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The Referee is Daisy's soccer coach and the mustached man who is in charge of the stadium and lives in it where the game is held on Dora's household TV, despite the fact that he is also the stadium's inhabitant and the yellow tigres team's boss. As himself, he only appeared in the episode Dora Saves the Game, alongside the horses, the giant otters, all the red tiburónes team players, the three unnamed yellow tigres team players, and the off-screen soccer announcer. He later appeared in Dora Saves the Crystal Kingdom as a mailman.


  • The Referee is a man who wears a black-and-white striped shirt, black shorts, and white socks with black hems and has brown hair, a mustache, a whistle with a blue string attached to it, wrapped around his neck, and a watch wrapped around his left wrist.