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Prince Ramon
Prince Ramon
Name Prince Ramon
Species Human
Gender Male
Occupation Prince
Interests Playing ball
Dislikes Locked in a tower
First Appearance Dora Saves the Prince
Last Appearance To the Monkey Bars (Picture)
Friends Dora
Enemies Witch (formerly)
Voiced By Omar Pastron

Prince Ramon is a young prince who was locked in the high tower by a mean witch. He first appeared in the episode Dora Saves the Prince

And later he made a cameo appearance in Dora's photo album in To the Monkey Bars


He wears a purple robe with white trimming on the cuffs and front of his robe with black spots, a red cape purple tights and red pointed toe boots. He also wears a gold crown with little rubies on it.



Prince Ramon was playing with his magic ball. He wanted to see how far he could kick the ball. He kicked the ball once and went very far. After a 2nd kick, it went even farther. After a 3rd kick, the ball traveled so far away that it landed in the Witch's Forest. Prince Ramon wasn’t allowed to go in there, but he went in there anyway, but couldn't find his ball. The witch saw Prince Ramon. She magically closed the gate and banished him to the high tower. The tower door opened when the witch whispered the magic word; "Abre". After that, the witch pushed Prince Ramon up 12 steps up to another door at the top of the tower. The Witch locked Prince Ramon in a little room inside the tower. Prince Ramon was trapped and needed help. Many people from near and far tried to get the prince out of the tower. Nobody knew the magic word to open the tower door. But then, Dora and Boots came to the rescue. They go through the big gate; across crocodile lake and then they approached the high tower. Dora and Boots knew the magic word because they had been listening intently. The magic word was "abre". Once inside, Dora and Boots were in the dark. The steps that lead to the door broke apart. Boots flips a switch that turned on a light and then he and Dora saw the steps in a pile. They counted the 12 steps as they line up going horizontally. They put the steps back place; climbed to the top; says the magic word; the door opened and Prince Ramon was free from the high tower. As they got out, the witch was coming. Prince Ramon couldn't find his magic ball. Dora and Boots tells him that found the ball just as they stopped Swiper the fox. It was put in the backpack for safe keeping. They get it out ad the witch saw Prince Ramon out of the tower and plans to put another spell on him. Instead, Prince Ramon locks the witch in the magic ball. The witch was trapped and wanted out of the ball. Dora suggests that they'll let the witch out if she promises to act good. They say "abre" and the star on the magic ball opens up and closes just as the witch got out. The witch decides to be good instead of being mean.