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Go Diego Go Say Click

Go diego go klik kamera kumunculkan


Say "Click!" is Click the Camera's song before her segment. It was heard on every episode Diego summoned her. It is mostly Click’s version of I’m the Map.


Click the Camera: Say, "Click!" Take a pic! (2x)

Soy Click, la cámara,

I can take a pic,

I can see and hear the animal in trouble!

Zoom in through the forest, and out to the sea,

To find the animal, just call on me!

Say "Click!" Take a pic!

List of Animals Seen During the Song[]

During each "Say "Click!" Take a pic!" (both times in the beginning, and at the end)[]

During the Middle Stanza[]

In the Forest Scene[]

In the Sea Scene[]


  • Say, “Click” is the equivalent of “You have to say “Map”.
  • Because Click is the Go, Diego, Go! equivalent of Map, this song is most likely considered the show's version of "I'm the Map."
  • A total of 12 animals are seen during the song (33 if repetitions are included)
  • this song was composed by George Noriega and Joel Someillan.