were a duck's webbed feet. and he has the tail of a raccoon.

Episode Appearances[]


  • Just like with Tico and Señor Tucán, Señor Burro only speaks Spanish.
    • Coincidentally, Señor Tucán and Señor Burro both speak Spanish and are voiced by Leslie Valdes.
  • He didn't appear at the Friendship Day party in Dora's World Adventure!, or Dora's Birthday Party in Dora's Big Birthday Adventure.
  • In English, his name would be Mr. Donkey.