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the rescue speed boat seen in Cool water for Ana the Anaconda

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rescue speed boat in season 4

The rescue speed boat is a speed boat that Diego and Alicia use when on the river or ocean and is a fast way to get through water areas.

Episodes it was used in[]

Physical Appearance[]

The Rescue Boat is mainly orange with yellow accents, beige seats. A blue dashboard and green steering wheel, the Animal Rescue Center symbol on both sides, in Diego saves Baby Humpback Whale and Cool water for Ana the Anaconda, the boats steering wheel is the same beige white as the seats and in its debut the dashboard was yellow, but was also white during a quick animation error ocean animal rescuer the seats become a more vibrant yellow like the front top of the boat and side rims, and there are also some blue accents added and in a go Diego go ABC phonics book titled seal beach, the boats was mainly orange the dashboard, seats and steering wheel only the window rim and a bit of the top part were yellow.

Boat error

the rescue boat looks awfully strange in this design


  • The speed boat is also referred to as the rescue boat even though the rescue ship is also more commonly known as the rescue boat even though the speed boat debuted first.
  • The dashboard of the speed boat became blue after its first appearance when it was yellow and white in an error scene, and it had a white steering wheel, but it became green.