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Go Diego go going to the race reprise

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Roadrunner Race Song is the reprise version of We're Going to the Race heard in The Great Roadrunner Race.


(Note: Lyrics in italics are spoken.)

Diego: Come on, everybody! To help Roady win the race, you have to stand up!

Stand up, please! Stand up, stand up!

Alicia: Ready, set, go!

Diego: There's the giant parachute! We got to duck our heads, come on!

Duck, duck, duck! Agachate, agachate! (x2)

Here come the hurdles! Let's jump over them, come on!

Jump, jump, jump! Salta, salta! (x2)

Now here's the sand wash! We got to shake off the sand, come on!

Shake, shake, shake! Muevete, Muevete! (x2)

Roady's almost at the finish line!

Oh no, Roady needs to catch up! We got to help Roady run really fast! Run in place!

Run, run, run! Corre, corre! (x2)


Run, run, run! Corre, corre! (x2)

Alright! Who's gonna win the race? Who's gonna win the race?

Roady won the race! Yay!

Yay, you helped Roady win the race!