Prince of Cloud Castle
Prince of Cloud Castle

Prince of Cloud Castle

There are no pictures ha ha
Name Prince of Cloud Castle
Species Human
Gender Male
Occupation Prince (and possibly ruler of Cloud Castle)
Interests N/A
Dislikes N/A
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Friends Dora, Boots
Relatives N/A
Enemies Dora, Boots (formerly)
Voiced By Asher Book

The Prince from Cloud Castle was spoiled and selfish and claims that everything that arrived at the castle would belong to him. After being challenged by Dora for star catching to give back the star pocket, he loses and returns the star pocket making him sad. But with Woo-Hoo star doing funny games like peek-a-boo, the prince was happy and lightens up and wasn't mean anymore.


He has white coat, blue boots, and a red cloak. He also has a yellow crown.

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