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Save Our Colors is the second song from Dora Saves the Crystal Kingdom. It is performed when Allie notices the colors have started to fade and starts the search for the colored crystals.


Let's keep on searching now (I'll look over here)
This place has changed (But how? It sure has!)
The colors are fading, that's easy to see
But where, tell us, where can the crystals be?

We searched all over the map (Oh yes, the map, the map, the map)
And now we need a nap (Uh?) (We need a nap, a nap, a nap)
We'll find our crystals, make no mistake
But our feet hurt! Let's take a break
(Yeah! I'm hungry! Me too!)

Hey! Come on everyone! (Where?)
Wanna go play baseball? (Sure!)
We can't give up the search
Try to save our colors (Later)
Before the day is done
We have to find our magic crystals
I wonder where they are
¿Alguien me puede ayudar?

Note: Parts in italics are spoken.