Sabrina the Snow Princess
Snow princess
Name Sabrina the Snow Princess
Species Human
Gender Female
Occupation Princess of The Snowy Forest
Interests Helping others, being kind
Dislikes Locked in a tower
First Appearance Dora Saves the Snow Princess
Last Appearance Dora's Ice Skating Spectacular
Friends Dora, Boots, Snow Fairy, Snow Creatures
Relatives N/A
Enemies Witch
Voiced By Jessica Conde

Sabrina the Snow Princess (also known as just "Snow Princess" or sometimes "La Princesa") is a minor character who appeared on Dora the Explorer episodes which took place in the Snowy Forest.


Before Sabrina became a snow princess, she had lived in a forest where it does not snow at all. After she freed a dove from a trap, it had flown to a bush with purple berries and underneath was a crystal. Sabrina pulled out the crystal and smiled into it, causing her to become a snow princess.



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