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Saltador Star
Name Saltador Star
Species Explorer Star
Gender Male
Occupation High Jumper
Interests To fly at his highest possible
Dislikes N/A
First Appearance Save the Puppies!
Star Catcher (in earlier airings)
Last Appearance Star Mountain
Friends Dora
other explorer stars
Cloud Castle Prince (currently)
Relatives {{{relatives}}}
Enemies Swiper
Cloud Castle Prince (formerly)
Voiced By Asher Book

Saltador Star is a super jumping explorer star from Save the Puppies!, Star Catcher, and Star Mountain. He is voiced by Asher Book


Saltador Star, the bouncy purple star from Dora the Explorer, possesses the unique ability to grant others the power of super jumping.

With his springing arms and energetic nature, Saltador Star can help Dora and her friends overcome obstacles and reach heights that would otherwise be out of reach. By interacting with Saltador Star, characters in the show are able to perform incredible jumps that go beyond their usual capabilities.

Whenever Dora and her friends encounter a situation where they need to jump to cross a gap or reach a high platform, they can rely on Saltador Star to provide them with the jumping power they need. By bouncing off Saltador Star's arms or receiving his energy, they can soar through the air and reach their desired destination.

Saltador Star's ability to enhance jumping skills adds excitement and adventure to the show, while also emphasizing the importance of teamwork and utilizing individual strengths to overcome challenges.


  1. Appearance: Saltador is a recurring character in the Dora the Explorer series. He is known for his vibrant purple color and his ability to "super jump", allowing him to bounce higher than usual.
  2. Jumping Abilities: Saltador's main characteristic is his unique super jumping ability. With his springing arms, he can leap higher than anyone else, helping Dora and her friends overcome obstacles during their adventures.
  3. Most Appearances: Saltador is tied with Noisy and Glowy for the most appearances among the exploration stars in Dora the Explorer. He pops up regularly to assist Dora and her friends on their quests.
  4. Fun Fact: "Saltador" means "jumper" in Spanish, which perfectly describes his jumping prowess.
  5. Super Jumping Assistance: Whenever Dora or her friends need to reach something that is high up, they call on Saltador to lend a helping hand and utilize his super jumping skills.


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