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Prince of Cloud Castle
Prince of Cloud Castle
Name Prince of Cloud Castle
Species Human
Gender Male
Occupation Prince (and possibly ruler of Cloud Castle)
Interests Finding-keeping, being selfish (previously)
Dislikes Laughing
First Appearance Star Catcher
Last Appearance Same episode
Friends Swiper
all the other explorer stars
Relatives Possibly his guards
Enemies Dora (formerly)
Woo-Hoo (formerly)
Voiced By Asher Book

The Prince of Cloud Castle was spoiled, selfish, arrogant and very greedy and claims that everything that arrived at the castle would belong to him. After being challenged by Dora for star-catching to give back the star pocket, he loses and returns the star pocket making him sad. But with Woo-Hoo star doing funny games like peek-a-boo, made the prince happy, lighten up, and laugh, and not be so mean anymore. He only appeared in the episode Star Catcher, alongside his guards, who act as his henchmen.


He has a white coat, blue boots, and a purple cloak. He also has a yellow crown.


  • Thanks to Swiper, who swiped the Star Pocket with Woo-Hoo inside it and attached it to a balloon that sends it and Woo-Hoo flying to the mean prince's castle by a piece of sticky tape. However, the Prince of Cloud Castle steals the Star Pocket and kidnaps Woo-Hoo.
    • It's possible that the Cloud Castle Prince hired Swiper to swipe the star pocket so he can become a star catcher just like Dora and Boots.