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The River is a location that appeared in various episodes, including First Day of School.

Notable Rivers[]

  • Big River - As its name implies, the biggest river in the forest.
  • Noisy River - A river that repeatedly babbles and mumbles nonsense gibberish, making it hard for visitors to call someone.
  • Icy Cold River - A river loaded with ice floes and is the coldest.
  • Turtle River - A river with Spanish-speaking turtles.
  • Windy River - A river with a nonstop wind.
  • Snake River - A river with snakes.
  • Icy River - Similar to the Icy Cold River, but is near the North Pole.
  • Dog Bone River - In the "Save The Puppies" game, it is a river shaped like a dog bone.
  • El Río Rápido - The fastest river in the forest. Its name literally means "The fast river" in Spanish.
  • Underground River - A river that flows underground.
  • Rainbow River - A river in all the colors of the rainbow.


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