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Rojo, the Fire Truck
Airdate Current airings: Tuesday, March 19, 2002
Earlier airings: Monday, March 18, 2002
Season 2
Episode Current airings: 4

Earlier airings: 5

Previous Current airings: The Missing Piece

Earlier airings: The Magic Stick

Next Current airings: Lost Squeaky

Earlier airings: Doctor Dora

Rojo, the Fire Truck is the 4th episode (5th in earlier airings) of Dora the Explorer from Season 2.



Dora and Boots become firefighters and must help their new friend Rojo, a red firetruck on his first mission: save a kitten from a big tree.


Dora & Boots slide down a pole. They explained to the viewer that they're visiting a fire station. Today, they are going to meet the newest firetruck named Rojo which is Spanish for red. Rojo sounds his siren. Dora thought Rojo was a "beautiful" fire truck . Boots asked if he went on any rescue missions. Rojo hasn't yet but he's ready. Dora, Boots, and the viewer had a look at Rojo's firefighting equipment. He had a long ladder so firefighters can climb and rescue people or animals that get stuck in high places. He also had a fire hose used for spraying water and putting out fires. He also had a siren because firetrucks go fast and has to sound the siren to warn other vehicles to get out of the way. After learning the firefighting equipment, the alarm bell sounds. The alarm said that there was a kitten stuck in the big tree. Dora & Boots wanted to help. Rojo said that they can be his firefighters. Dora & Boots climbed in. They get into their firefighting clothes and put on their seatbelts for safety. And soon, Rojo exits the fire station. Dora & Boots wanted to know how to get to the kitten in the big tree, so they ask Map for help. He said that they had to go through the town and past a gas station to get to the kitten in the big tree. Rojo, Dora, and Boots were ready to save the kitten. They had to go through the town. All of a sudden there were 2 colored roads. One road was yellow and the other was blue. The town was on the yellow road. Rojo takes the yellow road which enters the town. When they got there, Rojo stopped and couldn't get by. Dora noticed that the town was having a fiesta. There were floats and people in costumes. They had to figure out a way to warn everybody to get out of Rojo's way. They can't use the hose, nor the ladder, so they used the siren to warn people to get out of the way. Once the siren sounded, the vehicles moved out of the way. Then the townspeople cheered for Rojo as he leaves the town. Dora & Boots had to go past the gas station next. The gas station was on the blue road. Suddenly, a sunflower went "¡Ayudenme!" twice, which meaning "Help me!" in Spanish. Dora told Rojo to stop and he did so. Then Dora tells him that the sunflower was calling for help. The sunflower goes "I am so thirsty!". She then says "¡Necesito agua!" which meant "I need water!". Dora & Boots can't use the siren, nor the ladder, so they need to use the hose. They unravel the fire hose to give the sunflower water. Soon after, water comes out of the hose and the sunflower drinks up the water. In no time, she was refreshed and her leaves grew. The hose coils up on its own. Dora & Boots get back on Rojo the firetruck and off they went. Dora & Boots cheered for Rojo as he went fast but then he slows down and gets tired. Dora & Boots wanted to know the reason Rojo is slowing down. Rojo explained that he was running out of gas. They looked at the fuel gauge. It goes down to zero. Rojo's tank was empty and had to get more fuel. Dora & Boots had to go to the gas station anyway. Boots explains to the gas pump that Rojo needs gas. The gas pump said he would be glad to. The gas pump fills up Rojo's tank with 10 gallons of fuel. Rojo was all fueled up and immediately left the gas station. Dora & Boots were getting close to having Rojo go to the big tree to help the kitten. The big tree was on the yellow road. But as Rojo continued his journey to the big tree, his tire goes flat. Dora told Rojo his tire was all out of air. Dora & Boots jumped out and inspected the flat tire. They had to fill the tire up with air. Dora checks Backpack and finds a pump. But just after, Dora gets out the pump and she and Boots heard Swiper. They thought he will try to swipe the pump. Swiper slides down from a vine and then Dora, Boots, and Rojo stop Swiper and he runs away. Now, Dora & Boots had to pump up the tire. The tire gets filled up with air, and Dora puts the pump back into Backpack. Rojo is gonna try to go extra, extra, extra fast.But needed help from the viewer with his windshield wipers and the siren. There were 2 buttons of different colors. The windshield button was yellow and the siren button was blue. As Rojo drives along, he drives over a puddle and his windshield gets wet and couldn't see. The yellow button gets pressed and the windshield wipers wipes the water away making it clean. Now, there was a blue car driving on the road. Rojo had to get passed the car. The blue button gets pressed and the siren wails telling the blue car to get out of the way. After that, it started raining, the yellow button gets pressed for the second time to clean the windshield after the rain stopped. Then, Rojo sees a purple jeep and had to warn it to get out of the way. The blue button gets pressed for the second time and the siren wails telling the purple jeep to get out of the way. After cleaning the windshield and telling the cars to get out of the way, Rojo finally approaches the big tree. There was Benny, Isa, and Tico. They looked up and saw the kitten stuck in the big tree. Dora & Boots had to use something to rescue the kitten. They can't use the siren, nor the hose, so they must use the ladder. So Boots decides to climb up the ladder to rescue the kitten. But then, Boots couldn't reach. Rojo wiggles his ladder handle and tells Dora to turn it. Dora did so and as she turned the handle, the ladder expanded longer and longer. Now, Boots can reach and rescue the kitten from the big tree. After Boots rescued the kitten, everyone cheered. The ladder then shrinks and he jumps off with the kitten in his hands. Boots introduced the kitten to Rojo who saved him. Rojo giggles and couldn't have done it without Dora, Boots, and the viewer.

Places in this episode

  1. Town
  2. Gas Station
  3. Big Tree


This episode can be found on the DVD titled "Undercover Dora".


  • Dora & Boots dress like firefighters in this episode.
  • 2 colored roads of blue (on the left) and yellow (on the right) appear each time Dora, Boots, and Rojo are asking the viewer if he/she sees the locations.
    • This is the first episode featuring colored paths leading to each of the locations. This happens again in later episodes such as The Shy Rainbow.
    • This also marks an early instance in which Dora, Boots or someone else asks the viewer what path the location is on, which will be introduced in Dora's Fairytale Adventure.
    • However, when taking said roads, the roads are normal colored.
  • This is Benny and Isa's 3rd appearance for season 2 (4th in earlier airings).
  • This is the 30th episode of the show (31st in earlier airings).
  • This episode aired as part of Watch and Munch on Nick Jr.
  • Not only this is Swiper's 29th appearance overall (30th in earlier airings), but also the first episode of Season 2 where Dora and Boots successfully stopped Swiper (2nd in earlier airings, first being Lost Squeaky).
  • The background where Swiper says, "Oh, man!" will be used again in El Día De Las Madres.
  • During the Travel Song:
    • Dora and Boots don't list the places they’re going, they instead imitate the siren twice ("whoo whoo").
    • Dora doesn't sing "I know that we can do it", after Boots sings "Come on let's get to it". Instead, Rojo sings it.
    • The Fiesta Trio do not sing the destination are Dora and Boots ask "Where are we going?". Instead, Rojo does.
    • They sing the song twice, first time is on the way to the town, but the second time is not on the way to the Gas Station, it is instead on the way to the Big Tree.
      • This is the third time the Travel Song is sung while Dora and Boots are heading to their destination, the first three being Beaches and Berry Hunt.
  • This is the second episode where Map doesn’t sing the full version of the I'm the Map song, first being The Magic Stick.
  • This is the third and final episode to find the Wizzle in the Character Find.
  • This episode might be a debut of Dora's higher voice.
  • This is the first time Dora and Boots wear long sleeves throughout the episode.
  • This episode (in earlier airings) aired the same day as The Missing Piece (current airings).
  • This is the third time Boots stands to the left of Dora instead of the right during the Favorite Parts segment, the first two being Beaches and Wizzle Wishes.


  • iTunes lists this episode as "Rojo, the Firetruck". There is no space between "Fire" and "Truck". This also applies to the credits.
  • In real life, trucks cannot spray out water themselves. One would need to turn on the hose to spray water.
  • During the first and second picture pop-up sequence, Boots can slightly be seen on the right. In the third picture pop-up sequence, he cannot be seen at all.

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