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Señor Burro is a purple donkey who only appeared in 3 episodes. He is related to a horse (un caballo).

Voiced by: Leslie Valdes (the husband of co-creator Valerie Walsh Valdes)


Señor Burro is mostly purple with a light purple mane, light purple tail, dark blue hooves, and two white eyes with black pupils.

Episode Appearances


  • Just like with Tico and Señor Tucán, Señor Burro speaks only Spanish.
    • Coincidentally, Señor Tucán and Señor Burro both speak Spanish and are voiced by Leslie Valdes.
  • He didn't appear at the Friendship Day party in Dora's World Adventure!, nor Dora's Birthday Party in Dora's Big Birthday Adventure.
  • In English, his name would be Mr. Donkey.
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