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Princess Xochitl

Princess Xochitl is the princess of ancient Mexico and she is from the Dora and Friends episode The Magic Ring. During that episode, she is voiced by Jessica Conde (Daisy/Alana/Sabrina).


The princess was kind and loved by everyone in her kingdom and the ring was given to her by her mother and was her most special piece of treasure, later when the episode was almost over the greedy wizard tried to blame the stolen ring on Dora and her friends, Dora tried to tell the princess that the wizard stole the ring, but she didn't believe them, so Dora came up with an idea to prove to Xochitl that it was the wizard who took it, she asked the mouse to get the ring and run back to the wizard's hut so the princess could see all of the stolen treasure, so the mouse took the ring and all of them ran to the wizard's hut, she asked the wizard to open the door so she can get her ring back, the wizard tried to cover, but when the princess opened the door, she saw that Dora and her friends were telling the truth, the wizard did take her ring and her royal treasure, so she ordered her guards to take him and his cat away. For returning her ring, she gave the viewer, Dora, Pablo, and Naiya gold medals.